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The International Football Association Board meeting  

The International Football Association
Board met at Bangor (North Wales), June
11th 1904 at 11 a.m. under the Presidence
of Mr S. D. Edisburg

Present: Messrs. S.D. Edisburg and J. Davies (Wales), D.W. Foy and J. Sheehan and J. Reid (Ireland). C. Crump and R.P. Gregson (England), A. Stevenson and R. Dixon (Scotland).
There were also present Messrs J.K. McDowall
(Scotland), J. Reid (Ireland) and W. Nunnerley (Wales).

Minutes: The minutes of the meeting held at Ayr were adopted.

Proposals: After due consideration, alterations in the Laws of the Game were adopted as under :-

Law 1   "Eleven" substituted for "11" in first line.

   "  2   Note to be in ordinary type.

   "  5   Note at end embodied in Law.

   "  6   All wording to be in ordinary type.

   "  9   The following words were deleted :-
                   "facing his own goal, and is also"

   "  12  Brackets removed from word "National".

   "  13  Parenthesis to be in ordinary type.

   "  16  All wording to be in ordinary type.

The following decisions with regard to the Laws were also adopted :-

Law 4   The whole of the ball must have passed over the goal-line or
             touch-line before it is out of play.

   "  7   The corner-flag must not be removed when a corner-kick is
             being taken.

   "  11  Wearing soft india rubber on the soles of the boots is not a
             violation of law.

   "  13  Linesmen, where neutral, should call the attention of the
             Referee to rough play or ungentlemanly conduct, and
             generally assist him to carry out the game in a proper

It was resolved
That all decisions of the International Board be printed at the foot of the page, instead of immediately after the Law concerned.

The following resolution of the International Board of June 16th 1902 was rescinded :-
"That any case of misconduct on the part of clubs, players, or officials, which may occur in connection with any match, shall be dealt with by the Association under whose jurisdiction the match is played, and each Association shall adopt and carry out the decision of the other with regard to such cases."
Recommended that some modified undertaking be prepared for the International Board 1905.

Resolutions: Resolved that the agreement of 18th June 1894, be supplemented as follows :-
"Players of the Scottish FA and Irish FA shall not be approached during the month of May under the agreement without 48 hours notice having been given to the club with which the player is registered."

Recommendations as under were adopted for the meeting of the International Board in the year 1905 :-

Law 9   If possible, define what is and what is not legitimate.

Law 10  Endeavour to extend the operation of this Law so that it will
             apply to all free kicks, except those given against the
             goal-keeper for carrying, and also that the last sentence be

Law 11  That the words "gutta percha" be deleted.

Law 12  The provisions as regards ungentlemanly behaviour to be
             extended to apply to clubs, officials and others.

Close Season: It was placed on record that the season in Scotland terminates on May 15th and in Ireland on May 31st.

Resolved: That Mr. Crump is desired to undertake the work of arranging the Laws of the Game, and all matters connected with the same in such manner that the Rule Books of all the Nations shall be exactly the same in this respect.

Vote of Thanks: was passed to Mr. Stanley and Mr. Edisburg for presiding.