Peter Young
5 July 2001
England Football Online
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Comment: Confession is Good for the Game

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Well done to the Football Association for getting it right on racism

Just ahead of the FIFA conference on racism in football, the Football Association has confessed that it could have done more to combat the racism black football players faced as they sought to make their mark in the game over the past few decades.

While the wrongs done to players of colour in the past cannot be undone, this public confession carries great promise for the future.

The Football Association deserves commendation for its forthrightness in admitting its errors.  Long known for its obduracy in refusing to admit mistakes, the Football Association will find that confession of error--always the first step in putting things right--not only serves the game well but serves the F.A. well as an organisation.  Its confession of error sets a standard for football organisations around the world and establishes the F.A. as a leader in combating racism in the game.  Regrettably, the English football media have, with few exceptions, ignored this important step.

Much remains to be done in the fight against racism in football, of course, but the F.A. has now served notice that it has taken off its blinders and will take a leading role in that struggle.  We shall now look to the F.A. to brings its not inconsiderable resources to bear in the good fight.