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Saturday, 20 February 1897
Home International Championship 1896-97 (14th) Match

England 6 Ireland 0 [3-0]

Trentbridge Cricket Ground, Brook Lane, West Bridgford, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
Attendance: 13,490; Kick-off: 3.05pm GMT

England - Steve Bloomer ('very pretty pass from Smith' 17, 85), Fred Wheldon ('free-kick' 27, 'pretty' 30, 'from a scrimmage' 55), Charlie Athersmith ('The ball was passed to Bloomer, who, however, would have been offiside if he touched it. Scott came out of his goal, apparently with the intention of meeting the ball before Bloomer got to it, but, seeing the latter stop, he foolishly hesitated, and before he could make up his mind what to do, Athersmith came up and put it in the net' 75)
Ireland - Bob Milne ('After a trip by Williams.... made a complete mess of it' penalty miss c.80)

Notes: Some reports state that Needham scored the second goal and that James Barron scored an own goal to put England four-up.
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England won the toss, Ireland kicked-off.


Match Summary





Referee - Thomas Robertson
32 (1 December 1864), Torrance, Stirlingshire, Scotland Football Association

Linesmen - not known

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  Attempts on Target  
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The 1896 International Football Association Board meeting:
a few Laws rewritten
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England Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 1st
Colours: "...followed by the Englishmen in white"
Capt: Gilbert Smith, second, third or fourth captaincy Selectors:
In Charge: Mr A.G. Hines & Mr Harris
The five-man FA International Selection Committee (Messrs Jackson, Gregson, Hughes, Sherrington and Bentley), on Wednesday, 3 February 1897, at 61 Chancery Lane, London.
28th match, W 22 - D 4 - L 2 - F 118 - A 24.
England Lineup
  Robinson, John W. 26 22 April 1870 G Derby County FC 1 0 GA
  Oakley, William J. 23 27 April 1873 RB Corinthians FC 5 0
  Williams, William 21 20 January 1876 LB West Bromwich Albion FC 1 0
  Middleditch, Bernard 25 31 December 1871 RH Corinthians FC 1 0
  Crawshaw, Thomas H. 24 28 December 1872 CH Wednesday FC 5 0
  Needham, Ernest 24 21 January 1873 LH Sheffield United FC 3 0
Athersmith Harper, W. Charles 24 10 May 1872 OR Aston Villa FC 2 1
Bloomer, Stephen 23 20 January 1874 IR Derby County FC 5 11
  Smith, Gilbert O. 24 25 November 1872 CF Old Carthusians AFC & Corinthians FC 8 4
Wheldon, G. Frederick 27 1 November 1869 IL Aston Villa FC 1 3
  Bradshaw, T. Henry 23 24 August 1873 OL Liverpool FC 1 0


reserves not known


Billy Bassett (West Bromwich Albion FC), had not recovered from his poorly leg and was replaced with Charlie Athersmith.
Fred Wheldon is the fortieth England player to score on his England debut.
2-3-5 Robinson -
Oakley, Williams -
Middleditch, Crawshaw, Needham -
Bassett, Bloomer, Smith, Wheldon, Bradshaw


Age 24.0 Appearances/Goals 3.0 1.2


Ireland Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 6th
Colours: "the Irish team first made an appearance wearing Royal blue...."
Capt: James Barron Selectors: Team chosen by Committee; Coached by Billy Crone
Ireland Lineup
  Scott, Thomas M. 23 9 August 1873 G Cliftonville FAC 8 26 GA
  Ponsonby, John 20 May 1876
born in Dumbarton, Scotland
RB Distillery FC 6 0
  Torrans, Samuel 27 27 October 1869 LB Linfield FAC 18 0
  Pyper, John S. 19 9 January 1878 RH Cliftonville FAC 1 0
Milne, Robert G. 26 1 October 1870
born in Inverarity, Scotland
CH Linfield FAC 9 1
  McMaster, George 20/21 1876 LH Glentoran FC 1 0
  Campbell, James 21 5 September 1875 OR Cliftonville FAC 1 0
  Hall, George nk not known IR Distillery FC 1 0
  Stanfield, Olphert M. 28 26 February 1869 CF Distillery FC 28 10
  Darling, John 19 30 October 1877 IL Linfield FAC 1 0
  Barron, James H. 22 30 September 1874 OL Cliftonville FAC 6 2


reserves not known

team notes:

John Peden was replaced by John Darling as inside-left.
Olphie Stanfield extends his tally as Ireland's record appearance holder. He is already their record goalscorer.
2-3-5 Scott -
Ponsonby, Torrans -
Pyper, Milne, McMaster -
Campbell, Hall, Stanfield, Darling, Barron.


Age 22.5/.6 Appearances/Goals 7.3 1.2


    Match Report

The English and Irish international is looked upon as something of a trial for the greater match with Scotland rather than with any expectation of a close game. Such is the patent superiority of English Association football over that of Ireland. And the match at Trent Bridge, Nottingham, on Saturday was only in keeping with many others in the record of England v. Ireland. The Irish eleven were simply outclassed by the brilliant skill of the combination of English amateurs and professionals, led by G. O. Smith, the old Oxford football and cricket Blue, and, playing with a well measured excellence, England won by six goals to none, three of the points coming in each half of the game. There is no necessity to dwell in detail upon such a match...

Splendid weather prevailed, and there were over 10,000 people at the match. - The Times - Monday 22nd February, 1897

Source Notes

Regarding George McMaster's date of birth, NIFG state 1878, Irish Civil Registrations state the only Belfast-born George was born in 1876.

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