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Hurry Up England

Motty's Sheepskin


track listing:
1. Hurry Up England

catalogue number:
label: Cadiz Records

The Lyrics by Jimmy Pursey



A few months back a talented band of musicians out of Romford Essex reformed to make an England World Cup Anthem with all proceeds going to a Cancer Charity close to their hearts.  They took the name Mottys Sheepkin and recorded HURRY UP ENGLAND – an explosive, revamped version of Sham 69’s original ‘Hurry up Harry.’ The band then approached Sham’s Jimmy Pursey and asked permission to put the song out officially. Jimmy agreed. 
Motty, thrilled that they could push ahead with their charity song, were totally unprepared for what happened next.  Several days later, on his Virgin Radio Breakfast Show Christian O’Connell played a version of Hurry Up England by … wait for it … Jimmy Purcey of Sham 69.
Motty were gutted by this unexpected turn of events.  They might have quit right there but for one overriding factor … Motty were never in this for themselves.  At no point were they looking for Kudos or money or a record deal. They were doing this for the people they loved and in support of a very worthy cause. Quitting was never an option. 
After their initial disappointment Motty picked themselves up and decided to hell with it – they’d put their version out anyway.  What they needed was a label willing to risk going up against Virgin Radio.  What followed was a chaotic, oddball fortnight of ups and downs, frustrating meetings, phone calls, emails and text-mails etc until eventually Motty finally got their break.  It came via a journalist friend of the band who had been supporting them since day one. He introduced the band to Cadiz, an Independent record label, who agreed to release Motty’s version of Hurry up England.