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Monday, 16 March 1908
originally scheduled for 23 March
, 17 February was also noted
Home International Championship 1907-08 (25th) Match

Wales 1 England 7 [0-4]

Match Summary
Wales Squad

England Squad

Team Records

Cardiff Arms Park, Westgate Street, Temperance Town, Cardiff, Glamorgan
Attendance: 7,000;
Kick-off tbc

England - Vivian Woodward ('luckily turned the ball into the net with the back of his head from a Rutherford cross' 18, 'after Davies saved from Hilsdon' 80, 85), Jimmy Windridge ('from a Rutherford cross' 25), Billy Wedlock ('rebound from a Rutherford shot' 30), George Hildson ('another rebound from a Rutherford shot' 40, 'after a Rutherford shot hit the post' 63)
Wales - Billy Meredith (missed penalty 43)
Wales - Tinker Davies ('a free-kick' 90)
Results 1901-14

England won the toss, Wales kicked-off.


Match Summary





Referee - David Phillips
Dunfermline, Scotland

Linesmen - W.H. Bellamy and unknown

  Goal Attempts  
  Attempts on Target  
  Hit Bar/Post  
  Corner Kicks Won  
  Offside Calls Against  
  Fouls Conceded  

Wales Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 15th
Colours: Red shirts and white shorts
Capt: Billy Meredith Selectors: Team selection chosen by Committee.
Wales Lineup
  Roose, Leigh R.
 injured off 25-30 min.
30 27 November 1877 G Sunderland AFC, England 17 28 GA
  Blew, Horace E. 30 January 1878 RB Wrexham AFC 18 0
  Morris, Charles R. 27 29 August 1880
Born in Oswestry, Shropshire
LB Derby County FC, England 18 0
  Hughes, Edwin
injured off 25-30 min.
21/22 1886 RH Nottingham Forest FC, England 4 0
  Latham, George 27 1 January 1881 CH Liverpool FC, England 7 0
  Parry, Maurice P. 30 7 November 1877 LH Liverpool FC, England 13 0
Meredith, William H. 33 30 July 1874 OR Manchester United, England 26 8
  Matthews, William H. 24/25 1883 IR Chester FC, England 2 0
Davies, William 25 13 April 1882 CF Blackburn Rovers FC, England 4 1
  Morris, A. Grenville 30 13 April 1877 IL Nottingham Forest FC, England 14 3
  Evans, Robert E. 20 19 October 1885
Born in Chester
OL Aston Villa FC, England 6 0
Wales Substitute
  Davies, David, on 46th-50th min. for Roose 27/28 1880 G Bolton Wanderers FC, England 3 5 GA


the unused reserves not known

team notes:

Manchester City FC's Lot Jones was the original named inside-right, but he sustained an injury in a club match against Liverpool FC, he was replaced by Billy Matthews.
Leigh Roose was charged by Vivian Woodward (one source states George Hilsdon) after fifteen (or twenty) minutes, and after suffering concussion, he retired and Charlie Morris took over in goal. Roose did return, but only for a short time as he was suffering. Teddy Hughes at this time injured his back (or he had a bad cold) and both he and Roose retired after 25 minutes (or half an hour!).
According to The Athletic News, Woodward had offered the Welsh team the opportunity to bring on two substitutes.
As Wales were now playing with nine men, Dai Davies came into goal 'shortly after the restart' and became the first ever international substitute.
Despite the huge margin of victory, this is the most experienced team England have faced thus far.
2-3-5 Roose (Davies) -
Blew, C.Morris -
Hughes, Latham, Parry -
Meredith, Matthews, Davies,
G.Morris, Evans.
After half-time, Billy Matthews took up the position vacated by Teddy Hughes, and the Welsh played with a four-man forward line.

Averages: (starting XI)

Age 27.0-2 Appearances/Goals 11.7 1.0


England Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 1st
Colours: White collared jerseys and navy blue shorts
Capt: Vivian Woodward, second captaincy Selectors:
In Charge: Charles J. Hughes
The seven-man FA International Selection Committee, on Monday, 9 March 1908, at 104 High Holborn, London, alongside the FA-Cup semi-final draw.
61st match, W 44 - D 11 - L 6 - F 206 - A 54.
England Lineup
  Bailey, Horace P. 26 3 July 1881 G Leicester Fosse FC 1 1 GA
  Crompton, Robert 28 26 September 1879 RB Blackburn Rovers FC 16 0
  Pennington, Jesse 24 23 August 1883 LB West Bromwich Albion FC 4 0
  Warren, Benjamin 28 7 May 1879 RH Derby County FC 8 0
Wedlock, William J. 27 28 October 1880 CH Bristol City FC 5 1
  Lintott, Evelyn H. 24 2 November 1883 LH Queen's Park Rangers FC 2 0
  Rutherford, John 23 12 October 1884 OR Newcastle United FC 6 0
Woodward, Vivian J. 28 3 June 1879 IR Tottenham Hotspur FC 11 10
Hilsdon, George 22 10 August 1885 CF Chelsea FC 3 4
Windridge, James E. 25 21 October 1882 IL Chelsea FC 2 1
  Hardman, Harold P. 25 4 April 1882 OL Everton FC 4 1


Bolton Wanderers FC's Sam Greenhalgh and The Wednesday FC's Frank Bradshaw.

team notes:

Liverpool FC's Sam Hardy was the original named goalkeeper, but an injury prevented him taking his place in a club match against Manchester City FC. His place went to Horace Bailey.
2-3-5 Bailey -
Crompton, Pennington -
Warren, Wedlock, Lintott -
Rutherford, Woodward, Hilsdon, Windridge, Hardman.


Age 25.5 Appearances/Goals 5.6 0.9


    Match Report

Source Notes

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