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England National Football Team Match No. 766

England 1 Brazil 1 [1-1]

Saturday, 27 May 2000

Brazil Pre-Match

Match Summary and Report Team Records England Pre-Match Brazil Pre-Match


Brazil Squad for the Matches Against Wales & England May 2000
Player Birthdate Age Pos Club App G
dos Santos, Aldair Nascimento
30-Nov-1965 34 D AS Roma, Italy 80 -
dos Santos, Marcio Amoroso
05-Jul-1974 25 F Parma AC, Italy 15 -
Zago, Antônio Carlos
ônio Carlos"
18-May-1969 30 D AS Roma, Italy 24 -
de Moraes, Marcos Evangelista
07-Jun-1970 29 D AS Roma, Italy 91 -
Schwambach Neto, Carlos Germano
Carlos Germano"
14-Aug-1970 29 G Santos FC 9 0
Carlos Campos César Sampaio
"César Sampaio"
31-Mar-1968 32 M Palmeiras FC 35 -
de Oliveira, Denílson
24-Aug-1977 22 F Real Betis Balompié SAD, Spain 45 -
de Jesus Silva, Nelson
07-Oct-1973 26 G SC Corinthians Paulista 53 0
 de Souza, Giovane Elber
23-Jul-1972 27 F FC Bayern München AG, Germany 13 -
da Rosa, Emerson Ferreira
04-Apr-1976 24 M Bayer 04 Leverkusen, Germany 23 -
Player Birthdate Age Pos Club App G
da Silva, Emerson Carvalho
"Emerson Carvalho"
05-Jan-1975 25 D Portuguesa FC 1 0
Ferreira, Evanilson Aparecido
12-Sep-1975 24 D BV Borussia Dortmund, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany 10 -
da Conceição, Flavio
"Flavio Conceição
13-Jun-1974 25 M RC Deportivo La Coruña SAD, Spain 62 -
Flavio Conceição withdrew from the squad due to injury.
de Souza, Françoaldo Sena
02-Mar-1976 24 F São Paulo FC 1 -
dos Santos, Marcos Assunção
"Marcos Assunção"
25-Jul-1976 23 M AS Roma, Italy 10 -
Marcos Assunção was a late replacement for Flavio Conceição.
Ferreira, Vitor Borba
19-Apr-1972 28 M FC Barcelona, Spain 53 -
da Silva, Roberto Carlos
"Roberto Carlos"
10-Apr-1973 27 D Real Madrid CF, Spain 83 -
de Souza Faria, Romário
29-Jan-1966 34 F Vasco da Gama 46 -
Campos Júnior, Silvinho Mendes
12-Apr-1974 26 D Arsenal FC, England 1 -
da Silva Junior, José Roberto
Zé Roberto"
06-Jul-1974 25 M Bayer 04 Leverkusen, Germany 38 -

All information correct and inclusive of Brazil's match against Wales on 23 May 2000.


Tuesday, 9 May 2000 - Coach Wanderley Luxemburgo has reacted to a poor reception to his side's 2002 World Cup qualifiers by recalling the veteran striker Romário for the trip to the UK later this month.  The controversial 34 year old was recalled after his scoring streak for Vasco da Gama has seen him hit sixteen goals so far this season.  Romário played his last match for the national side in April 1998 and was injured before the World Cup in France. He was linked with the dismissal of coach Luxemburgo from Rio club Flamengo in 1995 when the striker was in disciplinary trouble but the club's board backed their star against the coach forcing Luxemburgo to quit.  He is a former World Player of the Year - a title he won in 1994 when he helped Brazil to win the World Cup and was outstanding for his club side FC Barcelona.  The Brazil squad will play in the UK later this month. They face Wales in Caerdydd on May 23rd and England at Wembley on May 27th. The South Americans then play two World Cup matches - Peru in Lima on June 4th and Uruguay in Rio on June 28th.

Friday, May 19, 2000 - Brazil look to be travelling to the UK for two matches next week without star striker Romario.  The veteran World Cup winner whose form for Vasco da Gama this season has helped the club establish themselves as championship favourites was injured against Bangu on Wednesday. Romario has hurt his left ankle and may be rested rather than brought over to Europe.  Brazil will play Wales next Tuesday night in Caerdydd and then travel on to face England at Wembley on May 27th. Coach Wanderley Luxemburgo has called up Marcos Assunção to replace Flavio Conceição for the two friendlies.


Brazil Results
No. Date Opposition Venue Type F A Result H.T.
675 23-Sep-1998 Yugoslavia Estádio Governador João Castelo (Castelão), São Luis F 1 1 HD [1-1]
676 14-Oct-1998 Ecuador RFK Stadium, Washington D.C., U.S.A. F 5 1 NW [2-1]
677 18-Nov-1998 Russia Estádio Plácido Castelo (Castelão), Fortaleza F 5 1 HW [3-0]
678 28-Mar-1999 South Korea Seoul Olympic Stadium, Seoul F 0 1 AL [0-0]
679 31-Mar-1999 Japan Tokyo Olympic Stadium, Tokyo F 2 0 AW [0-0]
680 05-Jun-1999 Netherlands Estádio da Fonte Nova, Salvador F 2 2 HD [0-0]
681 08-Jun-1999 Netherlands Estádio Serra Dourada, Goiânia F 3 1 HW [0-0]
682 26-Jun-1999 Latvia Estádio Joaquim Américo Guimarães (Arena da Baixada), Curitiba F 3 0 HW  
683 30-Jun-1999 Venezuela Estádio Tres de Febrero, Ciudad de Leste, Paraguay CA 7 0 NW [2-0]
684 03-Jul-1999 Mexico Estádio Tres de Febrero, Ciudad de Leste, Paraguay CA 2 1 NW [2-0]
685 06-Jul-1999 Chile Estádio Tres de Febrero, Ciudad de Leste, Paraguay CA 1 0 NW [1-0]
686 11-Jul-1999 Argentina Estádio Tres de Febrero, Ciudad de Leste, Paraguay CA 2 1 NW [1-1]
687 14-Jul-1999 Mexico Estádio Tres de Febrero, Ciudad de Leste, Paraguay CA 2 0 NW [2-0]
688 18-Jul-1999 Uruguay Estádio Defensores del Chaco, Asunción, Paraguay CA 3 0 NW [2-0]
689 24-Jul-1999 Germany Estádio Jalisco, Guadalajara, Mexico CON 4 0 NW [0-0]
690 28-Jul-1999 U.S.A. Estádio Jalisco, Guadalajara, Mexico CON 1 0 NW [1-0]
691 30-Jul-1999 New Zealand Estádio Jalisco, Guadalajara, Mexico CON 2 0 NW [1-0]
692 01-Aug-1999 Saudi Arabia Estádio Jalisco, Guadalajara, Mexico CON 8 2 NW [4-2]
693 04-Aug-1999 Mexico Estádio Azteca, ciudad de México CON 3 4 AL [1-2]
694 04-Sep-1999 Argentina Estadio Monumental de Nuñez, Buenos Aires F 0 2 AL  
695 07-Sep-1999 Argentina Estádio José Pinheiro Borda (Beira Rio), Porto Alegre F 4 2 HW  
696 09-Oct-1999 Netherlands Amsterdam ArenA, Amsterdam F 2 2 AD  
697 13-Nov-1999 Spain Estadio Balaidos, Vigo F 0 0 AD [0-0]
698 23-Feb-2000 Thailand Rajamangala National Stadium, Bangkok F 7 0 AW [3-0]
699 28-Mar-2000 Colombia Estadio Nemesio Camacho 'El Campín', Bogotá WCP 0 0 AD [0-0]
700 26-Apr-2000 Ecuador Estádio Cícero Pompeu de Toledo (Morumbi), São Paulo WCP 3 2 HW [2-1]
701 23-May-2000 Wales Millennium Stadium, Caerdydd F 3 0 AW [0-0]