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The Missed Penalties by Numbers
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Penalties Missed/Saved 29
Penalties Scored 63
Penalties against England 92

The Penalties Against the Goalkeepers




Peter Shilton

2 13 15

Ray Clemence

1 7 8
Jordan Pickford 1 7 8

David James

2 5 7

David Seaman

3 2 5

Gordon Banks

1 4 5
Harry Hibbs 3 0 3
Ron Springett 2 1 3
Sam Hardy 1 2 3
Nigel Martyn 1 2 3
Gil Merrick 0 3 3

When the Penalties Against England were Missed

0-5 6-10 11-15 16-20 21-25 26-30 31-35 36-40 41-45
46-50 51-55 56-60 61-65 66-70 71-75 76-80 81-85 86-90 injury
0 1 1 2 1 2 1 0 1 0 2 2 2 0 1 3 1 1 1 7 29

The Ten Pre-War Penalty-Kicks Missed against England

- "If any player shall intentionally trip put on hold an opposing player, or deliberately handle the ball within twelve yards from his own goal-line, the referee shall, on appeal, award the opposing side a penalty kick, to be taken from any point twelve yards from the goal-line, under the following conditions:-All players, with the exception of the player taking the penalty kick and the opposing goal-keeper (who shall not advance more than six yards from the goal-line) shall stand at least six yards behind the ball. The ball shall be in play when the kick is taken, and a goal may be scored from the penalty kick." - 2 June 1891, Glasgow

1 1891-92
5 March 1892, 2-0 vs. Ireland, Cliftonville Gardens, Belfast.
Towards the close of the match, a penalty kick was given against Underwood for tripping Torrans 'inside the foul line'. 22 year-old Sam Torrans' kick proved abortive as Bill Rowley (aged 26 years ? days) saved it 'in most brilliant fashion' and a 'hot return by Dalton' was also saved, conceding a corner.

- "but the ball shall not be again played by the kicker until it has been played by another player. If necessary, time of play shall be extended to admit of the penalty kick being taken." - 13 June 1892, Llandudno

2 1896-97
20 February 1897, 6-0 vs. Ireland, Trentbridge Cricket Ground, Nottingham.
26 year-old Bob Milne, around the eightieth minute, missed his penalty kick against the debuting Jack Robinson (26 yrs 304 dys), after Bill Williams had fouled John Darling in the area. Milne's kick went wide.

3 1898-99
18 February 1899, 13-2 vs. Ireland, Roker Park Ground, Sunderland.
23 year-old Captain Joe McAllen was thought to have scored the first-ever successfully converted penalty kick against the debuting Jack Hillman (aged 28 years 79 days), possibly after 65 minutes. However, that kick was saved, and he "kicked the ball through at the second attempt". Jimmy Crabtree had committed the foul that led to the penalty kick.

- "A suitable mark shall be made opposite each goal-post, 18 yards from the goal-line, to assist the Referee in enforcing the regulations as regards the penalty kick under Law 14." - 17 June 1901, Giant's Causeway

4 1901-02
22 March 1902, 1-0 vs. Ireland, Balmoral Showgrounds, Belfast.
31 year-old Captain Bob Milne's second half penalty kick is saved by Bill George (27 years 265 days). The kick was awarded after Bob Crompton had fisted away the ball within the twelve-yard line. Milne is the first player to take two penalty kicks against England, and to also miss twice.

- "In the event of any intentional infringement of Law 10 by the defending side within the penalty area, the Referee shall award the opponents a penalty kick which shall be taken from the penalty kick mark under the following conditions ;—All players, with the exception of the player taking the penalty kick and the opponents' goal-keeper shall be outside the penalty area. The opponents' goal-keeper shall be within the goal area. The ball must be kicked forward. The ball shall be in play when the kick is taken, and a goal may be scored from a penalty kick ; but the ball shall not be again played by the kicker until it has been played by another player. If necessary, time of play shall be extended to admit of the penalty kick being taken. A free kick shall also be awarded to the opposite side if the ball is not kicked forward, or is played a second time by the player who takes the penalty kick, until it has been played by another player." - 16 June 1902, Scarborough

5 1902-03
4 April 1903, 1-2 vs. Scotland, Bramall Lane, Sheffield.
22 year-old inside-left Finlay Speedie's penalty kick is saved by Tom Baddeley (28 yrs 156 dys). Only The Observer reported this award.

6 1907-08
16 March 1908, 7-1 vs. Wales, The Racecourse, Wrexham.
33 year-old Captain Billy Meredith missed his 43rd minute penalty kick against the the debuting Horace Bailey (26 yrs 257 dys). Bob Crompton had fouled Tinker Davies, but Meredith shot wide. England were leading a nine-man Welsh team 4-0.

7 1908-09
13 April 1909, 2-0 vs. Scotland, Sports Arena, Penge.
28 or 29 year-old Captain Jimmy Stark low and hard penalty kick was hit straight at Sam Hardy (26 yrs 230 dys)
'late on'. The penalty was given by his namesake, James Stark, after he harshly adjudged that Jesse Pennington handled the ball, he had apparently fisted the ball over his own line.

8 1930-31
22 November 1930, 4-0 vs. Wales, Racecourse Ground, Wrexham.
36 year-old Captain Fred Keenor 71st minute penalty kick is shot straight at Harry Hibbs (24 yrs 179 days)

9 & 10 1934-35
29 September 1934, 4-0 vs. Wales, Ninian Park, Cardiff.
21 year-old Bill Evans penalty kick went wide of Harry Hibbs' (28 yrs 125 days)
goal. The two players would collide after seventy minutes and Evan's retired hurt.
6 February 1935, 2-1 vs. Ireland, Goodison Park, Liverpool.
22 or 23 year-old Jackie Coulter took a 57th minute penalty kick hit the crossbar of Harry Hibbs' (28 yrs 255 days)
goal. The penalty was awarded after Eddie Hapgood handled the ball and he could have put his side in the lead. There was a great hesitancy in taking the kick, as no Irish player wanted to step up and take responsibility.

The Nineteen Post-War Penalty-Kicks Missed against England

11 1 1956-57           
6 November 1957, 2-3 vs. Northern Ireland, Empire Stadium, Wembley
26 year-old inside-left Jimmy McIlroy essentially missed his 32nd minute penalty kick against Eddie Hopkinson (22 yrs 8 days). The penalty was awarded after a Billy Wright fierce tackle on Danny Blanchflower. His kick hit the post and went in off Hopkinson's head, an own goal for the goalkeeper.

12 2 1959-60           

18 November 1959, 2-1 vs. Northern Ireland, Empire Stadium, Wembley
Now 28 year-old, Jimmy McIlroy less-than-powerful first half right-footed penalty kick is saved by the debuting Ron Springett (24 years 119 days). McIlroy was brought down when Don Howe and Ken Brown 'tackled him together' as he sprinted into the area. McIlroy is the second player to miss two penalty-kicks against England.

13 3 1961-62           

20 May 1962, 4-0 vs. Peru, Estadio Nacional Coloso de José Díaz, Lima
25 year-old outside-left Óscar Montalvo penalty kick in the 51st minute is saved by Ron Springett (26 years 302 days).

14 4 1968-69           

12 June 1969, 1-2 vs. Brazil, Estádio Jornalista Mário Filho, Rio de Janeiro
24 year-old Carlos Alberto penalty kick in the 28th minute is saved by Gordon Banks (31 years 164 days).

15 5 1980 European Championship Finals           
18 June 1980, 2-1 vs. Spain, Stadio San Paulo, Napoli
28 year-old substitute Dani
had already scored from the spot after 48 minutes. A second award after 54 minutes was also converted, but this was ordered to be retaken and then saved by Ray Clemence (31 years 318 days).

16 6 1984-85           

12 June 1985, 3-0 vs. West Germany, Estádio Azteca, ciudad de México
24 year-old left-back Andreas Brehme penalty kick is saved by Peter Shilton (35 years 268 days).

17 7 1985-86           

26 March 1986, 1-0 vs. USSR, Dinamo Stadion, Tbilisi
Thirty year-old left-back Aleksandr Chivadze penalty kick in the fifteenth minute hit the post of the goal guarded by Peter Shilton (36 years 189 days).

18 8 1996 European Championship Finals           
15 June 1996, 2-0 vs. Scotland, Wembley Stadium, Wembley
31 year-old captain Gary McAllister
had his penalty-kick after 78 minutes saved by David Seaman's (32 years 275 days) left elbow. The penalty was conceded after Tony Adams touched away an incoming Stuart McCall ball, intended for Gordon Durie, who went down on Adam's leg.

19 9 1996-97           

1 September 1996, 3-0 vs. Moldova, Stadionul Republican, Chişinău
22 year-old left-back Ion Testemiţanu penalty kick after 85 minutes hit David Seaman's (32 years 353 days) crossbar. The penalty is awarded after Stuart Pearce handled the ball in an attempted clearance.

20 10 1998-99           

14 October 1998, 3-0 vs. Luxembourg, Stade Josy Barthel, Stad Lëtzebuerg
32 year-old midfielder Dany Theis penalty kick after seven minutes went high over David Seaman's (35 years 30 days) goal. The penalty kick was awarded after Seaman himself had clattered into Marcel Christophe after Gareth Soutgate failed to clear the ball.

21 & 22 11 & 12 1999-2000           

(2) 3 June 2000, 2-1 vs. Malta, Stadium Nazzjonali, Ħ'Attard
31 year-old midfielder David Carabott had a penalty kick after 28 minutes which sent Richard Wright (22 years 211 days) the wrong way. However, the referee ordered a retake because of encroachment. That kick hit Wright's right post before going into the net off the goalkeepers head. The penalty kick was awarded after Wright himself had clattered into Carabott as he and Phil Neville ran into the area.
David Carabott had another penalty kick after 88 minutes which again sent Richard Wright the wrong way, but his kick went straight down the middle and Wright's feet saved the keepers blushes. This time the penalty was awarded after Wright sent Nenad Veselji sprawling as he sprinted into the area.  

23 & 24 13 & 14 2000-01           

28 February 2001, 3-0 vs. Spain, Villa Park, Birmingham
26 year-old substitute and make his debut, Javi Moreno had a penalty kick after 78 minutes saved by the substitute goalkeeper Nigel Martyn (34 years 201 days). The kick was awarded after Moreno was brought down by Ugo Ehiogu as they were sprinting into the box.
25 March 2001, 4-0 vs. Mexico, Pride Park, Derby
27 year-old centre-forward José Abundis had a penalty kick after 65 minutes against the substitute goalkeeper David James (30 years 297 days), with the kick going wide of his left-hand post. The kick was awarded after Emile Heskey clumsily brought down substitute Daniel Osorno.

25 15 2004-05           

17 November 2004, 0-1 vs. Spain, Estadio Santiago Bernabéu, Madrid
27 year-old forward Raúl had a penalty kick after 25 minutes saved by Paul Robinson (25 years 33 days) as he dove to his left. The kick was awarded after Raúl was brought down by Robinson as he was running onto a through-ball.

26 & 27 16 & 17 2009-10           

10 October 2009, 0-1 vs. Ukraine, Stadion Dnepr-Arena, Dnepropetrovsk
33 year-old Captain Andriy Shevchenko had a penalty kick after sixteen minutes, however, despite sending David James' (39 years 70 days) the wrong way his kick hit the outside of substitute goalkeepers post and went wide. The kick was awarded after Rob Green fouled Artim Milevskiy and received a red card.
14 November 2009, 0-1 vs. Brazil, Istād Khalīfah, Al Rayyan
29 year-old centre-forward Luís Fabiano had a penalty kick after 56 minutes against Ben Foster (26 years 225 days) and he blazed it over his crossbar. It was Foster who gave away the penalty kick when he brought down Nilmar.

28 18 2012-13           

6 February 2013, 2-1 vs. Brazil, The National Stadium, Wembley
32 year-old midfielder Ronaldinho had a penalty kick after nineteen minutes saved twice by Joe Hart (25 years 293 days). Hart dived to his left to save, and then get a hand to the loose ball before being cleared by Tom Cleverley. The penalty kick was awarded after Ronaldinho's cross was charged down by Jack Wilshere, striking his hand as he tried to turn away.

29 19 2020-21           

5 September 2020, 1-0 vs. Iceland, Laugardalsvöllur, Reykjavík
32 year-old midfielder Birkir Bjarnason had a penalty kick deep into injury time and the resulting kick went over the crossbar of Jordon Pickford (26 years 182 days). The penalty kick was awarded deep into injury time after Joe Gomez stumbled into Albert Guðmundsson as they both ran into the area. Iceland had just kicked off after conceding their own penalty kick.