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Football Association International Board minute book  

The first meeting of the International Board was held in the Football Association's Rooms, London, on Wednesday, 2 June 1886.  There were present Major Marindin (who occupied the chair) and C.W. Alcock (who acted as Secretary) representing England. Messrs. R. Browne (President) and A. Mckennedy (vice-President) of the Scottish Association. Messrs. A.H. Hunter and R. Mills-Roberts of the Welsh Association and messrs. J. Sinclair (vice-President) & and J. McAlery (Secretary) of the Irish Association.

Major Marindin having initiated the agenda, the meeting proceeded with the framing of rules for the International Board, the following being adopted (see card).

Major Marindin wished the Conference to homologate the following resolution viz. "That no player shall wear any kind of projection on the soles of heels of his boots with the exception of flat leather bars of an approved pattern". Wales supported the proposal but Scotland and Ireland supported the previous question and eventually the proposal was withdrawn. 

Votes of thanks to the chairman and secretary terminated the proceedings.

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