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England National Football Team Match No. 777

England 2 Finland 1 [1-1]

Saturday, 24 March 2001

Match Summary and Report


Match Summary

Status: World Cup 2002 UEFA Preliminary Group 9 qualification match.
Venue: Anfield Road, Liverpool, capacity 45,370.
Attendance: 44,262.
Goals: Finland - Aki Riihilahti, 26th min. *
England - Michael Owen, 44th min.
England - David Beckham, 50th min.
It is Beckham's first goal for his country since France 98 - and his first ever from open play.
Notes: * Many match summaries appearing in the English media reported Finland's goal as an own goal by Gary Neville, but the referee's report and FIFA's official match summary recorded it as scored by Riihilahti.
Cautions: Finland - Mika Nurmela, 18th min. booked after a clumsy tackle on Michael Owen.
England - Paul Scholes, 64th min.
booked for a late challenge on Jarko Wiss.
England - Steve McManaman, 70th min.
booked for ?
Finland - Sami
Hyypiä, 75th min.
booked after bringing down Liverpool team-mate Heskey just outside the area.
Finland - Jarko Wiss, 78th min.
booked for ?

Finland - Petri Pasanen, 83rd min.
booked for dragging back Gerrard.
Expulsions: None.
Referee - Valentin Ivanov, 39 (04-Jul-1961), Russia, FIFA-listed 1997.
Assistant referees -
Alexey Monahov, 40 (08-Mar-1961) & Lev Antonov, 39 (10-Nov-1961), Russia.
Fourth official -
Yuri Baskakov, 36 (10-May-1964), Russia, FIFA-listed as referee 1998.
Conditions: Kickoff 3 p.m. GMT.
Miscellany: -




Goal Attempts - -
Attempts on Target - -
Hit Bar/Post - -
Corner Kicks Won - -
Offside Calls Against - -
Fouls Conceded - -
Time of Possession - -


England Team


16th in FIFA ranking of 14 March 2001; 12th in Elo world ranking before this match and 12th after this match.

Colours: Red shirts with navy blue collar, white shorts, red socks.  The 1999 "away" uniform.
Coach: Sven-Göran Eriksson, 53, appointed 31 October 2000, took post 12 January 2001, 
2nd match,
W 2 - D 0 - L 0 - F 5 - A 1.
Captain: David Beckham, 3rd captaincy.

England Lineup

Player Birthdate Age Pos Club App G Career
1-Seaman, David A. 19-Sep-1963 37 G

Arsenal FC

63 0 1988-2002
2-Neville, Gary A. 18-Feb-1975 26 D Manchester United FC 43 0 1995-active
3-Powell, Christopher G.R. 08-Sep-1969 31 D Charlton Athletic FC 2 0 2001-2002
4-Gerrard, Steven G. 30-May-1980 20 M Liverpool FC 3 0 2000-active
5-Ferdinand, Rio G. 07-Nov-1978 22 D Leeds United AFC 12 0 1997-active
6-Campbell, Sulzeer J. 18-Sep-1974 26 D Arsenal FC 39 0 1996-active
7- Beckham, David R.J. 02-May-1975 25 M

Manchester United FC

39 2 1996-active
8-Scholes, Paul 16-Nov-1974 26 M Manchester United FC 32 10 1997-2004
9-Cole, Andrew A., sub off 83rd min. 15-Oct-1971 29 F

Manchester United FC

12 0 1995-2001
10- Owen, Michael J., sub off 90th min. 14-Dec-1979 21 F Liverpool FC 26 9 1998-active
11-McManaman, Steve, sub off 72nd min. 11-Feb-1972 29 M Real Madrid CF, Spain 32 3 1994-active

England Substitutes

Player Birthdate Age Pos Club App G Career
16-Heskey, Emile W.I., sub on 72nd min. for McManaman 11-Jan-1978 23 M Liverpool FC 13 2 1999-active
17-Fowler, Robert B., sub on 83rd min. for Cole 09-Apr-1975 25 F Liverpool FC 16 3 1993-2002
15-Butt, Nicholas, sub on 90th min. for Owen 21-Jan-1975 26 M Manchester United FC 11 0 1997-active

with one of the forwards slightly withdrawn [4-4-1-1]:

Seaman -
G. Neville, Campbell, Ferdinand, Powell -
Beckham, Gerrard, Scholes, McManaman (Heskey) -
Owen (Butt) -
Andrew Cole (Fowler).

Not Used:
12- Phil Neville, 13-Nigel Martyn, 14-Wes Brown, 18-Teddy Sheringham.

Finland Team


57th in FIFA ranking of 14 March 2001; 57th in Elo world ranking before this match and 57th after this match.

Colours: White shirts with blue side panels, blue shorts with white side panels, white socks; made by Adidas.
Coach: Antii Muurinen, 47, appointed 20 August 1999 effective January 2000, 
18th match,
W 8 - D 3 - L 7 - F 22 - A 23.
Captain: Jari Litmanen.

Finland Lineup

Player Birthdate Age Pos Club App G Career
1-Niemi, Antti 31-May-1972 28 G

Heart of Midlothian FC, Scotland

42 0 1992-active
2-Pasanen, Petri 24-Sep-1980 20 D AFC Ajax, Netherlands 3 0 2000-active
3-Ylönen, Harri, sub off 87th min. 21-Dec-1971 29 D SK Brann, Norway 42 1 1995-active
4-Hyypiä, Sami 07-Oct-1973 27 D Liverpool FC, England 38 1 1992-active
5-Tihinen, Hannu 01-Jul-1976 24 D Viking FK, Norway 17 1 1999-active
6- Riihilahti, Aki 09-Sep-1976 24 M Crystal Palace FC, England 28 5 1998-active
7-Nurmela, Mika, sub off 62nd min. 26-Dec-1971 29 M

SC Heerenveen, Netherlands

22 0 1992-active
8-Wiss, Jarkko 17-Apr-1972 28 M Stockport County FC, England 34 2 1996-active
9-Johansson, Jonatan L. 16-Aug-1975 25 F

Charlton Athletic FC, England

32 9 1996-active
10-Litmanen, Jari O. 20-Feb-1971 30 F Liverpool FC, England 69 17 1989-active
11-Kolkka, Joonas, sub off 62nd min. 28-Sep-1974 26 M PSV Eindhoven, Netherlands 32 6 1994-active

Finland Substitutes

Player Birthdate Age Pos Club App G Career
17-Forssell, Mikael K., sub on 62nd min. for Nurmela 15-Mar-1981 20 F Crystal Palace FC, England on loan from Chelsea FC, England 10 1 1999-active
18-Kuqi, Shefki, sub on 62nd min. for Kolkka 10-Nov-1976 23 M Stockport County FC, England 16 2 1999-active
16-Helin, Petri, sub on 87th min. for Ylönen 13-Dec-1969 35 F Luton Town FC, England 20 3 1994-active


Niemi -
Pasanen, Hyypi
ä, Tihinen, Ylönen (Helin) -
Nurmela (Forssell), Riihilahti, Wiss, Kolkka (Kuqi) -
Litmanen - Johansson.

Not Used:
12-Teuvo Moilanen,  13-Ville Nyland, 14-Toni Kuivasto, Tommi Grönlund, 31.

Match Report


Beckham's goal was his second for England but his first from open play. 

Ferdinand's lapse in concentration led to Finland's goal. 

England continue to wear their red away strip first worn in 1999.

Sky gave man of the match award to Owen, hometown favourite, but it was plainly Beckham this time.

Litmanen suffered a broken wrist when he went down under challenge from Ferdinand and must have been in considerable pain when he played on.


Source Notes