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England Football Online

Sharon Astill for her encouragement, support and friendship.  Sharon runs England FC, the website that has the most complete coverage of England's national football teams.

Graham Betts, the football author, for his corrections and encouragement.

Trevor Bond, secretary of the British Sports Writers' Association, for information regarding the Association's awards.

Ulf Brennmo, perhaps Sweden's most prominent supporter of English football long before Sven-Göran Eriksson's tenure as England coach,, for his friendship, support and enthusiasm, for unselfishly sharing historical information and for promising Sweden would beat Poland to secure a Euro 2000 playoff spot for England.  Ulf has his own fine websites devoted to England's national side and to English football in general.

Jose Castro for his friendship and for furnishing much information on Brazil's national team.

Mohamed S. Chbaro for his friendship and generosity in sharing his expertise, particularly on football in the Middle East, the topic of his superb ground-breaking website.

Richard Clark for his overwhelming collection of England shirts, which has kept us second-guessing in the Uniforms for a few years now.  Which now makes us the most accurate website on the net

Kalin Dimitrov for providing information on Bulgaria's national team.

Bob Dooley a huge contributor from Kingston-Upon Thames, U.K., for his help on our England uniforms pages.

Alan Douglas for sending information on England's match with Canada.

Roy Fairfax a reader in Australia, for filling some gaps in our Uniform pages.

David Farrugia, a reader in Balzan, Malta, for spotting an error on our opposition records page.

Football Association for allowing us to use their crest, purely for decorative purposes, and for opening their library to us at their new headquarters at The National Stadium at Wembley.

Cris Freddi, the noted football journalist, author and historian, for sharing his knowledge and expertise on many topics.

The F�d�ration Luxembourgeoise de Football for promptly sending information on the Luxembourg squad even before it appeared on the official Luxembourg website.

Getty Images for allowing us to use their images.

Norman Giller, prolific football journalist and author, for his generous support, encouragement and help on many matters.

Nikki Hardman, Edgbaston, England, who describes herself as "the original footie chick," for correcting the date of death of her great grandfather, Harold Payne Hardman, who won a gold medal with the British Olympic Games team of 1908 and was later chairman of Manchester United.

Jan van den Heuvel for sharing information on England's matches with Netherlands.  

Marcel Hoefsmit for his encouragement, his friendship and his accuracy in keeping the website fresh

Ambrosius Kutschera, proprietor of the superb Fussball in �sterreich website, for his generous help on England's matches with Austria and his friendship.

Seamus McCann, a reader from Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, for his encouragement and assistance on England's World Cup records and other matters and his friendship.

Donnie Moses, supporter of Milan's Internazionale and coordinator of its Internet mailing list, for sharing his knowledge of football, for his generous help and support and for his friendship.

Robert Owens, a contributor from Scarborough, for keeping us abreast with his Referee's information.

Mike Payne, the football historian and friend who is gladly giving up his time and expertise to make our Match Summaries exclusive.

Paul Robinson, a reader from Kanata, Ontario, Canada, for his help and suggestions on many matters and his encouragement and friendship.

The Royal Belgian Football Association, and particularly Freddy Hindryckx, for sending much information on the Belgium team.

Eduard Smit, supporter of Netherlands, Ajax and Arsenal, for his friendship, for sharing his knowledge of football and for his constant technical help and suggestions.

Clive Tyldesley, the ITV commentator, for continuing to recognise us as the best England website, and for his continued friendship and knowledge.

Pete Zemroch, Ellesmere Port, U.K., Bradford Park Avenue supporter and match programme contributor, for correcting our venue listing for the 1909 match against Ireland.

and without turning this page into a 'winning-an-oscar-and-I-couldn't-have-done-it-without-my-mother-and- father' speech.  Many thanks to everyone who we have forgotten to mention, but has still been important, nonetheless.