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Player Position

AET  After extra time
  Appearances [caps]
C or Caution [yellow card]
Cpt  Captain
Disc  Discipline
E or
  Expulsion [red card]
ET  Extra Time
FT  Full-time
G  Goal(s)
GA  Goal(s) Against
HT  Half-time
s Minute(s)
OG or   Own Goal
PK or   Penalty Kick
MPK or   Penalty Kick Missed
Pos  Position
QF  Quarter-final
S  Suspension
SF  Semi-final
St  Start

Sub  Substitution
P Matches Played
W  Win[s]
L  Loss[es]
F  Goals Scored For
A  Goals Scored Against
AD  Away Draw
AL  Away Loss
AW  Away Win
Ab  Abandoned Match[es]
Av  Average
CS  Clean Sheets
(opposition failed to score)

FTS  Failed to Score
GD  Goal Difference
H  Home
HT  Half Time
N  Neutral
Pts  Points
Rsl/Res  Result
C  Central or Centre
R  Right
L  Left
I  Inside
O  Outside
G/Gk  Goalkeeper
B  Back
D  Defender
FB  Fullback
HB  Halfback
M  Midfielder
F  Forward
F  Centre-forward
W  Winger

Match Types

BC  British Championship Tournament [also known as the Home International Championship]
ENF or ECF  European Championship Final Tournament [also known as the European Nations Cup before 1968]
ENP or ECP  European Championship Preliminary Competition [European Nations Cup before 1968]
Fr  Friendly
SAC  South American Championship Final Tournament
[Copa América before 1975]
TC  Minor Tournament or Cup
V  Unofficial
VI  Victory International
  World Cup Final Tournament
WCP  World Cup Preliminary Competition
WI  Wartime International

Football Organisations

FA  The Football Association
FIFA  Federation Internationale de Football Association
UEFA  Union des Associations Européennes de Football
AFC  Asian Football Confederation
CONCACAF  Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football
CONMEBOL  Confederación Sudamericana de Fútbol
CAF Confederation Africaine de Football
OFC  Oceania Football Confederation
TFC  The Football Confederation [also known as CONCACAF]