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Penalties against Peter Shilton

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Fifteen penalties against, thirteen conceded, one saved...

468 12 May 1973 2-1 vs. Northern Ireland, Goodison Park, Walton, Liverpool BC HW
Dave Clements scored a 22nd minute penalty against Shilton.
473 10 June 1973 2-1 vs. USSR, Central V.I. Lenin Stadium, Moskva Fr AW
Volodymyr Muntyan scored a 66th minute penalty against Shilton.
482 22 May 1974 2-2 vs. Argentina, Empire Stadium, Wembley, London Fr HD
Mario Kempes scored twice, the second was an 89th minute penalty against Shilton.
510 31 May 1977 0-1 vs. Wales, Wembley Stadium, Wembley, London BC HL
Leighton James scored a 44th minute penalty against Shilton.
535 17 October 1979 5-1 vs. Northern Ireland, Windsor Park, Donegall Avenue, Belfast BC AW
Vic Moreland scored a 50th minute penalty against Shilton.
570 22 September 1982 2-2 vs. Denmark, Idrætsparken, København ECP AD
Allan Hansen scored a 69th minute penalty against Shilton.
582 21 September 1983 0-1 vs. Denmark, Wembley Stadium, Wembley, London ECP HL
Allan Simonsen scored a 38th minute penalty against Shilton.
591 13 June 1984 0-2 vs. Uruguay, Estadio Centenario, Montevideo Fr AL
Luis Acosta scored an 8th minute penalty against Shilton.
601 6 June 1985 1-2 vs. Italy, Estadio Azteca, Santa Úrsula, ciudad de México TC NL
Alessandro Altobelli scored an 89th minute penalty against Shilton.
603 12 June 1985 3-0 vs. West Germany, Estadio Azteca, Santa Úrsula, ciudad de México TC NW
Andreas Brehme's penalty is saved against Shilton.
610 26 March 1986 1-0 vs. USSR, Dinamo Stadion, Tbilisi, Georgia Fr AW
Aleksandr Chivadze's 15th minute penalty kick hit Peter Shilton's post.
611 23 April 1986 2-1 vs. Scotland, Wembley Stadium, Wembley, London TC HW
Graeme Souness scored a 57th minute penalty against Shilton.
642 8 February 1989 2-1 vs. Greece, Olympiako Stadio Athinas Spyros Louis, Athína Fr AW
Dimitris Saravakos scored a first minute penalty against Shilton.
662 1 July 1990 3-2 vs. Cameroon, Stadio San Paolo, Fuorigrotta, Napoli, Italy WCF NW
Emmanuel Kunde scored a 63rd minute penalty against Shilton.
663 4 July 1990 1-1 vs. West Germany, Stadio delle Alpi, Torino, Italy WCF ND
Peter Shilton faced a penalty shootout at the end of Extra-Time.  England lost 3-4 on Penalty Kicks.  Shilton faced and conceded all four penalties from Brehme, Matthaus, Riedle and Thon.
664 7 July 1990 1-2 vs. Italy, Stadio San Nicola, Bari WCF AL
Salvatore Schillaci scored an 84th minute penalty against Shilton.