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England National Football Team Match No. 768

Malta 1 England 2 [1-1]

Saturday, 3 June 2000

Match Summary and Report

Match Summary and Report Team Records Malta Pre-Match England Pre-Match


Match Summary

Status: Friendly match as part of Malta FA's centenary celebrations.
Venue: The National Stadium, Ta'Qali, capacity 16,514.
Attendance: 10,023.
Goals: England - Martin Keown, 22nd min.
Malta - Richard Wright, own goal, 28th min., from an David Carabott re-taken penalty.
Malta win a penalty when Phil Neville and Wright get in a tangle and the keeper brings Carabott down. The Maltese player picks himself up and puts the penalty away but referee Braschi orders the kick to be retaken for encroachment. Carabott aims for the same corner but the ball hits the post and cannons in off Wright's head to give Malta a historic goal against England.
England - Emile Heskey, 75th min.
Cautions: Malta - David Carabott.
Malta - Daniel Theuma.
Expulsions: None.
Referee - Stefano Braschi, Italy.
Conditions: Kickoff 4.00 p.m. local time, 3.00 p.m. BST.  Temperature in the high 80's, with a light breeze.
Miscellany: Malta - David Carabott, 88th min. penalty saved by Richard Wright. Wright's debut turns into a nightmare as he gives away a second penalty. But Wright makes up for his own error by saving Carabott's spot-kick with his feet.




Goal Attempts - -
Attempts on Target - -
Hit Bar/Post - -
Corner Kicks Won - -
Offside Calls Against - -
Fouls Conceded - -
Time of Possession - -


Malta Team

Ranking: 118th in FIFA ranking of 10 May 2000; 153rd in Elo world ranking before this match and 153rd after this match.
Colours: Red shirts, white shorts, red socks; made by Kronos.
Coach: Josif Ilic, appointed 22 July 1997.
Captain: -

Malta Lineup

Player Birthdate Age Pos Club App G Career
1-Barry, Ernest, sub off 90th min. 01-Jul-1967 32 G Sliema Wanderers FC - - 1996-active
2-Said, Brian, sub off 77th min. 15-May-1973 27 D Floriana FC - - 1996-active
3-Spiteri, Michael, sub off 77th min. 25-Feb-1969 31 D Hibernians FC - - 1993-active
4-Vella, Silvio, sub off 40th min. 08-Feb-1967 33 D Hibernians FC 90 1 1988-2000
5-Debono, Darren, sub off 33rd min. 09-Jan-1974 26 D Valletta FC - - 1996-2002
6-Buttigieg, John, sub off 54th min. 05-Oct-1963 36 D Valletta FC 95 1 1984-2000
7-Busuttil, Carmel, sub off 46th min. 29-Feb-1964 36 F Sliema Wanderers FC 103 23 1982-2001
8-Carabott, David, sub off 90th + 1 min. 18-Jun-1968 31 F Hibernians FC 92 9 1987-active
9-Turner, Noel, sub off 86th min. 09-Dec-1974 25 M Sliema Wanderers FC - - 1996-active
10-Brincat, Joseph, sub off 82nd min. 05-Mar-1970 30 M Birkirkara FC 85 5 1987-active
11-Agius, Gilbert, sub off 60th min. 21-Feb-1974 26 F Valletta FC - - 1993-active

Malta Substitutes

Player Birthdate Age Pos Club App G Career
17-Camilleri, David, sub on 33rd min. for Debono 21-Aug-1974 25 M Sliema Wanderers FC - - 1996-2001
15-Theuma, Daniel, sub on 40th min. for Vella 29-Jun-1971 28 D/M Valletta FC - - 1998-2003
20-Nwoko, Chucks K., sub on 46th min. for Busuttil 21-Nov-1978 21 F Birkirkara FC - - 1998-2003
14-Chetcuti, Jeffrey, sub off  54th min. for Buttigieg 22-Apr-1974 26 D Valletta FC - - 1994-active
21-Mallia, George, sub on 60th min. for Agius 10-Oct-1978 21 F Floriana FC - - 1999-active
13-Okonkwo, Digger Ifeanyi, sub on 77th min. for Said 30-Aug-1977 22 D Naxxar Lions FC - - 1999-active
16-Dimech, Luke, sub on 77th min. for Spiteri 11-Jan-1977 23 D Sliema Wanderers FC - - 1999-active
19-Holland, Jonathan, sub on 82nd min. for Brincat 15-Jul-1978 21 M Floriana FC - - 1999-active
22-Veselji, Nenad, sub on 86th min. for Turner 03-Feb-1971 29 F Valletta FC - - 1999-active
12-Muscat, Mario, sub on 90th min. for Barry 18-Aug-1976 23 G Hibernians FC - - 1996-active
18-Ciantar, Adrian, sub on 90th + 1 min for Carabott 09-Aug-1978 21 M Hibernians FC - - 2000-active


Barry (Muscat) -
Debono (Camilleri), Buttigieg (
Chetcuti), Said (Okonkwo) -
Carabott (Ciantor), Brincat (
Holland), Vella (Theuma), Turner (Veselji), Spiteri (Dimech) -
Busuttil (
Nwoko) -
Agius (Mallia) -

Not Used:

England Team

Ranking: 12th in FIFA ranking of 10 May 2000; 9th in Elo world ranking before this match and 10th after this match.
Colours: White shirts, navy blue shorts, white socks.  The 1999 "home" uniform.
Coach: J. Kevin Keegan, 49, appointed temporary manager 17 February 1999 and full-time manager 14 May 1999,
13th match, W 6- D 6 - L 1 - F 20 - A 7.
Captain: Alan Shearer, 31st captaincy.  Sol Campbell took the armband after 50 minutes when Shearer was injured and substituted.

England Lineup

Player Birthdate Age Pos Club App G Career
1-Wright, Richard I. 05-Nov-1977 22 G Ipswich Town FC 1 0 2000-2001
2-Neville, Gary A. 18-Feb-1975 25 D Manchester United FC 36 0 1995-active
3-Neville, Philip J. 21-Jan-1977 23 D Manchester United FC 26 0 1996-active
4-Wise, Dennis F., sub off 68th min. 16-Dec-1966 33 M Chelsea FC 16 1 1991-2000
5-Campbell, Sulzeer J. 18-Sep-1974 25 D Tottenham Hotspur FC 33 2 1996-active
6- Keown, Martin R., sub off 57th min. 24-Jul-1966 33 D Arsenal FC 30 2 1992-2002
7-Beckham, David R.J., sub off 79th min. 02-May-1975 25 M Manchester United FC 31 1 1996-active
8-Scholes, Paul, sub off 68th min. 16-Nov-1974 25 M Manchester United FC 24 9 1997-2004
9-Shearer, Alan, sub off 50th min. 13-Aug-1970 29 F Newcastle United 60 28 1992-2000
10-Phillips, Kevin M., sub off 68th min. 25-Jul-1973 26 F Sunderland AFC 5 0 1999-2002
11-Barmby, Nicholas J. 11-Feb-1974 26 M Everton FC 13 3 1995-2001

England Substitutes

Player Birthdate Age Pos Club App G Career
17- Heskey, Emile W.I., sub on 50th min. for Shearer 11-Jan-1978 22 F Liverpool FC 7 1 1999-active
12-Southgate, Gareth, sub on 57th min. for Keown 03-Sep-1970 29 D Aston Villa FC 36 1 1995-2004
18-Fowler, Robert B. sub on 68th min. for Phillips 09-Apr-1975 25 F Leeds United AFC 14 3 1996-2002
16-Ince, Paul E.C., sub on 68th min. for Scholes 21-Oct-1967 32 M Middlesbrough FC 50 2 1992-2000
16-McManaman, Steven, sub on 68th min. for Wise 11-Feb-1972 28 M

Real Madrid CF, Spain

28 2 1994-2001
14-Barry, Gareth, sub on 79th min. for Beckham. 23-Feb-1981 19 D Aston Villa FC 2 0 2000-active


Seaman -
G Neville, Keown (Southgate), Campbell, P Neville -
Beckham (Barry), Barmby, Scholes (Ince), Wise (McManaman) -
Phillips (Fowler), Shearer (Heskey).

Not Used:
13- Nigel Martyn, 19-Michael Owen.

Match Report




Source Notes

official teamsheet, courtesy of