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7 March 2000
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Comment: European Championship 2000 
Preparatory Matches

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While this table is based on an extensive search of national team websites as well as on the FIFA website's  list of international fixtures, we are not sure it is complete.  Moreover, some of these national sides may still be looking to schedule further fixtures ahead of the European Championship.  England, however, have chosen to leave vacant the open international dates in March and April 2000, apparently in deference to club interests.

Team January, 2000 February, 2000 March, 2000 April, 2000 May, 2000 June, 2000

*An asterisk after the team name indicates there are further details below the table.

Belgium   23-Portugal-H 1-1 29-Holland-H 26-Norway-A   03-Denmark-A
Czech Republic   05-Hong Kong-A 2-2, 5-3 p.k.
08-Mexico-N 2-1
23-Rep. Ireland-A
29-Australia-H     03-Germany-A
Denmark 31-Sweden-N 0-1 02-Norway-N 2-4
04-Finland-N 1-2
29-Portugal-A 26-Sweden-H   03-Belgium-H
England   23-Argentina-H 0-0     27-Brazil-H
France   23-Poland-H 29-Scotland-A 26-Slovenia-H 28-Croatia-A 04-Morocco-A
06-Japan TBC-N
Germany   23-Holland-A 29-Croatia-A 26-Switzerland-H 26-FC Bayern München AG-H
30-Real Mallorca-A
03-Czech Rep.-H
Holland   23-Germany-H 29-Belgium-A 26-Scotland-H 27-Romania-H
31-Servette FC-A
Italy   23-Sweden-H 29-Spain-A 24-Portugal-H   03-Norway-A
Norway 31-Iceland-N 0-0 02-Denmark-N 4-2
04-Sweden-N 1-1
29-Switzerland-A 26-Belgium-H 27-Slovakia-H 03-Italy-H
Portugal   23-Belgium-A 1-1 29-Denmark-H 24-Italy-A   02-Wales-H
Romania* 19-Mexico-A 1-3 02-Latvia-N 2-0
04-Georgia-N 1-1 a.e.t., 4-2 p.k.
06-Cyprus-A 3-2 a.e.t.
29-Greece-A 26-Ukraine-H 27-Holland-A
30-French Brittany XI - venue N.K.
Spain 26-Poland-H 3-0 23-Croatia-A 29-Italy-H     03-Sweden-A
Slovenia   19-United Arab Emirates-N  1-1
  26-France-A   03-Luxembourg-A
Sweden 31-Denmark-N 1-0 04-Norway-N 1-1
29-Austria-A 26-Denmark-A   03-Spain-H
Turkey* 23-Norway-H  ?-Czech Rep.-venue N.K. 26-Yugoslavia-H    
Yugoslavia*   23-Macedonia-A
28-China-venue N.K.

*  Romania:  Reuters reported on February 11, 2000 that Ukraine have cancelled the April 26 match in Bucharest because they had arranged a friendly match against Bulgaria on the same date and that the Romanian federation has protested to FIFA on the ground the cancellation "will seriously upset Romania's national team preparations for this summer's Euro 2000 finals."

*  Turkey and Yugoslavia:  Reuters reported on April 5, 2000 that the April 26 match between these two nations has been called off at the request of the Turkish federation on a claim of club fixture congestion stemming from Galatasaray's advancement to the UEFA Cup semifinals.  Yugoslavia's federation accepted the cancellation and the Yugoslav national team will play a journalists' selection on the vacated date.