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The Fan

The Fans featuring Kes


track listing:
1. The Fan (7" Edit)
2. The Fan (7" Edit - No Commentary)
3. The Fan
(Full Length)
4. The Fan
(Full Length - No Lead Vocal)

catalogue number:
160CD/3984 235662

The Lyrics reworking of Tears For Fears 'Come On'


"... Kleenex at the ready. See, nine-year-old footie fanatic Kes was so devastated that the price he got for his grandmother's spare kidney wouldn't cover the black market price for a World Cup ticket that he wrote a poem. "I just want to play football/Just like the posters in my hall", it went. Being the rock Santa Claus, Mr EMI kindly swiped it from the munchkin, set it to the tune of Tears For Fears' 'Come On' with dance bloops on and marketed it worldwide as "an anthem made by the people for the people". Sob." NME Express