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Match No. 756 vs. Poland Match No. 758 vs. Sweden Match Results

England National Football Team Match No. 757

Hungary 1 England 1 [0-1]

Wednesday, 28 April 1999

Match Summary and Report


Match Summary

Status: friendly match.
Venue: Népstadion, Budapest, capacity 73,000.
Attendance: 20,000.
Many sources state the attendance as 20,000, yet the Football Association's own yearbook gives a figure of 45,000.
Goals: England - Alan Shearer, 21st min. penalty
Hungary - János Hrutka, 76th min.
Cautions: None.
Expulsions: None.
Officials: Referee - Lutz Michael Fröhlich, 41, Germany, FIFA-listed 1994;
Assistant referees - Schlossling & Frank Gettke, Germany;
Fourth official - Hermann Albrecht, 37, Germany, FIFA-listed 1993.
Note: The Football Association calls the referee simply Lutz Michael, all other primary sources add Fröhlich to his name.
Conditions: Kickoff at 8:15 p.m. local time, 6:15 p.m. BST; Cool.  Pitch damp from heavy rains.  
Miscellany: Kevin Keegan, the England coach, had asked his squad to donate their match fees to the Kosovo crisis appeal.




Goal Attempts 11 14
Attempts on Target 6 7
Hit Bar/Post 0 0
Corner Kicks Won 4 2
Offside Calls Against 2 5
Fouls Conceded 12 17
Time of Possession N.K. N.K.


Hungary Team

Ranking: 44th in FIFA ranking of 21 April 1999; 52nd in Elo world ranking before this match and 49th after this match.
Colours: Red shirts with green and white trim, white shorts with red trim, green socks; made by Adidas.
Coach: Bertalan Bicskei, 51, appointed March 1998, 13th match (W 7 - D 5 - L 1 - F 23 - A 9), also served as coach for matches between 8 March 1989 and 15 November 1989 (P 9 - W 2 - D 4 - L 3 - F 9 - A 15),
22nd match, W 9 - D 9 -  L 4 - F 32-  A 24.
Captain: Béla Illés.

Hungary Lineup

Player Birthdate Age Pos Club App G Career
1-Király, Gábor 01-Apr-1976 23 G Hertha BSC Berlin, Germany 10 0 1998-active
2- Hrutka, János 26-Oct-1974 24 D 1. FC Kaiserslautern, Germany 13 3 1998-2002
3-Korsós, György, sub off 64th min. 22-Aug-1976 22 D Győri ETO 7 1 1998-active
4-Mátyus, János 20-Dec-1974 24 D Ferencvárosi TC 12 0 1998-2002
5-Sebôk, Vilmos 13-Jun-1973 25 D Bristol City FC, England 23 5 1996-2002
6-Halmai, Gábor 07-Jan-1972 27 M MTK Hungária 39 4 1994-2001
7-Dombi, Tibor 11-Nov-1973 25 F Debreceni VSC-Epona 23 1 1994-2001
8-Dárdai, Pál 16-Mar-1976 22 M Hertha BSC Berlin, Germany 7 1 1998-active
9-Pisont, István, sub off 46th min. 16-May-1970 28 M Eintracht Frankfurt, Germany 25 1 1991-1999
10-Illés, Béla 17-Apr-1968 31 F MTK Hungária 47 12 1991-2000
11-Korsós, Attila 25-Nov-1971 27 F Újpesti TE 6 1 1998-2001

Hungary Substitutes

Player Birthdate Age Pos Club App G Career
14-Somogyi, József, sub on 46th min. for Pisont 23-May-1968 30 M Győri ETO 5 0 1991-1999
13-Tóth, Norbert, sub on 64th min. for Korsós; sub off 90th+1 min. 11-Mar-1976 22 F Újpesti TE 10 0 1998-active
18-Herczeg, Miklós, sub on 90th+1 min. for Tóth 26-Mar-1974 25 F Újpesti TE 4 0 1998-2000

with a sweeper playing behind three defenders and a withdrawn forward playing behind two wingers (1-3-3-1-2) :

Király -
Sebôk -
Korsós* (Tóth (Herczeg)), Hrutka,  Mátyus -
Dárdai, Halmai, Pisont (Somogyi) -
Illés -
Dombi, Korsós. 

Notes: *After defender György Korsós was replaced after 64 minutes by forward Norbert Tóth, Hungary shifted to a more offence-oriented 3-4-3 formation in a successful effort to gain an equalizing goal, with Béla Illés, who started the match as a withdrawn centre forward, resuming his customary role as attacking midfielder.
Not Used:
Gábor Babos, Attila Dragóner, Csaba Fehér, Gábor Egressy.

England Team

Ranking: 10th in FIFA ranking of 21 April 1999; 9th in Elo world ranking before this match and 9th after this match.
Colours: White shirts, navy blue shorts, white socks.  The 1999 "home" uniform.
Coach: J. Kevin Keegan, 48, appointed temporary manager 17 February 1999,
2nd match, W 1 - D 1 - L 0 - F 4 - A 2.
Captain: Alan Shearer, 20th captaincy. 

England Lineup

Player Birthdate Age Pos Club App G Career
1-Seaman, David A. 19-Sep-1963 35 G Arsenal FC 50 0 1988-2002
2-Brown, Wesley M., sub off 73rd min. 13-Oct-1979 19 D Manchester United FC 1 0 1999-active
3-Neville, Philip J. 21-Jan-1977 22 D Manchester United FC 15 0 1996-active
4-Batty, David 02-Dec-1968 30 M Leeds United AFC 38 0 1991-1999
5-Ferdinand, Rio G., sub off 62nd min. 07-Nov-1978 20 D West Ham United FC 7 0 1997-active
6-Keown, Martin R. 24-Jul-1966 32 D Arsenal FC 22 1 1992-2002
7-Butt, Nicholas 21-Jan-1975 24 M Manchester United FC 8 0 1997-active
8-Sherwood, Timothy A. 06-Feb-1969 30 M Tottenham Hotspur FC 2 0 1999
9- Shearer, Alan 13-Aug-1970 28 F Newcastle United FC 49 23 1992-2000
10-Phillips, Kevin M., sub off 82nd min. 25-Jul-1973 25 F Sunderland AFC 1 0 1999-2002
11-McManaman, Steven, sub off 85th min. 11-Feb-1972 27 M Liverpool FC 24 0 1994-2001

England Substitutes

Player Birthdate Age Pos Club App G Career
15-Carragher, James L.D., sub on 62nd min. for Ferdinand 28-Jan-1978 21 M Liverpool FC 1 0 1999-2007
14-Gray, Michael, sub on 63rd min. for Brown 03-Aug-1974 24 D Sunderland AFC 1 0 1999
18-Heskey, Emile W.I., sub on 82nd min. for Phillips 11-Jan-1978 21 F Leicester City FC 1 0 1999-active
12-Redknapp, Jamie F., sub on 85th min. for McManaman 25-Jun-1973 25 M Liverpool FC 13 0 1995-1999

with an advanced midfielder given license to roam (4-3-1-2):

Seaman -
Brown (Gray), Keown, Ferdinand (Carragher), Neville -
Sherwood, Batty, Butt -
McManaman (Redknapp) -
Phillips (Heskey), Shearer.

Not Used:
13-Nigel Martyn, 16-Michael Ball, 17-Frank Lampard, 19-Francis Jeffers.

Match Report


England didn't manage to win in the famous Nep Stadium but that was unlikely to affect the team's morale going into the two qualifiers in June.  Essentially this was an experimental England side that included no fewer than five players making their full debut:  Brown, Carragher, Gray, Heskey and Phillips.

England were full of running at the start.  McManaman, in more of a free role this time, had the Hungarian defence in knots with his teasing dribbles and Shearer was looking particularly mean and predatory.  The combative trio of Sherwood, Butt and Batty were keeping things tight in midfield.  But it was the home side who could have taken the lead against the run of play on 14 minutes.  Seaman had to be at his brilliant best to push Illes' blast over the bar after he had beaten the offside trap to run onto Pisont's clever pass.

On 22 minutes the ball ran away from McManaman on a sortie down the right and Shearer collected it before advancing at speed into the box.  Halmai's lunge brought the England captain down and he scored emphatically from the penalty mark.  Phillips, brought into the team with a reputation as the Nationwide League's most clinical finisher, could have made it 2-0 five minutes later.  His shot was too quick and hit the 'keeper's legs

There were other near misses from Shearer and Sherwood and, thankful to be just a goal behind at the break, Hungary, were revitalised in the second half.  Seaman was equal to two notable efforts from Dombi, a volley over the shoulder and a right-footer from distance, but the England goal was finally breached with 13 minutes to go, Hrutka's free-kick eluding everyone.  - The Official F.A. and England Yearbook 1999-2000.


Source Notes