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England (Win With Ease)

Fry & Wilson

track listing:
1. England (Win With Ease)
2. These Are Our Daze







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The Lyrics re-working of Ebeneezer Goode (The Shamen)



The Shamen released ‘Ebeneezer Goode’ back in 1992 and despite it’s controversial subject matter it went on to become a #1 best selling hit (over 1 million album’s were sold).

14 years on and with the global sports event of the year almost upon us, prepare yourselves for Fry & Wilson’s reworking of the Shamen’s classic track which is set to rock every lounge, bar and stadium around the world. ‘England (Win with Ease)’ will very soon be the song on everyone’s lips and when you hear it, expect it to be stuck in the back of your mind all day.

Their cheeky rendition of ‘Eng-er-land, Eng-er-land, we love you Eng-er-land’ is set to score with every patriotic soul across the nation, especially at this time when spirits are high and the country prepares itself for the competition ahead.

With the song’s original success and the added flavour of Fry & Wilson’s adaptation we are firm in the belief that this track will shoot its way up the charts and knock all the others off the league tables for the season.