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Saturday, 15 June 1996
European Championships 1996 Finals Group A, match four

Scotland 0 England 2 [0-0]

Wembley Stadium, Wembley, Brent, Greater London
Kick-off (BST): 3.00pm.

Attendance: 76,864.

Gordon Durie kicked-off 92 minutes 45:59 & 46:15
    Match Summary
Scotland Squad
England Squad

[0-1]Gary McAllister 78 77:22
 Seaman saved the penalty to his right
(foul 76:45 awarded 76:46 - Adams foul)
[0-1] Alan Shearer 53 52:50
headed in from 4 yards a Neville cross

[0-2] Paul Gascoigne 79 78:21
half volley from 13 yards after lobbing hendry on the run into the area
John Collins 29 28:39
John Spencer
38 37:36
Colin Hendry
70 69:32
Paul Ince 68 67:14

Alan Shearer
75 74:04
Commentator: John Motson with Trevor Brooking

Match Summary

Officials from Italy




Referee (green) - Pierluigi Pairetto
x (x), x, FIFA listed x.

Linesmen - Donato Nicoletti and Tullio Manfredini.
Fourth official - Marcello Nicchi.

UEFA delegate - Michel D'Hooghe, Belgium

7 Goal Attempts 13
4 Attempts on Target 5
0 Hit Bar/Post 0
8 Corner Kicks Won 2
2 Offside Calls Against 1
18 Fouls Conceded 20

Scotland Team



FIFA (22 May 1996) 31st
EFO ranking

ELO rating 25th to 27th
Colours: Made by Umbro - Navy collared tartan shadowed jerseys with navy collar/yellow trim, navy tartan shadowed shorts with navy hem, navy socks with yellow trim.
Capt: Gary McAllister Manager: James Craig Brown, 55 (1 July 1940), appointed caretaker 1 November 1993, appointed full-time in December 1993.
Scotland Lineup
12 Goram, Andrew L. 32 13 April 1964 G Rangers FC   GA
2 McKimmie, Stewart 33 27 October 1962 LWB Aberdeen FC    
3 Boyd, Thomas 30 24 November 1965 RD The Celtic FC    
4 Calderwood, Colin 31 20 January 1965 LD Tottenham Hotspur FC, England    
5 Hendry, E. Colin 30 7 December 1965 CD Blackburn Rovers FC, England    
Hendry cautioned in the 70th min. for a Foul, for a late high-footed challenge on Ince in the England half.
13 McKinlay, Thomas V., off 82nd min. 31 3 December 1964 RWB The Celtic FC    
7 Spencer, John, off 67th min. 25 11 September 1970 F Chelsea FC, England    
Spencer cautioned in the 38th min. for a Foul, for a barging challenge on Ince outside the Scottish penalty area.
8 McCall, A. Stuart S. 32 10 June 1964 M Rangers FC    
14 Durie, Gordon S., injured 35th-37th minutes, off 87th min. 30 6 December 1965 F Rangers FC    
10 McAllister, Gary 31 3 December 1964 CM Leeds United AFC, England    
11 Collins, John 28 31 January 1968 M The Celtic FC   8
Collins cautioned in the 29th minute for a Foul, for a sliding challenge on Gascoigne in the centre-circle.
Scotland Substitutes
scoreline: Scotland 0 England 1
9 McCoist, Alistair M., on 67th min. (66:40) for Spencer 33 24 September 1962 F Rangers FC 52  
scoreline: Scotland 0 England 2
16 Burley, Craig W., on 82nd min. (81:56) for McKinlay 24 24 September 1971 M Chelsea FC, England    
15 Jess, Eoin, on 87th min. (86:16) for Durie 25 13 December 1970 M Aberdeen FC    
result: Scotland 0 England 2

unused substitutes:

1-Jim Leighton, 6-Derek Whyte, 17-Billy McKinlay, 18-Kevin Gallacher, 19-Darren Jackson, 20-Scott Booth, 21-Scot Gemmill, 22-Nicky Walker.

team notes:

Gordon Durie received a gash to the forehead in an aerial challenge with Southgate in the 35th minute. He returned with a heavily bandaged head.


Goram -
Boyd, Hendry, Calderwood -
McKinlay (Burley), Collins, McAllister, McCall, McKimmie -
(McCoist), Durie (Jess)


Age - Appearances/Goals - -


England Team



FIFA (22 May 1996) 24th
EFO ranking

ELO rating 14th to 11th
Colours: The 1995 Umbro home uniform - White v-neck collared shadow striped jersey with navy overlapping collar, navy shorts with white/turquoise side triangle, white socks with two turquoise hoops.
Capt: Tony Adams, seventh captaincy Head coach: Terence Frederick Venables, 53 (6 January 1943), appointed 28 January 1994,
21st match, W 10 - D 10 - L 1 - F 30 - A 11, incl. one abandoned.
England Lineup
1 Seaman, David A. 32 19 September 1963 G Arsenal FC 26 14 GA
2 Neville, Gary 21   RB Manchester United FC 12 0
3 Pearce, Stuart, off 46th min. 34 24 April 1962 LB Nottingham Forest FC 67 5
4 Ince, Paul, off 80th min. 28   DM Internazionale Milano, Italy 21 2
Ince cautioned in the 68th min. for a Deliberate Handball. After falling to the ground in the centre under pressure from McAllister and Collins.
5 Adams, Tony 29   CD Arsenal FC 42 4
6 Southgate, Gareth 25 3 September 1970 DM/LB Aston Villa FC 6 0
17 McManaman, Steven 24 11 February 1972 LM/RM Liverpool FC 12 0
8 Gascoigne, Paul J. 29 27 May 1967 CM Rangers FC, Scotland 40 8
Shearer, Alan 25 13 August 1970 RF Blackburn Rovers FC 25 7
Shearer cautioned in the 75th min. for a Foul. Hendry had cleared the ball back to Goram when Shearer kicked him in the thigh.
10 Sheringham, Edward P. 30 2 April 1966 LF Tottenham Hotspur FC 17 2
11 Anderton, Darren 24   RM/LM Tottenham Hotspur FC 13 5
England Substitutes
scoreline: Scotland 0 England 0
15 Redknapp, Jamie F., on 46th min. for Pearce, injured off 83rd min. (82:32) 22 25 June 1973 CM Liverpool FC 5 0
scoreline: Scotland 0 England 2
20 Stone, Steven B., on 80th min. (79:17) for Ince 24 20 August 1971 M Nottingham Forest FC 8 2
16 Campbell, Sulzeer, on 85th min. (84:20) for Redknapp 21 18 September 1974 D Tottenham Hotspur FC 2 0
result: Scotland 0 England 2

unused substitutes:

7-David Platt, 13-Tim Flowers, 14-Nicky Barmby, 18-Les Ferdinand, 19-Phil Neville,  21-Robbie Fowler, 22-Ian Walker.

team notes:

Jamie Redknapp injured his right knee when he landed from heading the ball in the centre-circle unimpeded. After some off-the-field treatment, he collapsed again when trying to return to the field.
3-5(1-1-3)-2 Seaman -
Neville, Adams, Pearce
(Redknapp (Campbell)) -
Southgate -
(Stone) -
Anderton, Gascoigne, McManaman -
Shearer, Sheringham
Notes - For the second half, Redknapp took a midfield position, Southgate replaced Pearce's left-back berth. McManaman and Anderton also swapped positions.


Age - Appearances/Goals - -


    Match Report by Mike Payne

    Match Report by Norman Giller

This was the first England-Scotland encounter for seven years, and the first time they had met in the finals of a major competition. After a scrappy, nervous first-half, England stepped up a gear and a peak-form Alan Shearer scored his second goal of the tournament with a superb header from a Gary Neville cross in the fifty-second minute. There was a dramatic, unforgettable sequence of play eleven minutes from the end that captured just why soccer is such a magnetic game. David Seaman saved magnificently from a Gary McAllister penalty, and moments later the ball was at the other end of the field where Paul Gascoigne conjured a gem of a goal. He looped the ball over the head of  Colin Hendry and then hammered it on the volley deep into the Scottish net. He celebrated by going to a chosen spot at the side of the Scottish goal, and as he lay down England team-mates poured bottled water down his throat in a send-up of the dentist's chair incident. The crowd loved it, and suddenly the England players were forgiven their boisterous behaviour in Hong Kong.  Buoyant England now needed just a point against Holland to clinch a place in the quarter-finals.

Source Notes

Original newspaper reports
Rothman's Yearbooks
F.A. Yearbook
Norman Giller
, Football Author