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The International Football Association Board minute book  

Hotel Shaftesbury, Belfast, 10th June 1893.
The minutes of the meeting of the International Board held on above date at the invitation of the Irish Football Association.
England   R.P. Gregson and C.J. Hughes
Scotland   A. Sliman and R.F. Harrison
Wales   W. Pattison and J. Taylor
Ireland   W.S. Dawson and J. Reid
Mr Dawson presided, Mr Reid acting as Secretary to the meeting.

The proposals submitted by the Football Association were taken up.

Law 1. The circumference of the ball to be described as not less than 27 inches nor more than 28 inches, passed on the motion of Mr Gregson, seconded by Mr Taylor.
Law 12. Proposed by Mr Gregson and seconded by Mr Sliman "that this rule be altered to make it clear that the decision of the referee is final as to points of play", passed.
12. It was agreed to insert after the word "points" the following: "and his decision on points of fact connected with play going on shall be final".
Law 13. Proposed by Mr Gregson, seconded by Mr Harrison.
That this rule read "If any play[er] shall intentionally trip or hold or push an opposing player &c &c.  —passed—

Definition of Terms. The Board to be asked to determine if all throwing by means of the legs or by stooping must be deemed intentional and be finalized accordingly.
Proposed by Mr Gregson, seconded by Mr Pattison.
"That in the opinion of the Board, all stooping in front of or behind an opponent be considered a trip and a breach of Law 13., and penalized accordingly passed".

Proposed by Mr Gregson, seconded by Mr Taylor.
"That the following be added to that portion of the Definition of Terms dealing with tripping:- "Unless in the opinion of the referee a trip is intentional, no punishment shall be imposed; thus within the twelve yards line, a referee must enforce Law 13., and has no power to mitigate the penalty".  —passed—

The Secretary reported that notices of motion had been received from Welsh and Irish Football Associations after the specified date.
Mr Reid proposed and Mr Gregson seconded, that the supplementary notices proposed by the Welsh and Irish Associations be considered passed.
Law 12. Proposed by Mr Reid, seconded by Mr Dawson.
"That the following be inserted in this rule:- "That goal judges be appointed (subject to the decision of the referee) to decide when the ball has passed between the posts".
The meeting discussed the proposal and eventually decided that owing to the increase of officials rendered necessary by this rule it [was] found unworkable.
The proposition was then withdrawn.

New Rule. Proposed by Mr Gregson, seconded by Mr Hughes.
"That a new rule be introduced to provide for calling a special meeting of the Board if occasion should arise".  —passed—

Mr Gregson pointed out that the introduction of this rule would render it necessary to revise the rules of the Board and as this meeting had no power to do so, Mr Gregson proposed that this meeting [at present] do adjourn until a date to be agreed upon to meet and frame rules for a reconstitution of the International Board.
The motion was seconded by Mr Taylor and passed.

Proposed by Mr Taylor and seconded by Mr Gregson

"That the members of the Board be asked to give an undertaking that their respective Associations will recognise suspension by other National Associations of clubs and players guilty of misconduct".  —passed—

The following resolution was then passed. Proposed by Mr Taylor, seconded by Mr Harrison:-
"That the representatives present at the meeting do hereby give an undertaking that their respective Associations will recognise suspensions by other National Associations".

Proposed by Mr Taylor, seconded by Mr Harrison Sliman.
That the meeting adjourn until 10th July at Belfast at 3 o'clock.  —passed—

This concluded the business of the meeting.

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