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Saturday, 21 May 1938
End-of-Season Tour Friendly Match

Switzerland 2 England 1 [1-1]

Match Summary
Switzerland Party

England Party

Hardturm Stadion, Industriequartier, Zürich
Attendance: 25,000
; Kick-off tbc CET

Switzerland - Georges Aeby (headed in a cross 30), André Abegglen (penalty 73)
England - Cliff Bastin (penalty 33) - first time the England's only goal is from the spot
Results 1930-39

? won the toss, ? kicked-off.


Match Summary





Referee - Dr. Peco Joseph Bauwens
51 (24 December 1886), Germany

Linesmen - not known

"The match was started in the novel way of dropping the ball from an aeroplane, which, after circling round, swooped down on the field. The pilot was a deadly shot, and the ball fell accurately in the centre of the field."

  Goal Attempts  
  Attempts on Target  
  Hit Bar/Post  
  Corner Kicks Won  
  Offside Calls Against  
  Fouls Conceded  

Switzerland Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 32nd to 31st
Colours: probably red shirts and white shorts
Capt: Sevi Minelli Selectors: Karl Rappen, selected the team on Monday, 16 May 1938.
Switzerland Lineup
  Huber, Wilhelm 24 17 December 1913 G Grasshopper Club 8 17 GA
  Minelli, Severino 28 6 September 1909 RB Grasshopper Club 61 0
  Lehmann, August 29 26 January 1909 LB Grasshopper Club 14 2
  Springer, Hermann 29 4 December 1908 RH Grasshopper Club 16 1
  Vernati, Sirio 31 12 May 1907 CH Grasshopper Club 17 0
  Lörtscher, Ernest 25 15 March 1913 LH Servette FC de Genève 17 0
  Amadò, Lauro 26 3 March 1912 OR FC Lugano 13 4
  Walaschek, Eugène 21 20 June 1916 IR Servette FC de Genève 9 2
  Bickel, Alfred 20 12 May 1918 CF Grasshopper Club 17 5
Abegglen, André 27 7 March 1909 IL Servette FC de Genève 38 25
Aeby, Georges 24 21 September 1913 OL Servette FC de Genève 17 6


reserves not known

team notes:

The first team selection had Hans Rauch at centre-half, instead of his clubmate Vernati.
2-3-5 Huber -
Minelli, Lehmann -
Springer, Vernati, Lörtscher -
V, Walaschek, Bickel, Abegglen, Aeby


Age 25.8 Appearances/Goals 20.6 3.9


England Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 4th to 5th
Colours: The 1935 home uniform - White collared jerseys, navy blue shorts, black socks topped with two white hoops
Capt: Eddie Hapgood, thirteenth captaincy. Selectors:
Trainer: Tom Whittaker
The fourteen-man FA International Selection Committee, Party selected on Saturday, 30 April 1938, team chosen Tuesday, 17 May 1938.
184th match, W 117 - D 30 - L 37 - F 551 - A 214.
England Lineup (no numbers worn)
  Woodley, Victor R. 28 26 February 1910 G Chelsea FC 10 15 GA
  Sproston, Bert 22 22 June 1915 RB Leeds United AFC 7 0
  Hapgood, Edris A. 29 24 September 1908 LB Arsenal FC 22 0
  Willingham, C. Kenneth 25 1 December 1912 RH Huddersfield Town AFC 4 1
  Young, Alfred 32 4 November 1905 CH Huddersfield Town AFC 7 0
  Welsh, Donald 27 25 February 1911 LH Charlton Athletic FC 2 0
  Matthews, Stanley 23 1 February 1915 OR Stoke City FC 9 6
  Robinson, John 20 10 August 1917 IR Sheffield Wednesday FC 3 3
  Broome, Frank H. 22 11 June 1915 CF Aston Villa FC 2 1
  Goulden, Leonard A. 25 9 July 1912 IL West Ham United FC 7 2
Bastin, Clifford S. 26 14 March 1912 OL Arsenal FC 20 11
eighth penalty kick scored


Arthur Bateman (Brentford AFC), Stan Cullis (Wolverhampton Wanderers FC), Willie Hall (Tottenham Hotspur FC, withdrawn) and Harry Clifton (Newcastle United FC). Ted Drake (Arsenal FC) replaced Hall on 6 May.

team notes:

In the team selected on 17 May, Drake had replaced Broome at centre-forward.
2-3-5 Woodley -
Sproston, Hapgood -
Willingham, Young, Welsh -
Matthews, Robinson, Broome, Goulden, Bastin


Age 25.4 Appearances/Goals 8.5 2.1


    Match Report

England were beaten by Switzerland's semi-professional side by two goals to one here to-day. There was no doubt about the merit of the Swiss win ; their victory was well deserved.

England played poorly, collectively and individually, and were nothing like as good as against Germany. Switzerland, on the other hand, played well together as a team and their forwards were always troubling the English defence.--Reuter. - The Times - Monday 23rd May, 1938


It was on 22 May 1938 that investigations continued into the mysterious death of 56-year-old farmer, William Murfitt, who had been poisoned, five days earlier, by cyanide being added into his daily salts. His previous affair with another farmer's wife complicated the inquiries, and no-one was ever charged with his murder, but it was, almost certainly, the work of Mary Chandler, the housekeeper and lover of the farmer who lived closest to Murfitt, at Risby, near Bury St Edmunds. Chandler had a string of offences going back many years. Murfitt and his wife were due to give evidence against her in a trial over the theft of a fur coat, and Chandler was afraid that her conviction would end her relationship with her lover, who had changed his will in her favour, and had also given her the alibi that kept the police from prosecuting her for the murder.

Source Notes

original newspaper reports
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