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Saturday, 23 July 1966
The World Championship Jules Rimet Cup Finals Second Phase Quarter-Final

England 1 Argentina 0 [0-0]


Match Summary
England Squad
Argentina Squad

Empire Stadium, Wembley, Brent, Greater London
Attendance: 90,584;
Kick-off: 3.00pm BST
Live on BBC One (UK) -
Commentator: Kenneth Wolstenholme and Jimmy Hill, also live on ITV (ABC, Anglia, ATV, Border, Grampian, Scottish, Southern, Teledu Cymru, TWW, Tyne Tees, Ulster and Westward) - Commentator - Hugh Johns and Dave Bowen.

England - Roger Hunt (77)
Hunt's goal is the hundredth goal scored under Ramsey
Expulsion: Argentina - Antonio Rattin (35)
Results 1965-1970

? kicked-off. ? minutes (? & ?).


Match Summary





Referee (-) - Rudolf Kreitlin
x (-).

Linesmen - tbc

  Goal Attempts  
  Attempts on Target  
  Hit Bar/Post  
  Corner Kicks Won  
  Offside Calls Against  
  Fouls Conceded  

England Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 3rd
Colours: The 1965 Umbro home jersey - White crew necked jerseys, white shorts, white socks.
Capt: Bobby Moore, 28th captaincy Manager: Alfred Ernest Ramsey, 46 (22 January 1920), appointed 25 October 1962, effective part-time 31 December, full from May 1963.
42nd match, W 27 - D 9 - L 6 - F 100 - A 49.
England Lineup
  Banks, Gordon     G Leicester City FC 31 29ᵍᵃ
2 Cohen, George R.     RB Fulham FC 28 0
3 Wilson, Ramon 31 17 December 1934 LB Everton FC 49 0
4 Stiles, Norbert P. 24 18 May 1942 RHB Manchester United FC 18 1
5 Charlton, John     CHB Leeds United AFC 20 2
6 Moore, Robert F.C. 25 12 April 1941 LHB West Ham United FC 45 2
7 Ball, Alan     OR Blackpool FC 12 1
21 Hunt, Roger     IR Liverpool FC 17 15
9 Charlton, Robert     CF Manchester United FC 72 38
10 Hurst, Geoffrey C.     IL West Ham United FC 6 2
16 Peters, Martin S. 22 8 November 1943 OL West Ham United FC 6 1

unused substitutes:


team notes:

Manager Alf Ramsey also played against Argentina in the two friendly matches, one in May 1951, the other was abandoned in May 1953.


For the first time, England have kept six clean sheets in a row at Wembley, extending their record.
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Age - Appearances/Goals - -


Argentina Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 2nd to 5th
Colours: Sky blue and white broad striped jerseys with white collars/cuffs, black shorts, light blue socks with sky blue/white/sky blue tops.
Capt: Antonio Rattín Manager: Juan Carlos Lorenzo
Argentina Lineup
  Romas, Antonio     G     GA
4 Perfumo, Roberto            
7 Marzolini, Roberto            
8 Ferreiro, Roberto            
10 Rattín, Antonio U. 29
68 days
16 May 1937   CA Boca Juniors    
third expulsion against England
12 Albrecht, Rafael            
15 Solari, Jorge            
16 Gonzalez, Alberto Mario            
19 Artime, Luis            
20 Onega, Ermindo            
21 Más, Oscar            

unused substitutes:

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Age - Appearances/Goals - -


    Match Report by Mike Payne


    Match Report by Norman Giller

Argentina shelved their superior skills and instead concentrated on what seemed a premeditated policy of disrupting England with a spate of petty fouls. Their captain Antonio Rattin arrogantly challenged just about every decision that the referee made and was waving his arms around like a traffic policeman. Finally the referee, a little West German called Rudlof Kreitlin, could take no more of Rattin's disruptive tactics and ordered him off. It was almost comical to see the tiny figure of the referee staring up at the tall, stately looking Rattin and demanding that he leave the field. It was also very sad. It took ten minutes of argument and touchline interpretations before Rattin finally walked. Geoff Hurst, making his debut in place of the injured Greaves, headed the winning goal from a Martin Peters cross to the near post. It was a classical creation that had made-in-West Ham written all over it. For Gordon Banks, it was a record seventh successive England appearance without conceding a goal. This was the first match in which England played without a recognised winger. Ramsey's 'Wingless Wonders' were off the launching  pad. Alan Ball, desperately disheartened to miss the previous two matches to the point where he considered walking out, gave a perpetual motion performance that confirmed that he was in the side to stay. Alf Ramsey described the Argentineans as 'animals', a heat-of-the-moment description that had diplomatic repercussions and led to official protests being made to the British ambassador in Buenos Aires. The sad fact is that Argentina were the most skilful side in the tournament, but they allowed their tempers to over-rule their talent.

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