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The International Football Association Board minute book  

Hotel Shaftesbury, College Square North, Belfast, 17th July 1893.
The adjourned meeting of the International Board was held in the Hotel Shaftesbury on above date.
The following being a record of the business transacted.
Messrs. R.P. Gregson and C.W. Crump, Football Association
A. Sliman and R.F. Harrison, Scottish Football Association
J. Taylor, Welsh Football Association and J. Reid, Irish Football Association.
Mr J. Reid presided

The Board then proceeded to revise the rules of the International Board as follows:-

Rule 1. This board shall be called the International Football Association Board. The Football Association, the Scottish Football Association, the Welsh Football Association and the Irish Football Association, shall each be entitled to send two representatives, who shall constitute the Board.

Rule 2. The Board shall discuss and decide proposed alterations in the Laws of the Game and such matters affecting Association Football in its international relations, as may be referred to them after consideration by either the governing bodies or General Meetings of the Associations forming the Board.

Rule 3. The governing bodies of each Association shall forward in writing, on or before 1st February, in each year, to the Secretary of the Association entitled to convene the next meeting, any suggestions or alterations deemed desirable, which shall be printed and distributed on or before 1st of March for consideration at the Annual General Meetings of the Associations.

Rule 4. The Board shall meet annually on the 3rd Monday in June, at the invitation of each of the Association in the order of seniority. One of the representatives of the Association conversing the meeting shall preside and the other shall act as Secretary.

Rule 5. The Minute Book of the proceedings shall be fully entered up by such Secretary, and forwarded to the Association next in rotation before the 1st of June ensuing.

Rule 6. Business shall not be proceeded with at any meeting unless three Associations are represented.

Rule 7. No alterations shall be made in the Laws of the Game except at the Annual Meeting in June, and then only on the unanimous vote of the members present. Other resolutions shall not be adopted unless agreed to by three fourths of those present.

Rule 8. The Association which, by order of rotation, is entitled to convene the Annual Meeting for the current year* on receiving a written requisition signed by two of the Associations, accompanied by a copy of the proposals intended to be submitted shall call a special meeting of the Board. Such special meeting must be held with 28 days of the receipt of the requisition, and the four Associations forming the Board must receive 21 days notice together with a copy of the proposals.

Rule 9. The decisions of this Board shall be at once binding on all the Associations and no alterations in the Laws of the Game made by any Association shall be valid until accepted by this Board.

The above rules were then passed in the rules of the International Football Board.

A vote of thanks to the Chairman concluded the business.

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