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England's Home Uniform
May2013 to March2014

2011 Away Uniform
2012 Home Uniform
2013 Away Uniform
2014/5 Home Uniform

P 8 W 5 D 1 L 2 F 15:A 7
69% successful

White shirt with a dark blue crew neck collar,  two side vents on the hem of the shirt subtly feature the St. George's cross. Three Lions crest bordered with gold.
The shorts are obsidian blue and the socks are white with a thin obsidian band at the top.
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Ever since the news in 2012 that Nike would be supplying the national team with their new shirts, then the idea of a new uniform has been hot news, the topic of conversation. The when and wherefores, and more importantly... what?

The 'when' by most, was tragically way off. The idea of a new kit being introduced to coincide with the 150 Years celebration was too much of a cue for some. Then Umbro said goodbye to England in February, when in fact, they were only saying goodbye to Wembley. Leading many to summise that the new kit will make its debut in San Marino, and thus, the fakes arrived. A rather nice one appeared in the media that had England playing in white and gold.  So when was it to be...the Football Association said all along it would be May. But how? we have never seen a Nike promotion before at this level. And so it was, on the 20th May 2013, that Jack Wilshere put the world out of its misery, and Nike, and its England followers.  He put the shirt on the back of Jason Kelly, a pupil at his old school in Hitchin.... and then proceeded to tweet his photo.

Some of us expected trumpets and fanfares, but all we got was a kazoo. Instead of 'And here's the one we have all been waiting for....', we get 'Here, have it!'.

Its typically Nike.  Put the US Soccer badge on it, and you'd have the US shirt.... in fact, put your club's badge on it, and it can be just that.  This is not brand England.  At Umbro, England were the trailblazers, clubs followed England, other countries followed England. We were the leaders and we were to be followed. But now at Nike....we are but the disciples of a burgeoning merchandising mass.

We gave football to the world.... and this is what we get in return????

For the World Cup qualification matches, England wore the MY GAME IS FAIR PLAY FIFA logo on the left arm and the 2014 FIFA WORLD CUP BRAZIL QUALIFIERS logo on the right arm.

The Under-20 team wore white shorts with this kit in the 2014 Toulon Tournament.

Matches in Which England Wore the 2013 Home White Uniform
Season 2012-13


Roy Hodgson

Friendlies - FA 150th Year Anniversary
919 29 May 2013 - England 1 Republic of Ireland 1 [1-1]
The National Stadium, Wembley, London
Season 2013-14
921 14 August 2013 - England 3 Scotland 2 [1-1]
The National Stadium, Wembley, London (80,485)
Walcott, Welbeck, Lambert
Morrison, Miller


World Cup Preliminaries
922 6 September 2013 - England 4 Moldova 0 [3-0]
The National Stadium, Wembley, London
Gerrard, Lambert, Welbeck (2) HW
924 11 October 2013 - England 4 Montenegro 1 [0-0]
The National Stadium, Wembley, London (83,807)
Rooney, Bošković OG, Townsend, Sturridge (pen)
925 15 October 2013 - England 2 Poland 0 [1-0]
The National Stadium, Wembley, London (85,186)
Rooney, Gerrard HW
Friendlies - FA 150th Year Anniversary
926 15 November 2013 - England 0 Chile 2 [0-1]
The National Stadium, Wembley, London
Sánchez (2) HL
927 19 November 2013 - England 0 Germany 1 [0-1]
The National Stadium, Wembley, London (85,934)
Mertesacker HL
928 5 March 2014 - England 1 Denmark 0 [0-0]
The National Stadium, Wembley, London (68,573)
Sturridge HW


England's Record wearing the 2013 Home Shirt
Type P W D L F A GD FTS CS FAv AAv Pts % W/L
Home 8 5 1 2 15 7 +8 2 3 1.875 0.875 68.8 +3
Away - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Neutral - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Total 8 5 1 2 15 7 +8 2 3 1.875 0.875 68.8 +3

The shirt worn by Gary Cahill on its last appearance, against Denmark.

 From Richard Clarke's 'Three Lions - England Match Worn Shirts' Facebook Collection.