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Football Association International Board rules


passed at International Conference held in London, June 1886.

1.—That this board shall be called "THE INTERNATIONAL FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION BOARD," and shall be composed of two representatives from each of the four national associations.

2.—That the Board shall meet each year in the month of June at the invitation of each of the national associations in the order of seniority.

3.—That at such meeting one of the representatives of the association convening the same shall preside, and the other shall act as secretary.

4.—That the minute-book of the meetings shall be fully entered up by the secretary, and shall be forwarded to the association next in turn before 1st of January ensuing.

5.—That business shall not be proceeded with unless a majority of the associations be represented.

6.—That resolutions not be adopted unless agreed to by three-fourths of those present; but in the case of alterations of laws of the game, a unanimous vote shall be necessary.

7.—That the Board shall discuss and decide proposed alterations in the laws of the game and generally any matters affecting Association football in its international relations.

8.—That the committees of the various national associations shall forward in writing, on or before 1st February each year, to the secretary of the association entitled to convene the next meeting, any suggestions or alterations deemed desirable, which shall be printed and distributed on or before 1st March, for consideration at the annual general meetings of the association.

9.—That decisions of this Board shall be at once binding on all the associations, and no alterations in the laws of the game made by any association shall be valid until accepted by this Board.


The next International Conference will be held at Glasgow in June 1887.

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