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The International Football Association Board meeting  

MINUTES of the ANNUAL MEETING held at the White Horse Hotel, Aberystwyth, Monday, June 15th, 1896.


MR. W. PATTISON,  ( Welsh Football Association ) in the Chair.
   "    JOHN TAYLOR,              "                  "               Secretary.
MESSRS. C. CRUMP & R. P. GREGSON, ( Football Association ).
         "       W. CRICHTON & D. McKENZIE, ( Scottish Football Association ).
MR. J. REID, ( Irish Football Association ).

The Minutes of the last Meeting, held at Glasgow, were confirmed.

Proposals submitted for alterations to THE LAWS OF THE GAME were considered.


LAW 13.—After the words "award the opposing side a penalty kick, to be taken from" substitute "a point on twelve yards line opposite where infringement took place," for present wording--this proposal was rejected.

LAW 13.—It was Resolved to add after the words "behind the ball."  "The ball must be kicked forward."


LAW 1 was altered to read as follows:

The limits of the ground shall be—maximum length, 200 yards ; minimum length, 100 yards ; maximum breadth, 100 yards ; minimum breadth, 50 yards. The length and breadth shall be marked off with four flags, with staffs not less than five feet high, and goal and touch lines. Lines defining 6 yards from each goal post and 12 yards from the goal lines shall also be marked out. The centre of the ground shall be indicated by a suitable mark, and a circle with a 10 yards radius shall be made round it. The goals shall be upright posts, fixed on the goal lines, 8 yards apart, equi-distant from the corner flag staffs, with a bar cross them, 8 feet from the ground. The maximum width of the goal post and the maximum depth of the cross-bar shall be 5 inches ; and in International matches, at the commencement of the game, the weight of the ball shall be from 13 to 15 ounces.

LAW 4.—Alterations were adopted as proposed by the Football Association and the Welsh Association making Rule read as follows:— A goal shall be won when the ball passed between the goal-posts under the bar, not being thrown, knocked on, or carried by anyone of the attacking side. If from any cause during the progress of the game, the bar should become displaced, the Referee shall have power to award a goal if in his opinion the ball would have passed under the bar if it had not been displaced.

The ball is in play if it rebounds from a goal-post, cross-bar, or a corner flag-staff into the field of play. The ball is in play if it touches the Referee or a Linesman when in the field of play. The ball crossing the goal or touch-line, either on the ground or in the air, is out of play.

LAW 5.—This was adopted as proposed. Substitute "field of play" for "ground" at the end of first sentence. It was ruled that the words "stand on the touch line" were complied with if any part of the player's two feet is on the line when he throws the ball. (It was resolved that this be inserted at foot of Rule).

LAW 9.—It was Resolved to omit the word "flag" as proposed.

LAW 10.—The proposal that the goalkeeper shall not be charged "unless he be holding the ball" was rejected.

LAW 11.—The following alteration as proposed was carried :

For "iron plates" substitute "metal plates or projections," and for "should" after "Bars," and after "studs" substitute "shall."

LAW 13.—Following proposal was adopted :

"If any player shall intentionally trip, charge from behind, push, or hold an opponent, or wilfully handle the ball," is substituted for the present first two lines. Omit the words "on appeal" in line 4.


Following was carried as proposed :

PLACE KICK.—A Place Kick is a kick at the ball while it is on the ground, in the centre of the field of play.

Following was withdrawn :

FREE KICK.—Omit the last sentence : "A Free Kick must not be taken until the Referee has given the signal for the same.


The question of the dimensions of the Field of Play for International Matches was again brought forward, and was deferred. The Representatives of The Football Association undertook to give notice of a formal resolution for the next meeting of the Board.

The question was asked if it is allowable for a goalkeeper to carry the ball more than two steps by bouncing it on his hands. No resolution was taken because due notice has not been given.

The matter will be brought forward in a formal manner at the next Meeting.

The representatives of the Football Association produced draft copies of the Laws re-arranged so as to give each subject a separate Law under distinct headings. The members of the Board were requested to bring these drafts before their respective Associations, so that it may be determined at the next Board if it is desirable to re-write the Rules, and arrange them in this manner.

The Secretary stated he would have a number of copies of minutes printed, and would supply same to each Association to issue their clubs.

A Vote of thanks to the Chairman closed the proceedings

JOHN TAYLOR, Secretary.