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Penalties Scored 95
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Harry Kane 10
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Ron Flowers, Alan Shearer 6
David Beckham 5

When the England Penalties were Scored

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The Ten Pre-War Penalty-Kicks Scored by England

-"If any player shall intentionally trip put on hold an opposing player, or deliberately handle the ball within twelve yards from his own goal-line, the referee shall, on appeal, award the opposing side a penalty kick, to be taken from any point twelve yards from the goal-line, under the following conditions:-All players, with the exception of the player taking the penalty kick and the opposing goal-keeper (who shall not advance more than six yards from the goal-line) shall stand at least six yards behind the ball. The ball shall be in play when the kick is taken, and a goal may be scored from the penalty kick." - 2 June 1891, Glasgow
"but the ball shall not be again played by the kicker until it has been played by another player. If necessary, time of play shall be extended to admit of the penalty kick being taken."
- 13 June 1892, Llandudno

1 1900-01
18 March 1901, 6-0 vs. Wales, St. James' Park, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
28 year-old (& 58 days) captain Ernest Needham scored in the 51st minute of his fourteenth appearance. The penalty kick was his third England goal, and against Leigh Roose. It followed a bad trip inside the line on Tip Foster after he managed to get straight through the Welsh defence.

-"A suitable mark shall be made opposite each goal-post, 18 yards from the goal-line, to assist the Referee in enforcing the regulations as regards the penalty kick under Law 14.". - 17 June 1901, Giant's Causeway

-"In the event of any intentional infringement of Law 10 by the defending side within the penalty area, the Referee shall award the opponents a penalty kick which shall be taken from the penalty kick mark under the following conditions ;—All players, with the exception of the player taking the penalty kick and the opponents' goal-keeper shall be outside the penalty area. The opponents' goal-keeper shall be within the goal area. The ball must be kicked forward. The ball shall be in play when the kick is taken, and a goal may be scored from a penalty kick ; but the ball shall not be again played by the kicker until it has been played by another player. If necessary, time of play shall be extended to admit of the penalty kick being taken. A free kick shall also be awarded to the opposite side if the ball is not kicked forward, or is played a second time by the player who takes the penalty kick, until it has been played by another player." - 16 June 1902, Scarborough

2 1907-08

13 June 1908, 4-0 vs. Bohemia, Stadión Letná, Praha
22 year old George Hilsdon's second goal of the match was a fiftieth minute penalty kick against Miloslav Jeník taking his goal tally up to twelve on his seventh appearance.

3 1908-09

13 February 1909, 4-0 vs. Ireland, Horton Park Avenue, Bradford
23 year old George Hilsdon's second goal in his eighth and final match was an 87th minute penalty kick against William Scott, ending his England goal tally on fourteen.

4 & 5 1928-29

11 May 1929, 5-1 vs. Belgium, Parc Duden, Bruxelles
26 year-old George Camsell scored four of England's five goals on his second appearance, taking his tally to six. He completed his hat-trick in five minutes, between the 32nd and 37th minute. The last being a penalty kick against Jan de Bie.
15 May 1929, 3-4 vs. Spain, Estádio Metropolitano, Madrid
28 year-old Joe Carter ended his continental tour with four goals in total on his third and final appearance, the last goal apparently from the penalty spot. The Daily Telegraph stated that 28 minutes into the second half, England were awarded a penalty, which Carter converted to put England ahead

6 1929-30

19 October 1929, 3-0 vs. Ireland, Windsor Park, Belfast
28 year-old (& 292 days) Ernie Hine scored a 37th minute penalty kick, his second England goal, in his third appearance against Elisha Scott, after George Camsell was brought down in the area

7 1930-31

16 May 1931, 4-1 vs. Belgium, Stade du DC de Bruxelles, Bruxelles
20 year-old Eric Houghton becomes the youngest to score a penalty kick in the 42nd minute of his fourth appearance. Against Arnold Badjou, after Jaques Moeschal had handled the ball in the area.

8 & 9 1937-38

21 May 1938, 1-2 vs. Switzerland, Hardturm Stadion, Zürich
26 year old Cliff Bastin scored a 33rd minute penalty kick against Willy Huber after Jackie Robinson was brought down in the area. it is the first time England's only goal of the match is from the spot. Bastin's twentieth appearance and eleventh goal
26 May 1938, 4-2 vs. France, Stade Olympique Yves-du-Manoir, Paris
Cliff Bastin becomes the second player to score a second penalty kick when he scored the last goal of the match, and the tour and his England career (21st appearance, twelve goals), with an 85th minute penalty kick against Laurent Di Lorto after Drake had been brought down

10 1938-39

22 October 1938, 2-4 vs. Wales, Ninian Park, Cardiff
19 year-old d
ebutant Tommy Lawton scores a 27th minute penalty against William John, after one of the Welsh defenders handled in the area. Lawton is now the youngest player to score an England penalty.

The Eighty-Five Post-War Hat-tricks Scored by England

11 1 1947-48           

19 November 1947, 4-2 vs. Sweden, Arsenal Stadium, Highbury
28 year-old Tommy Lawton scored an 18th minute penalty kick against Torsten Lindberg. The kick was awarded after Rune Emanuelsson had tripped Stan Mortensen from behind in the area, His 21st goal on his twentieth appearance.

12 & 13 2 & 3 1949-50           

(2) 14 May 1950, 5-3 vs. Portugal, Estadio Nacional, Lisboa
Four of England's five goals came from the boot of 28 year-old Tom Finney. He completed his hattrick in fifty minutes, starting with a fifth minute penalty after he himself was whipped off his feet by a desperate, late and unjust tackle by Serafim, followed by a soft side-footed penalty against Ernesto de Oliveira.
Tom Finney then added a fourth goal eighteen minutes from time, his second penalty kick, this time after Mortensen was tripped by Barrosa. The achievement was on his 24th appearance, making him the most experienced player so far.

14 4 1951-52           

28 November 1951, 2-2 vs. Austria, Empire Stadium, Wembley
31 year-old Alf Ramsey scored a well-placed 65th minute equalising penalty kick on his eighteenth appearance after Eddie Baily was felled in the penalty area, His strike was hit down by Walter Zeman's left, who remained still.

15 & 16 5 & 6 1953-54           

21 October 1953, 4-4 vs. Rest of the World, Empire Stadium, Wembley
33 year-old Alf Ramsey scored a powerful penalty kick thirty seconds from the end of his 31st appearance to secure a 4-4 draw, against the Yugoslavian substitute keeper, Vladimir Beara, after Stan Mortensen was sent flying by Posipal.
25 November 1953, 3-6 vs. Hungary, Empire Stadium, Wembley
Alf Ramsey scored the last goal of this match, his 32nd and final appearance, with a 59th minute side-footed penalty kick against Gyula Grosics, after Grosics himself had pulled down George Robb as they were both running away from the goal. The most experienced player to score a penalty kick sp far, as well as the oldest, for second match in a row. His three penalty goals accounted for his entire England tally.

17 7 1955-56           

2 October 1955, 5-1 vs. Denmark, Idrætsparken, København
28 year-old Don Revie scored a 26th minute penalty kick after Tom Finney was brought down by Olesen as he was preparing to shoot from a Milburn cross. He scored the first of his two goals in his fourth match against Per Henriksen, side-footing it to the keeper's left.

18 8 1958 World Cup Finals           

8 June 1958, 2-2 vs. USSR, Nya Ullevi Stadion, Göteborg
36 year-old Tom Finney's 85th minute equalising penalty kick in his 74th appearance was his 29th goal for England, equalling Viv Woodward's record, against Lev Yashin
. Second player to score three penalty-kicks. Most experienced player to score a penalty this far.

19 & 20 9 & 10 1958-59           

22 October 1958, 5-0 vs. USSR, Empire Stadium, Wembley
21 year-old Bobby Charlton scored his sixth goal, an 84th minute penalty kick against Vladimir Belayev on his fifth appearance.
28 May 1959, 8-1 vs. USA, Wrigley Field, Los Angeles
Bobby Charlton scored his second England penalty-kick on his twelfth appearance after 82 minutes, against Victor Ottoboni. It was the second goal of a hat-trick scored eight minutes from time, taking his England tally to eleven.

21 11 1959-60           

9 April 1960, 1-1 vs. Scotland, Hampden Park, Glasgow
22 year-old Bobby Charlton scored a 49th minute equalizing penalty kick which sent debutant Frank Haffey the wrong way. Awarded after Duncan MacKay brought Charlton down as he ran onto a Baker's through ball. Third player to score three penalty-kicks. Thirteenth goal in fifteen appearances.

22 12 1960-61           

10 May 1961, 8-0 vs. Mexico, Empire Stadium, Wembley
26 year-old Ron Flowers, in his 21st appearance, scored a 59th minute penalty kick against Antonio Mota, his third England goal.

23 & 24 13 & 14 1961-62           

 4 April 1962, 3-1 vs. Austria, Empire Stadium, Wembley
27 year-old Ron Flowers scored a 38th minute penalty kick, his fifth goal in 29 appearances, against Gernot Fraydl. Awarded after John Connelly was fouled.

20 May 1962, 4-0 vs. Peru, Éstadio Nacional, Lima
Ron Flowers scored a 15th minute penalty kick on his 32nd appearance, against Rodolfo Bazan. His third penalty kick scored, the fourth player to achieve this record. Seven England goals in total.

25 & 26 15 & 16 1962 World Cup Finals           
31 May 1962, 1-2 vs. Hungary, Estadio Braden Copper Co., Rancagua
Ron Flowers becomes England's top penalty-kick goalscorer when he scored a 60th minute equalising penalty kick against Gyula Grosics.
2 June 1962, 3-1 vs. Argentina, Estadio Braden Copper Co., Rancagua
Ron Flowers scored a 17th minute penalty kick against Antonio Roma. His record fifth penalty-kick amongst his nine England goals on his 34th appearance.

27 17 1962-63           

3 October 1962, 1-1 vs. France, Hillsborough, Sheffield
28 year old Ron Flowers scored his record sixth penalty-kick goal in a 57th minute equaliser against Pierre Bernard. His tenth England goal in 37 appearances.

28 18 1967-68           

21 October 1967, 3-0 vs. Wales, Ninian Park, Cardiff
22 year-old Alan Ball's 89th minute penalty kick, the first scored in over five years, was against Gary Sprake. His third England goal on his 21st appearance

29-32 19-22 1968-69           

(2) 12 March 1969, 5-0 vs. France, Empire Stadium, Wembley
27 year-old Geoff Hurst
first of two penalty kicks came after 48 minutes of his 25th appearance, against Georges Carnus.
Geoff Hurst's second penalty kick, and England's fifth goal of the match, came after 80 minutes, his fourteenth England goal.
3 May 1969, 3-1 vs. Northern Ireland, Windsor Park, Belfast
Geoff Hurst's third penalty kick in two matches was powerfully converted after 74 minutes past a diving Pat Jennings right. Terry Neill had brought down a sprinting Franny Lee.
10 May 1969, 4-1 vs. Scotland, Empire Stadium, Wembley
Geoff Hurst's fourth penalty kick in his third match in a row after 60 minutes restores England's lead, against James Herriot

33 23 1970 World Cup Finals           
11 June 1970, 1-0 vs. Czechoslovakia, Estádio Jalisco, Guadalajara
23 year-old debutant Allan Clarke's 48th minute penalty kick was the only goal of the game against Ivo Viktor. Awarded after Kuna tangled with Colin Bell and fell onto the ball, dragging the ball away with his hand. The first debutant to score since 1938.

34 24 1970-71           
12 May 1971, 5-0 vs. Malta, Empire Stadium, Wembley
24 year-old Allan Clarke scored a 47th minute penalty kick on his third England appearance against Vincent Borg-Bonaci to score his third England goal. It is the tenth successful penalty kick at the Empire Stadium.

35 25 1973-74           

17 October 1973, 1-1 vs. Poland, Empire Stadium, Wembley
27 year-old Allan Clarke scored a 63rd minute equalising penalty kick against Jan Tomaszewski. His tenth career goal on his fifteenth appearance.

36 26 1975-76           

11 May 1976, 4-0 vs. Northern Ireland, Wembley Stadium, London
27 year-old Mick Channon's first goal of his double was a 35th minute penalty kick that went straight down the middle as Pat Jennings dived to his left. It was Channon himself that was brought down by Tommy Cassidy in his 32nd appearance, as he skipped into the area
. His successful penalty was his twelfth England goal.

37 & 38 27 & 28 1976-77           

30 March 1977, 5-0 vs. Luxembourg, Wembley Stadium, London
28 year-old Mick Channon's second goal of his double, and England's fifth goal, was an 81st minute penalty kick against Raymond Zenda.
4 June 1977, 1-2 vs. Scotland, Wembley Stadium, London
Mick Channon's third successful conversion in over a year was an 87th minute penalty kick against Alan Rough
. His 21st goal in 42 appearances.

39 29 1977-78           

24 May 1978, 4-1 vs. Hungary, Wembley Stadium, London
27 year-old right-back Phil Neal scored a 29th minute penalty kick against Sándor Gujdár. His second England goal in thirteen appearances

40 & 41 30 & 31 1980-81           

10 September 1980, 4-0 vs. Norway, Wembley Stadium, London
28 year-old Terry McDermott's second goal of his double was a 75th minute penalty kick against Tom RuszJacobsen. in his thirteenth appearance.
6 June 1981, 3-1 vs. Hungary,
Népstadion, Budapest
Thirty year-old Captain Kevin Keegan's twentieth England goal was a 73rd minute penalty kick against Bela Katzirz. The first successful penalty away from home for over eleven years was in his 57th appearance.

42 32 1982-83           

23 February 1983, 2-1 vs. Wales, Wembley Stadium, London
32 year-old Phil Neal's 78th minute penalty kick was the decisive goal scored against Neville Southall
. It was Neal's fifth England goal in 43 appearances

43 33 1985-86           

26 February 1986, 2-1 vs. Israel, The National Stadium, Tel Aviv
29 year-old Captain Bryan Robson, making his fiftieth appearance scored both of England's goals taking his tally to eighteen, his second was an 86th minute penalty kick against Avi Ran.

44 & 45 34 & 35 1990 World Cup Finals           
(2) 1 July 1990, 3-2 vs. Cameroon, Stadio San Paolo, Napoli
29 year-old Gary Lineker placed an 83rd minute equalising penalty kick with his right foot sending Thomas Nkono the wrong way. Benjamin Massing had brought down Lineker as he entered the penalty area (81:48).
Gary Lineker scored a 106th minute powerful and decisive penalty kick with his right foot down the middle of Nkono's goal. It is England's only ever Extra-time penalty kick. Nkono himself had brought Lineker down as the striker knocked the ball past him from a perfect Gascoigne pass. His 34th goal on his 56th appearance

46-48 36-38 1990-91           

17 October 1990, 2-0 vs. Poland, Wembley Stadium, London
Captain Gary Lineker scored a 39th minute opening penalty kick against Józef Wandzik. His 37th goal in sixty appearances.
6 February 1991, 2-0 vs. Cameroon, Wembley Stadium, London
Thirty year-old Gary Lineker scored a 20th minute opening penalty kick on his 62nd appearance, his first of two goals, against Joseph-Antoine Bell, taking his tally up to 39.
21 May 1991, 3-1 vs. USSR, Wembley Stadium, London
24 year-old David Platt scored a 43rd minute penalty kick, his first of two goals, against Aleksandr Uvarov. His sixth goal in seventeen appearances is the twentieth successful penalty-kick at Wembley.

49 39 1993-94           

17 May 1994, 5-0 vs. Greece, Wembley Stadium, London
27 year-old David Platt scored a 44th minute penalty kick, his first of two goals, against Christos Karkamanis. His 23rd goal on his 47th appearance.

50 40 1994-95           

3 June 1995, 2-1 vs. Japan, Wembley Stadium, London
28 year-old Captain David Platt scored a match winning 87th minute penalty kick against Kazuya Maekawa. The fiftieth successful conversion was Platt's 25th England goal on his 53rd appearance.

51 41 1996 European Championship Finals           
18 June 1996, 4-1 vs. Netherlands, Wembley Stadium, London
25 year-old Alan Shearer scored a 22nd minute penalty kick on his 26th appearance. The first of his two goals, his eighth goal, was against Edwin van der Sar. Paul Ince was fouled as he flicked the ball past Danny Blind, to be tripped by him.

52 42 1996-97           

29 March 1997, 2-0 vs. Mexico, Wembley Stadium, London
Thirty year-old Teddy Sheringham scored a 19th minute penalty kick against Adolfo Rios. His sixth goal on his 22nd appearance.

53 43 1998 World Cup Finals           
30 June 1998, 2-2 vs. Argentina, Stade Geoffroy-Guichard, Saint-Étienne
27 year-old Captain Alan Shearer twentieth goal for the Senior Team, on his 43rd appearance, was a tenth minute penalty kick against Carlos Roa. It was Robert Ayala who bodychecked Michael Owen as he sprinted into the penalty area.

54 & 55 44 & 45 1998-99           

14 October 1998, 3-0 vs. Luxembourg, Stade Josy Barthel, Stad Lëtzebuerg
28 year-old Captain
Alan Shearer scored a 38th minute penalty kick against Paul Koch. His 22nd goal in 46 appearances.
28 April 1999, 1-1 vs. Hungary,
Népstadion, Budapest
Now making his 49th appearance, Captain Alan Shearer scored a 21st minute penalty kick against Gábor Király, his 23rd goal.

56 46 1999-2000           

4 September 1999, 6-0 vs. Luxembourg, Wembley Stadium, Wembley
On his 52nd appearance and after 24 goals to his name,
29 year-old captain
Alan Shearer scores his only hattrick in 22 first-half minutes. It began with a 12th minute penalty kick against Philippe Felgen, the 25th at Wembley.

57 47 2000 European Championship Finals           
20 June 2000, 2-3 vs. Romania, Stade Communal, Charleroi
Captain Alan Shearer scored a 40th minute penalty kick, his last ever goal (30th) in his last-ever international (63), against Bogdan Stelea, after Paul Ince had been fouled by Chivu.

58 48 2001-02           

10 November 2001, 1-1 vs. Sweden, Old Trafford, Manchester
26 year-old Captain David Beckham scored a 28th minute penalty kick, his sixth goal, against Magnus Hedman on his 46th appearance. Trevor Sinclair wins the penalty after the referee rules he is fouled by Christoffer Andersson.

59 49 2002 World Cup Finals           
7 June 2002, 1-0 vs. Argentina, Sapporo Domu, Sapporo-shi
27 year-old Captain David Beckham scored a 44th minute penalty kick against Pablo Cavallero, his seventh goal in 51 appearances. Awarded after Michael Owen is felled inside (42:15) the area by Mauricio Pochettino.

60 & 61 50 & 51 2002-03           

2 April 2003, 2-0 vs. Turkey, Stadium of Light, Sunderland
Captain David Beckham 91st minute penalty kick sent Rüstü Reçber the wrong way. Awarded after Kieron Dyer won the ball from Ergün Penbe on the far goal-line, then a tumbling Dyer dribbled into the area and helped on his way down by Penbe. Beckham's eleventh goal in 57 appearances.
11 June 2003, 2-1 vs. Slovakia, The Riverside Stadium, Middlesbrough
23 year-old Captain Michael Owen, on his fiftieth appearance, coolly dispatched a 62nd minute penalty kick to left of Miroslav König, after Owen himself was dubiously brought down by Zemen. It was his 22nd goal.

62 & 63 52 & 53 2003-04           

20 August 2003, 3-1 vs. Croatia, Portman Road, Ipswich
28 year-old Captain David Beckham scored a 10th minute penalty kick, his twelfth goal, against Stipe Pletikosa on his 61st appearance. Awarded after Josip Šimunić outstretched arm handled a Beckham cross, intended for Michael Owen.
6 September 2003, 2-1 vs. FYR Macedonia, Gradski Stadion, Skopje
Captain David Beckham scored a 63rd minute penalty kick against Petar Milosevski, after John Terry was tripped in the box by Aguinaldo Braga. His thirteenth goal on his 62nd appearance.

64 54 2005-06           

8 October 2005, 1-0 vs. Austria, Old Trafford, Manchester
27 year-old Frank Lampard scored a 25th minute penalty kick sending Jürgen Macho the wrong way. Paul Scharner had been holding back Michael Owen on the very edge of penalty area. His eighth goal on his 36th appearance.

65 55 2007-08           

21 November 2007, 2-3 vs. Croatia, The National Stadium, Wembley
29 year old Frank Lampard scored a 56th minute penalty kick against Stipe Pletikosa, after Josip Šimunić held back Jermain Defoe from meeting a Joe Cole cross. Lampard's thirteenth goal came on his sixtieth appearance.

66 56 2008-09           

6 June 2009, 4-0 vs. Kazakhstan, Ortalyk Tsentralnyi Stadium, Almaty
Frank Lampard, now 30 years of age, scored a 77th minute penalty kick, his fifteenth goal, against Aleksandr Mokin on his sevntieth appearance. Rinat Abdulin pulled back Emile Heskey as he tried to reach the rebounded shot.

67 & 68 57 & 58 2009-10           

5 September 2009, 2-1 vs. Slovenia, The National Stadium, Wembley
31 year-old
Frank Lampard scored a 31st minute penalty kick against Samir Handanovič. Boštjan Cesar had apparently brought down Wayne Rooney, Cesar was cautioned and substituted three minutes later. His seventeenth goal on his 73rd appearance.
9 September 2009, 5-1 vs. Croatia, The National Stadium, Wembley
Frank Lampard celebrated his 74th appearance with two goals, starting with a seventh minute penalty kick, struck to the left just out of Vedran Runje's reach. Josip Šimunić tripped Aaron Lennon as he sped past him running across the penalty area. It took his goal tally up to nineteen.

69 & 70 59 & 60 2010-11           

26 March 2011, 1-0 vs. Wales, Millennium Stadium, Cardiff
32 year-old Frank Lampard scored a seventh minute penalty kick on his 85th appearance against Wayne Hennessey. James Collins tumbled into Ashley Young as he dribbled into the penalty area. His record equalling sixth successful penalty kick was his twentieth for his country.
4 June 2011, 2-2 vs. Switzerland, The National Stadium, Wembley
Frank Lampard scored a 37th minute penalty kick against Diego Benaglio. Johan Djourou-Gbadjere had brought down Jack Wilshire in the penalty area. Wilshere had tapped the ball away as he went over Djourou-Gbadjere's leg. The Swiss defender was cautioned, not for the foul, but for complaining about the awarded penalty It was Lampard's record-breaking seventh penalty-kick scored, his 22nd goal in 86 appearances.

71-73 62-63 2012-13           

7 September 2012, 5-0 vs. Moldova, Zimbru Stadium, Chişinău
 34 year-old Frank Lampard scored a third minute penalty kick against Stanislav Namaşco. Lampard's eighth successful conversion and England's 100th ever penalty kick awarded. Tom Cleverley's shot was prevented from reaching its destination because of Simion Bulgaru's arm.
11 September 2012, 1-1 vs. Ukraine, The National Stadium, Wembley
 Frank Lampard scored an 87th minute penalty kick against Andriy Pyatov. Lampard's ninth successful conversion. Danny Welbeck's chip was prevented from reaching its destination because of Yevhen Khacheridi's forearm.
12 October 2012, 5-0 vs. San Marino, The National Stadium, Wembley
26 year-old Captain Wayne Rooney's 35th minute penalty is his first from the spot for England, his thirtieth overall in his 77th match, after the San Marino goalkeeper brought down Danny Welbeck. Rooney's right-footed kick duly dispatched the ball past Aldo Simoncini's right reach

74 64 2013-14           

11 October 2013, 4-1 vs. Montenegro, The National Stadium, Wembley
23 year-old Daniel Sturridge's injury time penalty-kick was awarded after Danny Welbeck ran into the penalty area and was taken down by Ivan Kecojević on the goalline. Sturridge side-footed the kick past Poleksić
for his second England goal on his seventh appearance, the least experienced penalty taker since Allan Clarke in early 70's. The first BME player to take a penalty-kick.

75-77 65-67 2014-15           

3 September 2014, 1-0 vs. Norway, The National Stadium, Wembley
28 year-old
Wayne Rooney dispatched his powerful penalty after 68 minutes against Ørjan Nyland, after Omar Elabdellaoui outstretched reaching Raheem Sterling, but only brought him down His fortieth goal on his 96th appearance.
9 October 2014, 5-0 vs. San Marino, The National Stadium, Wembley
Captain Wayne Rooney's powerful 43rd minute penalty to Aldo Simoncini's left was awarded after Andy Selva's high stretching feet kicked Rooney in the face, cutting his lip.

15 November 2014, 3-1 vs. Slovenia, The National Stadium, Wembley
29 year-old youngest centurion and Captain Wayne Rooney's powerful 59th minute equalising penalty against Samir Handonović was awarded after Boštjan Cesar tripped Rooney as he was sprinting into the penalty area, only seconds after Slovenia had scored against England. His 43rd goal

78 & 79 68 & 69 2015-16           

5 September 2015, 6-0 vs. San Marino, San Marino Stadium, Serravalle
Wayne Rooney's twelfth minute penalty equalled the goalscoring record. His 49th goal was low to the right of the goal as the keeper dived left, and was awarded after John Stones' shirt was being pulled on.
9 September 2015, 2-0 vs. Switzerland, The National Stadium, Wembley
Wayne Rooney's 84th minute penalty was his fiftieth for his country and his sixth penalty. The kick was awarded after Raheem Sterling was tripped in the area by Granit Xhaka

80 70 2016 European Championship Finals           
27 June 2016, 1-2- vs. Iceland, Allianz Riviera, Nice
30 year-old Wayne Rooney's fourth minute powerful penalty was awarded after goalkeeper Halldórsson collided with Raheem Sterling, bringing him down on the corner of the six-yard box. His seventh and final penalty kick with 100% conversion rate
. His 52nd and final goal in his 115th, appearance.

81 & 82 71 & 72 2016-17           

15 November 2016, 2-2 vs. Spain, The National Stadium, Wembley
28 year old Adam Lallana's powerful ninth minute penalty was awarded after Pepe Reina, the Spanish goalkeeper, brought down Jamie Vardy as the striker tried to round him seven yards away from the goal. His third goal on his 29th appearance.
13 June 2017, 2-3 vs. France,
Stade de France, Saint Denis
23 year old Captain Harry Kane's 48th minute penalty was awarded after Raphaël Varane clipped Dele Alli. It was the first England penalty awarded via the Video Assisted Referee, that also resulted in Varane being sent off. His eighth goal on his nineteenth appearance

83 73 2017-18           

8 October 2017, 1-0 vs. Lithuania, LFF stadionas, Vilnius
24 year-old Captain Harry Kane's 27th minute penalty was awarded after Dele Alli was tripped by Ovidijus Verbickas as he sprinted into the area to pick up a Henderson header
. His twelfth goal on his 23rd appearance.

84-86 74-76 2018 World Cup Finals           
(2) 24 June 2018, 6-1 vs. Panama, Stadion Nizhny Novgorod, Nizhny Novgorod
Captain Harry Kane's first goal of his hat-trick was a 22nd minute penalty kick to make it 2-0. Fidel Escobar had brought down a sprinting Jesse Lingard.
Captain Harry Kane's second goal of his hat-trick was also a penalty kick in the first-half injury time to make it 5-0. Anibal Godoy had dragged down Kane himself at the corner. The first double-conversion since the 1990 World Cup Finals.
3 July 2018, 1-1 vs. Colombia
, Otkrytie Arena, Moskva
Captain Harry Kane's third penalty of the World Cup Finals was awarded after he was lunged down in the area by Carlos Sánchez. Over three and half minutes after the award, Kane placed the ball towards the centre of the goal, beating David Ospina. He ends the Wolrd Cup with nineteen goals in 27 appearances. First time since 1968-69 that four penalty-kicks were converted in one season.

87 77 2018-19           

22 March 2019, 5-0 vs. Czech Republic, The National Stadium, Wembley
25 year-old Captain Harry Kane's penalty in the first half injury time was powerfully converted to Pavlenka's right. The keeper went the right way, but it was too powerful. It was awarded after Raheem Sterling ran into the area and was sandwiched by Pavel Kadeřábek, who received a caution, and Tomáš Kalas. Kane's sixth successful penalty is his 21st goal in 36 appearances.

88 78 2019 Nations League Finals           
6 June 2019, 1-3 vs. Netherlands, Estádio Dom Alfonso Henriques, Guimarães
21 year-old Marcus Rashford's 32nd minute penalty kick is his seventh goal for his country, and precisely executed to Sommer's left, sending the keeper the wrong way. Rashford, making his 32nd appearance, himself was caught on the shin by Matthijs de Ligt as they ran into the area. Rashford is the youngest since Bobby Charlton in October 1958 to score a penalty, and only the second BME player to do so

89-92 79-82 2019-20           

(2) 7 September 2019, 4-0 vs. Bulgaria, The National Stadium, Wembley
26 year-old Captain Harry Kane's first penalty in the match came after 49 minutes and was powerfully converted to Iliev's right. As Marcus Rashford sprinted to the touchline, he stopped to turn, only to be caught by Nikolay Bodurov.
Harry Kane's second penalty in the match completed his hattrick and came after 73 minutes and this time, was powerfully converted to Iliev's left. It was Kane himself that had won the penalty, after he had ran into the area, attempted a shot, which he had missed. Kristian Dimitrov was adjudged to have brought him down. His fortieth appearance and his 24th & 25th goals.
11 October 2019, 1-2 vs. Czech Republic,
Sinobo Stadium, Praha-Vršovice
Captain Harry Kane's record-equalling ninth penalty was placed down the middle of Kralic's goal after five minutes. Raheem Sterling charged away down the left, cuts inside Lukas Masopust and is brought down by the defender.

93-95 83-85 2020-21           

5 September 2020, 1-0 vs. Iceland, Laugardalsvöllur, Reykjavík
25 year-old
Raheem Sterling's first penalty for England on his 57th appearance was awarded in the final minute, after Alexander-Arnold's corner was met by Sterling, and his strike was stopped by Ingasson's elbow. Sterling's thirteenth goal for his country is hit straight the centre as as Halldórsson dived left.
11 October 2020, 2-1 vs. Belgium, The
National Stadium, Wembley
22 year-old Marcus Rashford's eleventh goal on is 39th appearance for his country was in the 39th minute, as he sent Mignolet the wrong way. The kick was awarded after Meunier fouled Henderson.
12 November 2020, 3-0 vs. Republic of Ireland, The National Stadium, Wembley
23 year-old Dominic Calvert-Lewin becomes the fourth different player in as many penalty-kicks to score, in the 56th minute. His powerful kick placed down the centre of Darren Randolph's goal was awarded after Cyrus Christie had brought down Bukayo Saka on the corner of the penalty area. His second goal, and on his fourth appearance, it makes him the least experienced taker since 1970.
31 March 2021, 2-1 vs. Poland, The National Stadium, Wembley
27 year-old Captain Harry Kane becomes the first England player to score a record ten penalty-kicks with his nineteenth minute conversion. Awarded after Raheem Sterlling was tripped by Michał Helik surging for the goal. His 34th goal on his 53rd appearance.
Only the third time four penalty-kicks have been scored in a single season.