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Penalties for England 1298

Top England Penalty Missers


Ernest Needham, Roger Byrne, Franny Lee, David Beckham, Frank Lampard, Harry Kane 2
Jimmy Crabtree, George Harrison, Billy Walker, Roy Goodhall, Bill Dean, Alf Strange, Eric Brook, George Hardwick, Wilf Mannion, Tom Finney, John Atyeo, Jim Langley, Bobby Charlton, Alan Ball, Allan Clarke, Kevin Keegan, Trevor Francis, Glenn Hoddle, Gary Lineker, David Platt, Alan Shearer, Peter Crouch. 1

The 34 Penalties missed by England

—"If any player shall intentionally trip put on hold an opposing player, or deliberately handle the ball within twelve yards from his own goal-line, the referee shall, on appeal, award the opposing side a penalty kick, to be taken from any point twelve yards from the goal-line, under the following conditions:-All players, with the exception of the player taking the penalty kick and the opposing goal-keeper (who shall not advance more than six yards from the goal-line) shall stand at least six yards behind the ball. The ball shall be in play when the kick is taken, and a goal may be scored from the penalty kick." - 2 June 1891, Glasgow
"but the ball shall not be again played by the kicker until it has been played by another player. If necessary, time of play shall be extended to admit of the penalty kick being taken." - 13 June 1892, Llandudno

18 February 1899, 13-2 vs. Ireland,
Roker Park Ground, Sunderland.
Jimmy Crabtree seems to have been the first to take and miss a penalty kick while playing for England, against James Lewis. The penalty was awarded after Lewis tripped Gilbert Smith (another source names Bloomer as the victim), immediately after the resumption of the second half.

30 March 1901, 2-2 vs. Scotland,
Sports Arena, Penge

Ernest Needham missed his early penalty kick when he placed the ball directly at Harry Rennie, who had come off his line to make the save. The penalty came about after the referee, James Torrans, witnessed Jock Drummond illegally charging the English behind the twelve yard line.

"A suitable mark shall be made opposite each goal-post, 18 yards from the goal-line, to assist the Referee in enforcing the regulations as regards the penalty kick under Law 14.". - 17 June 1901, Giant's Causeway

3 March 1902, 0-0 vs. Wales,
Racecourse Ground, Wrexham

Ernest Needham, in the first half, missed his second penalty kick in consecutive matches, in this, the first game in 52 matches that England failed to score, against Leigh Roose. One report says Sam Meredith had fouled Charlie Sagar within the twelve yard line, another report says that the same player had handled the ball.

"In the event of any intentional infringement of Law 10 by the defending side within the penalty area, the Referee shall award the opponents a penalty kick which shall be taken from the penalty kick mark under the following conditions ;—All players, with the exception of the player taking the penalty kick and the opponents' goal-keeper shall be outside the penalty area. The opponents' goal-keeper shall be within the goal area. The ball must be kicked forward. The ball shall be in play when the kick is taken, and a goal may be scored from a penalty kick ; but the ball shall not be again played by the kicker until it has been played by another player. If necessary, time of play shall be extended to admit of the penalty kick being taken. A free kick shall also be awarded to the opposite side if the ball is not kicked forward, or is played a second time by the player who takes the penalty kick, until it has been played by another player." - 16 June 1902, Scarborough

21 May 1921, 2-0 vs. Belgium,
Stade du DC Bruxelles, Bruxelles
Debutant George Harrison missed his penalty kick against Jan de Bie.

8 December 1924, 4-0 vs. Belgium,
The Hawthorns, West Bromwich
Billy Walker had his early penalty kick saved by Jan de Bie, given for 'handball'. Walker would go on to score twice more, thus missing his opportunity to get a hat-trick.

28 November 1927, 1-2 vs. Wales,
Turf Moor, Burnley
Roy Goodall missed his 50th minute penalty kick against Albert Gray. The penalty was awarded for a Bennion handball, but Goodall's kick went straight down the centre, the goalkeeper beat the ball up and subsequently cleared.

22 October 1928, 2-1 vs. Ireland, Goodison Park, Liverpool
Bill Dean had his 21st minute penalty saved by Liverpool's Elisha Scott within the first 25 minutes. The penalty was awarded after Andy McCluggage handled the ball in the area from a Jimmy Ruffell cross. 

20 October 1930, 5-1 vs. Ireland,
Bramall Lane, Sheffield.
Alf Strange had his second half penalty kick against Elisha Scott saved smartly, after Strange kicked within his reach.

14 November 1934, 3-2 vs. Italy,
Arsenal Stadium, Highbury
Eric Brook had his first minute penalty kick saved
by Carlo Ceresoli. The Italian goalkeeper had brought down Ted Drake to give the penalty. Brook would go on to score twice in the match, thus missing his opportunity to gain a hat-trick

27 November 1946, 8-2 vs. Netherlands,
Leeds Road, Huddersfield
Captain George Hardwick missed a 43rd min. penalty kick on a pitch heavy and slippery from rain shortly before half-time with the score at 5-1, hitting the ball straight at Piet Kraak.

5 November 1947, 2-2 vs. Ireland,
Goodison Park, Liverpool
Wilf Mannion, the most consistent English forward on the day, took the penalty kick after Stanley Matthews was sent sprawling in the area after 70 minutes. His kick was powerful, but straight, and Eddie Hinton pushed the ball over the crossbar to preserve Ireland's 1-0 lead.

30 November 1955, 4-1 vs. Spain,
Empire Stadium, Wembley
Tom Finney was barged off the ball by Campanal, after six minutes, as they both ran into the area chasing an Atyeo through pass. However, his timid low kick to the 'keeper's left was saved by Carmelo Cedrón, three yards off his goalline.
9 May 1956, 4-2 vs. Brazil, Empire Stadium, Wembley
John Atyeo's high blast, following Zozimo's catch, was brilliantly punched over the bar by Gilmar after 62 minutes with the teams level at 2-2. Although there was two minutes between the award and the kick, with the Brazilians pushing and shoving the referee and Alvaro refusing to hand over the ball.
9 May 1956, 4-2 vs. Brazil, Empire Stadium, Wembley
Following yet another hand ball by Zozimo, Roger Byrne's poorly placed shot along the ground was saved by Gilmar after 67 minutes with England leading 3-2.

28 November 1956, 3-0 vs. Yugoslavia,
Empire Stadium, Wembley
Roger Byrne's kick, awarded when Stankovic scythed down Stanley Matthews in the area as the match reached 79 minutes in pelting rain was placed a foot inside the post, but Vladimir Beara dived to save.

7 May 1958, 2-1 vs. Portugal,
Empire Stadium, Wembley
Jim Langley, awarded the kick in the match's closing stage when a defender took down Tom Finney in the area.  Langley hit Carlos Gomes' post.  It was the fifth successive penalty kick miss in an England international at Wembley.

9 April 1960, 1-1 vs. Scotland,
Hampden Park, Glasgow
Bobby Charlton, who had already taken an equalizing penalty kick, was given a second after 75 minutes.  His kick went straight at goalkeeper Frank Haffey, but the referee ordered it retaken because of encroachment by Eric Caldow.  Charlton's second effort was even worse; it went well wide. Charlton remains the only England player to take three penalties in a match.

26 June 1966, 3-0 vs. Finland,
Olympiastadion, Helsinki
Alan Ball took the kick 14 minutes into the match with the teams scoreless, but goalkeeper Martti Halme made a diving save.

7 May 1969, 2-1 vs. Wales,
Empire Stadium, Wembley
Francis Lee smashed his kick against Gary Sparke's crossbar and England were denied an equalizer.  The kick was awarded when Welsh defender Peter Rodrigues handled on the line.

10 December 1969, 1-0 vs. Portugal,
Empire Stadium, Wembley
Francis Lee took the kick at 70 minutes after goalkeeper Rodrigues took down Jeff Astle as he swerved around him for a certain goal.  Histrionic Portuguese protests at the plainly justified penalty kick award put off the waiting Lee, whose kick was so wide it almost hit the corner flag.

12 May 1971, 5-0 vs. Malta,
Empire Stadium, Wembley
Allan Clarke's second kick of the match was at 60 minutes after a Maltese defender handled Alan Ball's volley on the line with the score at 4-0, but he blasted it well wide of the net
, against Vincent Borg-Bonaci or substitute Alfred Mizzi.

3 September 1975, 2-1 vs. Switzerland,
Sankt Jakob Stadium, Basel
Kevin Keegan had the chance to put England 2-0 up at 12 minutes when a kick was awarded after goalkeeper Erich Burgener brought down David Johnson, put clear by Colin Bell, in the area.  Burgener dove to his right to save Keegan's effort.

19 June 1983, 1-1 vs. Australia,
Olympic Park, Melbourne
Trevor Francis scored from his original penalty kick, but because the referee had not blown for the kick to be taken, the penalty kick had to be re-taken.  Francis duly planted his kick over Terry Greedy's crossbar.

16 June 1985, 5-0 vs. USA,
The LA Memorial Coliseum, Los Angeles
Glenn Hoddle took a penalty kick awarded at 15 minutes after Kerry Dixon was brought down in the area, but goalkeeper Arnie Mausser saved his effort.

17 May 1992, 1-1 vs. Brazil,
Wembley Stadium, London
Captain Gary Lineker's weak effort after 10 minutes led to an easy save by Carlos, who had brought down Lineker for the penalty kick award.  It was the first time he failed to score on a penalty kick in his England career.

17 February 1993, 6-0 vs. San Marino,
Wembley Stadium, London
David Platt had his penalty kick in the game's last minutes saved by diving keeper Benedettini and thus failed to equal the England record of five goals in a match.  The kick was awarded when fullback Tony Dorigo, on one of his overlapping runs, was brought down in the area.

31 May 1997, 2-0 vs. Poland,
Stadion Śląski, Chorzów
Captain Alan Shearer shot against Andrzej Wozniak's post on 45 minutes with the last kick of the first-half, the only time he missed a penalty kick for England. The kick was given when Shearer was taken down while preparing to shoot after controlling a cross to the far post from David Batty.

11 October 2003, 0-0 vs. Turkey,
Şükrü Saracoğlu Stadyumu, İstanbul
Captain David Beckham slipped and fell as he took the kick at 36 minutes and ballooned the ball over Rüstü Reçber's goal. It was Beckham's first penalty kick miss. The Turkish stadium's pitch lacked a proper drainage system and was notorious for its soft spots and unreliable footing. The kick was awarded after Tugay had brought down Steven Gerrard as he ran into the penalty area.

2004 European Championship Finals
13 June 2004, 1-2 vs. France,
  Estádio do SL Benfica, Lisboa
Captain David Beckham's kick, awarded for a foul by Mikaël Silvestre on taking down Wayne Rooney in the 71st minute and placed inside the left goalpost was well-saved by the diving Fabien Barthez to prevent England from taking a 2-0 lead.

30 May 2006, 3-1 vs. Hungary,
Old Trafford, Manchester
Frank Lampard's 42nd minute penalty kick was saved by Gábor Király, at his right-hand side. Steven Gerrard had initially been fouled by Csaba Fehér.
3 June 2006, 6-0 vs. Jamaica, Old Trafford, Manchester
Peter Crouch penalty kick after 82 minutes was hit over the crossbar. Michael Owen was brought down in the box by Daia Stephenson, following his weaving run.

30 May 2010, 2-1 vs. Japan,
UPC-Arena, Graz
Frank Lampard's 56th minute penalty kick was saved by Eiji Kawashima. Keisuke Honda's handball led to England's penalty kick. Honda was in a wall defending a Lampard free-kick.

22 May 2016, 2-1 vs. Turkey,
Etihad Stadium, Manchester
Harry Kane's 72nd minute penalty kick struck Volcan Babacan's right post and went wide. Mehmut Topal had brought down the sprinting Jamie Vardy as they both ran into the penalty area.
If Kane had scored, he would have scored England's twelfth penalty kick in a row.

10 September 2019, 5-3 vs. Kosovo
, St. Mary's Stadium, Southampton
Harry Kane had his penalty kick after 65 minutes against Arijanet Murić saved. Ross Barkley had dribbled into the area and went down following contact with Amir Rrahmani.
Again, if Kane had scored, he would have scored England's twelfth penalty kick in a row.