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Monday, 16 March 1896
Home International Championship 1895-96 (13th) Match

Wales 1 England 9

Cardiff Arms Park, Westgate Street, Temperance Town, Cardiff, Glamorgan
Kick-off (GMT): '4.0 p. m.'
Attendance: 'about 5,000 spectators present'; between 5,000 and 6,000'; 'before about 6,000'; 'before about 7,000'; 'assemblage numbering about 12,000'; 'the crowd of 12,000 people'.
Receipts: '£245' (a new record)

England's first visit to the Arms Park, to Cardiff, and to Glamorgan; their eighth visit to Wales
Grenville Morris kicked-off Gilbert Smith (probably) won the toss

'and then a couple of minutes' delay took place owing to the net of the Welsh goal having come down'

England's 200th goal scored>

England's 100th away goal scored>
[0-1] Gilbert Smith 15
'after a short dribble, put in a clever shot in the corner; 'a low, swift shot.'
[0-2] Steve Bloomer 25
'Sandilands sent in a fine shot, which Jones fisted out, but Bloomer sent in a hard low shot'; 'taking the ball on the rebound'
[0-3] Billy Bassett 33
'got possession ten yards from the goal and with a fast, low shot that went between Jones' legs'
appeal for offside rejected
[0-4] Steve Bloomer 40
'Sandilands sent in a long cross shot that Bloomer had popped in before Arridge could clear'
[0-5] Gilbert Smith 43
'sent in a hot shot from close in'

[1-6] Tom Chapman back-heel 65
'for 'hands' Parry kicked a free to Chapman, who back-heeled through in the corner.'

South Wales News states GO Smith as the scorer>
England's 150th competitive goal scored>
[0-6] Steve Bloomer 50
 'Goodall gave Smith a pass which found the latter dashing down close to goal and unselfishly passed to Bloomer, who put in.'

[1-6] Jimmy Crabtree scores disallowed
[1-6] Steve Bloomer scores disallowed: offside 75
[1-7] John Goodall 85
'scored as the result of a pass from Smith after a fine single-handed run'
[1-8] Steve Bloomer 87
'with a long low 'daisy cutter'; 'slipped through Jones' hands''
[1-8] Jimmy Crabtree scores disallowed: offside
[1-9] Steve Bloomer 89
'kicked the ninth'
'two more were put through by Goodall and Bloomer, but were disallowed'
Football League Record
"The ground in the morning was in terrible condition, but by rolling and plentiful use of sawdust, it was much improved."

"England first, Wales nowhere" The Brecon and Radnor County Times


Wal es Team Records England
Thomas Robertson
32 (1 December 1863), Baldernock, Stirlingshire, Scotland FA
P 1 of 20 - W 1 - D 0 - L 0 - F 9 - A 1. played for Scotland against England in 1890
"The Post Office band supplied a selection of music to relieve the tedium of waiting."
The venue of Cardiff Arms Park was chosen when the Welsh Selection Committee chose their team to face Ireland on Wednesday, 19 February 1896
George Stuart Sherrington
35 (20 August 1861 in Islington), Suffolk Football Association
Thomas Edward Edwards
Aberystwyth, Wales

Wales Team

Rank No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 5th
Colours "..the Welshmen playing in blue and red shirts";
however, Brecon Time states "the Welshmen appeared in their chocolate and blue shirts."
Captain Charlie Parry Selection The Welsh Selection Committee
P 3 of 4 - W 1 - D 1 - L - 1 - F 9 - A 12.  team chosen on Monday, 2 March 1896.
Wales Lineup
  Jones, Samuel 25/26 1870 G Burton Swifts FC, England 5 23ᵍᵃ
  Parry, Charles Frederick 26
82 days
25 December 1869 RB Newtown FC 8 0
  Arridge, Smart 23
269 days
21 June 1872
in Sunderland, England
LB Everton FC, England 5 0
  Rogers, Joseph 26
186 days
12 September 1869 RH Wrexham AFC 2 0
Chapman, Thomas c.25 early 1871 CH Manchester City FC, England 6 2
  Jones, John Leonard 29 winter 1866 LH Sheffield United FC, England 5 0
  Meredith, William Henry 21
230 days
30 July 1874 OR Manchester City FC, England 4 2
  Davies, Joseph 24
202 days
27 August 1871 IR Manchester City FC, England 9 0
  Morris, Arthur Grenville 18
338 days
13 April 1877 CF Aberystwyth FC 2 1
  Lewis, William 31/32 1864 IL Chester FC, England 23 8
mst apps
  Morris, Hugh 24
73 days
3 January 1872 OL Manchester City FC, England 2 2
reserves: not known
team notes: Smart Arridge was a very late replacement for left-back Di Jones (Bolton Wanderers FC, England). Jones was unable to take his place after not recovering from a back injury sustained in a Football League match with Aston Villa the previous Saturday.
2-3-5 S.Jones -
Parry, Arridge -
Rogers, Chapman, J.Jones -
Meredith, Davies, A.G.Morris, Lewis, H.Morris.
Averages: Age 25 years 45-128 days Appearances/Goals 6.4 1.3


England Team

Rank No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 1st
Colours "...and the Englishmen in white."
Captain not known,
but probably Gilbert Smith
Selection The five-man FA International Selection Committee
P 26th of 195, W 21 - D 4 - L 1 - F 110 - A 24.
team chosen in Cliftonville, Belfast on Saturday evening, 7 March 1896.
England Lineup
  three changes to the previous match (Lodge, Chadwick & Spiksley out) league position (7th March) ave lge pos: 5th
  Raikes, George B. 23
2 days
14 March 1873 G Oxford University AFC & Corinthians FC 3 2ᵍᵃ
  Crabtree, James W. 24
84 days
23 December 1871 RB Aston Villa FC (FL1 TOP) 5 0
  Oakley, William J. 22
324 days
27 April 1873 LB Oxford University AFC & Corinthians FC 3 0
  Henfrey, Arthur G. 28
88 days
19 December 1867 RH Corinthians FC 4 2
  Crawshaw, Thomas H. 23
79 days
28 December 1872 CH Wednesday FC (FL1 6th) 3 0
  Kinsey, George 29
270 days
20 June 1866 LH Derby County FC (FL1 2nd) 4 0
final app 1892-96
Bassett, William I. 27
49 days
27 January 1869 OR West Bromwich Albion FC (FL1 BOTTOM) 15 4 or 5

Bloomer, Stephen 22
56 days
20 January 1874 IR Derby County FC (FL1 2nd) 4 9
the 37th brace, sixteenth hattrick, fourth four-goals, second five-goals scored
Smith, Gilbert O. 23
112 days
25 November 1872 CF Oxford University AFC, Old Carthusians AFC & Corinthians FC 6 4
the 38th brace scored
Goodall, John 32
271 days
19 June 1863 IL Derby County FC (FL1 2nd) 12 11 or 12
oldest goalscorer so far
  Sandilands, Rupert R. 27
222 days
7 August 1868 OL Old Westminsters AFC & Corinthians FC 5 3
final app 1892-96
reserves: not known
team notes: 'Just before the match commenced it was an open question whether Crawshaw would play, as he had received a wire from home conveying the sad news of the death of his youngest child.' - Wrexham Advertiser, 21 March 1896.
appearance notes: Billy Bassett is the third player to have made fifteen England appearances, whereas John Goodall is the sixth player to have made twelve. Gilbert Smith is the 28th player to have made six England appearances and Jimmy Crabtree is the 38th player to have now made five.
49 players have made four England appearances and 77 have made three.
Bassett is the first player to make fifteen appearances under the guidance of the ISC, whereas Goodall is the second player to make twelve.
records: England's unbeaten run has now reached a record twenty matches, lasting six years.
Billy Bassett becomes the most experienced player to score an England goal.
2-3-5 Raikes -
Crabtree, Oakley -
Henfrey, Crawshaw, Kinsey -
Bassett, Bloomer, Smith, Goodall, Sandilands.
Averages: Age 25 years 307 days Appearances/Goals 5.8 2.4
       Match Report Manchester Courier, Tuesday, 17 March 1896

A start was not made until four o'clock, and having lost the toss, Wales kicked off against the wind and sun. After a mild attack, which Oakley cleared, Wales were compelled to act upon the defensive. Jones fisted out a shot by Bloomer, and Goodall spoiled a chance by getting off-side. A strong attack was kept up in the Welsh goal, and once Goodall cleared the home backs, but shot badly. In turn Bloomer and Sandilands shot at goal, but each time Jones cleared in good style. It was evident that sooner or later the strong attack of the Englishmen must be successful, and after less than 15 minutes' play, Smith, out of some loose play, sent the ball into the net. On continuing, the ball settled down in the Welsh half, and try as they would, the home men could not get the ball away. For several minutes the game proceeded without incident, but at length Sandilands got away and kicked across, and Bloomer put the ball through. After this second reverse the Welshmen played in better style, and their forwards reached the English goal, the ball going behind. The game, however, was soon back in the Welsh half, Bassett racing away and securing a corner. By clever play, Crabtree maintained the attack, and after Jones had finely stopped a shot by Bloomer, he was beaten by Bassett, who scored the third goal for England. For a little while afterwards the play was more even, the Welsh forwards putting in some good work. Sandilands at length dashed away, and with a beautiful centre enabled Bloomer to add another goal. After this the Welsh forwards got away, and Raikes, in saving, had to concede a corner. The Welshmen were still attacking, when Bassett got the ball, and by some beautiful work he and Bloomer carried the play right to the other end. Arridge and Parry cleared, but directly afterwards Crawshaw started some clever passing, which was ended by Smith kicking a goal a minute or two later. Half time was called, and England crossed over leading by five goals to one.
With the wind now at their backs the Welsh team opened the second half in encouraging manner, but were unable to maintain their position. Smith and Goodall broke away, but Bassett got off-side. A minute later Bloomer sent the ball into the net, Jones making a poor attempt to stop it. A foul by Crawshaw placed the English goal in danger, but Oakley cleared, and directly afterwards Jones, the Welsh goalkeeper, had to handle. After some even play Morris and Lewis got away, and forcer two corners. From one of these England had a narrow escape, Raikes fisting out cleverly. 'Hands' were given against England near their goal, and from the kick of Parry Chapman put the ball through, scoring the first and only goal to Wales. The Welsh forwards again attacked, but unwisely shot from a long distance. They gained corners, but met with no success. The English forwards broke away, and Smith had the goal at his mercy, but slipped in the act of shooting, while directly afterwards Bloomer headed over the bar. The Welsh goalkeeper was now hard pressed, and once he was beaten by Bassett, but the goal was disallowed. Then the Welsh forwards dashed away suddenly, and Meredith, close in, sent in a hard shot, which Raikes fisted out in a marvellous manner. This was the last serious attack on the English goal, and during the last quarter of an hour the visitors had matters all their own way. Smith ran down the centre, and passed to Goodall, who, with a swift shot, gave Jones no chance. This reverse seemed to take all the spirit out of the Welshmen, and their defence broke down completely. Bassett and Bloomer ran the ball down, and the latter finished up with a successful shot, while a minute or two before the close the Derby County forward kicked the ninth and last goal. As already remarked, Wales were decisively beaten at all points, and, though with a more capable goalkeeper the score might have been less, the disparity between the two teams was most marked.

       Match Report The Times, Tuesday, 17 March 1896
The Welsh eleven were completely outclassed at Cardiff yesterday, and England beat them by nine goals to one. This is the severest defeat Wales have experienced in the 18 years of the match; but the heavy score in no way exaggerated the greater merits of the Englishmen. The forwards were a splendid lot, and combined brilliantly, and were well-supported by the judicious manner in which the halves placed the ball for them... At an early period of the game the better football of the Englishmen made itself felt, and after G. O. Smith had opened the scoring, the visitors began to build up a heavy record. Bassett, Goodall, and G. O. Smith were brilliant in their game near goal, and were mostly responsible for the increase of the English score to five goals to none before half time. England had to face the wind in the second period, but their skill always prevailed ; and they obtained four more goals to one by Wales, so that in the end England won by nine goals to one. This was England's 14th win to two by Wales, while two matches have been drawn. The goal aggregate is 64 to 18.
       In Other News....
It was on 16 March 1896 that 63-year-old William Cromwell, of Birkenshaw in Yorkshire was sentenced to death for the murder of his next-door neighbour, Sarah Baxendale (70), with an axe, following a long-running argument over the use of a communal well. Cromwell, at first, fled the scene, but as a crowd approached his house looking for retribution, he gave himself up to the village constable. His victim clung to life for almost four weeks, before finally succumbing to her injuries.
Domestic Football Results (16 March 1896)
The Football League Division One:      
Burnley 2 Stoke 0
   Turf Moor, Burnley (1,500)
Clawley OG, Robertson
Stoke started with Tommy Clare and Jimmy Turner
Burnley had put four goals past Stoke in January without reply, when the game was abandoned because of fog with only 16 minutes remaining, so they would have felt that justice had prevailed. Their request that the original result should stand had been rejected and the game was thus replayed.
Division One Table
Team P
Aston Villa 27 41
Derby County 25 36
Everton 26 35
Sunderland 27 31
Bolton Wanderers 25 30
Stoke 25 26
Wednesday 26 25
Blackburn Rovers 23 24
Preston North End 26 24
Sheffield United 26 23
Burnley 26 22
Nottingham Forest 24 21
Bury 23 20
Small Heath 24 16
Wolverhampton Wanderers 25 15
West Bromwich Albion 26 15
The Football League Division Two:
Rotherham Town 2 Lincoln City 2
   Clifton Grove, Rotherham (300)
Webster, Bryant ~
Frettingham, Gillespie
This was the last point secured by Rotherham Town as a football club. They lost their three remaining fixtures and then chose not to apply for re-election to the Football League at the end of the season. The club folded shortly afterwards.
Division Two Table
Team P
Liverpool 27 41
Manchester City 26 41
Burton Wanderers 25 36
Grimsby Town 25 33
Newcastle United 24 28
Woolwich Arsenal 26 27
Newton Heath 24 27
Leicester Fosse 23 24
Darwen 25 24
Burton Swifts 26 24
Notts County 25 20
Lincoln City 25 18
Rotherham Town 27 17
Burslem Port Vale 21 13
Loughborough 23 12
Crewe Alexandra 24 11
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