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All links working as of May 2017 [Those in silver are no longer available]

And waddle steps up ...

An excellent England website which includes, among many other features, a list of match-by-match appearances for each player on the current England squad - although at the moment, all but the archive section is unavailable.

England FC [also known as England Supporters]

Sharon Astill's No. 1 England website, where the fans gather throughout the year for chat, the latest news and the most complete coverage of the England team on the web, including a complete set of match summaries.

England International Results

Roger Elliott has posted excellent match summaries in a concise, easy-to-read format.  So far he's covered back to 1930 with the earlier matches to follow.

England Stats

An excellent site for all kinds of England statistics.

The English National Team in Soccer

Ulf Brennmo's complete England results list, organized both chronologically and country by country and linked to match summaries.  Ulf is surely the England team's No. 1 Swedish supporter outside Sven-Göran Eriksson himself.  The website has not been updated since 1999.

The Football Association Official Web Site

After undergoing yet another revamp, the archive section is again unavailable and results only go back five years. 

Nationwide Football website - England

The England team official sponsor's attempt to keep us informed about the various national teams.  While the site's appearance has improved, its content has not.  The England team news page consists almost entirely of Press Association stories available on several other sites and directs all England news back to website noted above at the Football Association; original material rarely appears.  The lack of any historical material on this site remains disappointing.  The parent Football at Nationwide site no longer contains the Professional Footballers Association Players Directory, but a directory of invaluable biographical briefs may be found on the Soccernet website.

Vauxhall Football Website

Worthy of news and competitions and even a Test Drive. But a football website this is not.

Wembley Stadium

Once upon a time, this website used to contain an archive featuring summaries and reports for every match played at Wembley--searchable by player, team and competition--this official stadium site had become an invaluable and fascinating resource.  But illustrating the tendency of all things to become worse, the site has been revamped and is now a sterile high-tech production from which the archive has been removed.