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All Together Now 2004

The Farm & St. Francis Xaviers Boys' Choir


track listing:
1. All Together Now 2004 (Radio Edit - DJ Spoony)
2. All Together Now 2004 (The Choral Mix)
3. All Together Now 2004 (Spoony Wants To Move Mix)
4. The Wembley Experience (Virtual Tour Of The New Stadium)

catalogue number: ENGLCD2004
label: Demon Music Group

The Lyrics

Remember boy that your forefather's died
Lost in millions for a country's pride
But they never mention the trenches of Belgium
When they stopped fighting and they were one

(Commentary: Beckham...to Bridge...Vassell...fantastic goal!)

A spirit stronger than war was working that night
December 1914 cold, clear and bright
Countries' borders were right out of sight
When they joined together and decided not to fight

All together now
All together now
All together now, in no man's land
All together now, All Together
All together now, All Together
All together now, together, together, in no man's land

(Commentary: Gerrard now...He's chipped the ball in...Oh it's...Michael Owen for England!)

All Together now we're England
We are England

The same old story again
All those tears shed in vain
Nothing learnt and nothing gained
Only hope remains

All together now
All together now
All together now
In no man's land.  Together

(Commentary: Beckham now...Here's Gerrard...Back for Rooney. England are in control!)

All together now

(Commentary: England celebrate a place in the finals of Euro 2004!)

All together now
All together now....


The Farm’s ‘Altogether Now’ was a classic indie anthem from the glory days of baggy. It’s been reworked and re-recorded by the band with the help of DJ Spoony and the SFX Boys Choir and has been nominated the official song to represent England’s efforts at the European Championships in Portugal 2004.  - HMV.co.uk


S.F.X Boys’ Choir, Liverpool were asked to join with the band The Farm to create a new version of the song “alltogethernow”.  The song was recorded at the end of April and the official video two weeks later.  The F.A. chose the song from several entrants to be the Official England Song for Euro 2004.  The single is released on 31st May, and it is tipped to do well in the charts.  There has been great interest in the media and also there have been many T.V. appearances with more to follow, including “Top Of The Pops” [On the BBC]!  The boys deserve this tremendous recognition for all their hard work over the years.  It is a strong possibility that the Choir will meet up with the entire England squad when they perform the song ‘live’ at Old Trafford before the England v Iceland game on Saturday 5th June.  - St. Francis Xavier's College