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Albert Brown

Aston Villa FC




  Albert Brown
Birth early 1865 at Broomfield Place, in Spon End, Coventry, Warwickshire [registered in Coventry, March 1865]
Baptism Sunday, 16 April 1865 in Coventry, Warwickshire. Baptism states they were living at Broomfield Place

According to the 1871 census, Albert is the fourth of six children to Benjamin and Elizabeth (née Ellis) at 2 Thomas Place, Wheeler Street in Birmingham. His father is a watch finisher.


According to the 1881 census, the five Brown children and parents are living at (7 court 4 house) 28 Wheeler Street in Birmingham. Arthur is a chain and case maker. Father is still a watch finisher.

Marriage to Mary Ann Bennett [registered in Aston, September 1890]

According to the 1891 census, Albert is married to Mary Ann, and they live at 154 Gerrard Street in Aston. Albert is a jeweller.


According to the 1901 census, Albert is still married to Mary Ann, and they have one son, Albert Edward, and they now live at 121 Nursery Road in Aston Manor. Albert is a gold jeweller.


According to the 1911 census, Albert is still married and still have the one son. They now live at 27 Talbot Road in Bearwood, Smethwick. Both father and son are jewellers.

Death Monday, 7 May 1923, found dead in a field in Quinton, Birmingham, aged 58 years [registered in King's Norton, June 1923]. Living at 222 Shenstone Road in Rotton Park at the time.
"The death occurred under tragic circumstances yeatreday of Mr. Albert Brown, a former playing member of the Aston Villa Football Club. For some time past Mr. Brown has suffered from neurasthenia, and the circumstances of his death necessitate a coroner's inquiry. It is understood that the deceased left home yesterday morning and that some hours later his body was found in an isolated spot in the neighbourhood of Quinton. A bottle, which had contained some mixture was found near by. During recent years, Mr. Brown, who resided at 222, Shenstone-road, Rotton Park, has been employed in the jewellery industry. He leaves a widow and grown-up son." - Tuesday, 8 May 1923, Birmingham Gazette.

"Albert Brown, one of the great Aston Villa players of the long ago, died at Birmingham during the week under tragic circumstances. He was found in a lonely spot with a bottle of lysol by his side. He had suffered from neurasthenia, and the Coroner found that he committed suicide while of unsound mind, He was a younger brother of Arthur Brown, one of the first of the Midland Internationals, and was a brilliant forward. He helped the Villa to win the Association Cup in 1887, when he was inside right ro Reich Davis, of Walsall, his other colleague in the front rank being Archie Hunter, Howard Vaughton and Dennis Hodgetts. Later he played regularly at outside right until his retirement in 1891." - Monday, 14 May 1923, The Athletic News


Playing Career

Club(s) He played football for Mitchell St George's FC before joining Aston Villa FC in August 1884. For the 1894-95 and 1895-96 seasons, Brown was coach for Evesham Wanderers FC.
League honours
86 appearances, 37 goals
Aston Villa FC 1888-94 86 appearances, 37 goals
debut: 8 September 1888 Wolverhampton Wanderers FC 1 Aston Villa FC 1.
last: 6 January 1894 The Wednesday FC 2 Aston Villa FC 2.
Club honours FA Cup winners 1886-87;
Football League
runners-up 1888-89 (22 apps), Champions 1893-94 (6);
Studley and District League winners
1894-95, 1895-96.
Distinctions not known
Height/Weight not known
   Steve Emms, Evesham historian

England Career

Position(s) Outside-right
Individual honours None
Distinctions Younger brother of Arthur Brown

Beyond England


The Numbers
parties withdrew
1 1

Match History

 Club: Aston Villa F.C. - no full appearances

F.A. International Select Committee - no full appearancesx

Age 23/24
36 2 March 1889 - England 6 Ireland 1, Anfield Road, Liverpool BC HW withdrew injured