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The International Football Association Board meeting  


Held at the Offices of The Football Association, 61, Chancery Lane, London, W.C., on Monday, 20th June, 1898.

Present—Messieurs C. Crump (Chairman), R. P. Gregson (The Football Association) ; J.A. D. McLean and J. H. McLaughlin (Scottish Football Association) ; D. W. Foy and J. Reid (Irish Football Association) ; J. P. Owen and J. Davies (Football Association of Wales) : Mr F. J. Wall (The Football Association) attended and acted as Secretary.

The Minutes of the Meeting held in Ireland on the 14th June, 1897, were read and confirmed.


The question of domicile in connection with players eligible for International Matches was further considered, and it was agreed that no action should be taken.

The arrangement of the Laws of the Game, with marginal notes, was considered sufficient to meet the decision of the Board that a descriptive title be given to each Law.

It was agreed that no action should be taken upon the following question, the Scottish Association having omitted to give the required notice in accordance with the Minute:—

"The question of players signing League Forms for Clubs whilst registered as professionals for another Association from that to which the Club belongs was considered. The Board was unanimously of the opinion that legislation was desirable on this subject, and that the matter be formally considered at the next meeting. In the meantime the Scottish Football Association to give notice by resolution."

The desirability of marking a line 18 yards from the goal line to facilitate the taking of the Penalty Kick was further considered, and it was agreed that the matter should be postponed until the next meeting.


The following alterations recommended by the Football Association were adopted :—

LAW 1.—Delete the word "ground" in line 13 and substitute the words "field of play."

LAW 3.—Delete the word "but" in line 4 and substitute the word "and."

LAW 4.—Delete the word "should become" in line 5 and substitute the word "is."
Insert the word "line" between the words "goal or" in line 11.

LAW 5.—Insert the following words before the words "the thrower" in line 7.
"A goal shall not be scored from a throw in and."

Insert the word "in" at the end of the note to the Law.

LAW 6.—Delete the word "one" in line 2 and substitute the word "player."
Delete the words "prevent any" in line 5 and substitute the words "interfere with an."
Delete the words "from doing so" in lines 5 and 6.

LAW 7.—Delete the word "post" in line 8 and substitute the word "staff."

LAW 8.—Delete the words "neither carry, knock on, nor wilfully" in line 1 and substitute the words "not intentionally."
Delete the words "either by knocking on or throwing" in line 5.
Insert the word "by" between the words "not carrying" in line 6.

LAW 10.—Delete the third sentence and substitute the following sentence:—"A player shall not be charged from behind unless he is facing his own goal and is also intentionally impeding an opponent."

LAW 11.—Delete the syllable "ing" in the word "expecting" in line 1.

Delete the words "Bars shall be transverse and flat, not less than one and a half inches in length, and half an inch in width," in lines 7, 8 and 9, and substitute the sentence ; "Bars shall be transverse and flat, not less than half an inch in width, and shall extend from side to side of the boot." [This alteration is not to come into force until commencement of the Season of 1899-1900.]

Delete the last sentence and substitute the sentence "The Referee shall if required examine the players' boots before the commencement of a match."

LAW 12.—Delete the words "in such manner as they may deem necessary" in lines 13 and 14.

Between the words "to suspend" in line 14, insert the words "allow for time wasted, to".

Delete the word "also" in line 15.

LAW 13.—Between the words "assist in" in line 5 insert the words "the Referee."

Delete the words "to which the linesmen belongs" in lines 7 and 8 and insert the words "having jurisdiction over him."

Delete the words "as they may deem necessary" at the end of the law.

LAW 14.—Delete the word "wilfully" in line 2 and substitute the word "intentionally."

Delete the word "to" in line 5 and substitute the words "which shall."

LAW 16.—Delete the words "at the spot" in line 4.

Delete the words "and the" in line 5 and substitute the word "The."

LAW 17.—Delete the word "spot" in line 3 and substitute the word "place."

Delete the words "took place" at the end of the Law and substitute the word "occurred."

The following alteration to Law 4, recommended by The Football Association, was not adopted :—

LAW 4.—Delete the words "not being thrown, knocked on, nor carried by any player of the attacking side," in lines 2, 3, and 4, and substitute the words "provided no law of the game has been previously infringed."


CARRYING :—Insert the words "by the goal-keeper" between the words "Carrying is."

HANDLING AND TRIPPING :—Substitute the following definition : Handling is intentionally playing the ball with the hand or arm, and Tripping is intentionally throwing, or attempting to throw, an opponent by the use of legs, or by stooping in front of or behind him. Unless in the opinion of the Referee handling or tripping is intentional no punishment shall be imposed ; thus, within the 12 yards line, a Referee must enforce Law 14, and has no power to mitigate the penalty.


The following recommendation from the Scottish Football Association was considered :—

"That an agreement be come to between the four National Associations, whereby a player, when selected for International Matches (trial games included), is directly under the jurisdiction of the Association selecting him."

It was pointed out to the representatives of the Scottish Association that The Football Association could not give to another Association the power to deal with its registered players contrary to Law 12. The representatives of the Scottish Association intimated that The Football Association would be asked to recognise the right of the Scottish Association to call upon Scotch players who are members of English Clubs to take part in the International Matches between England and Scotland. The representatives of The Football Association undertook that such an application, when made, should be duly considered.


No notice having been received from a National Association, it was agreed that the following recommendation from the Annual Conference held at Glasgow, on 2nd April, 1898, could not be considered :—

"Law 14. That the penalty kick be taken from a point on the twelve yards line, opposite to which the infringement of the Law took place."


It was resolved that it be a recommendation to Associations that a Rule be adopted—"That in cases of disputes between Clubs and Players, legal proceedings shall not be taken except as a last resource, and then only with the previous consent of the Association concerned."


This matter was discussed, and at the request of the representatives of the Scottish Association was deferred for further consideration by the Associations affected.

C. CRUMP, Chairman.
R.P. Gregson   F. J. WALL, Secretary.

Confirmed Mr J.W. McLaughlin
Glasgow 19 June 1899