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Chris Goodwin
30 December 2004

The Ruing of Rooney
The Glorious and Hard Times of Supporting Rooney



What a year it has been for the boy wonder Rooney!  An interesting end to the season with Everton, including his love-life scrutinised in the press - an astounding Portuguese campaign with England - a rather interesting transfer across the M6 motorway, with an impressive debut - and then an amazing fall from grace.  I think I can truly say, that with Rooney's impending three-match ban - I am over the boy, and as an Everton fan - we are laughing, well, okay - smiling.  We were laughing before Tuesday night before United went third at the expense of Everton.

Since that debut (see below), what has Rooney done?  I'll be the first to admit that I have not watched Rooney week in, week out - why should I?  But what I have seen has not set me or the world alight, nor have the match reports emblazoned his name across the back pages with any sense of pride.  And the less said about his 42-minute game against Spain the better.  Instead, he is forced to apologize, and he ends the year with a 'violent conduct' ban.  He was by no means a saint with Everton - but he did make up for that with talent and tenacity.  Something that I believe is sadly lacking now with United.

I hope 2005 improves for Rooney, at least when it comes to playing for England.  As for the rest - I really don't care.

24 February 2004, He'll stay, he has too!

My adoration for Wayne Rooney lies simply with the fact he is the best thing Everton have had since our 1995 FA Cup triumph!  If he goes, he goes - at least he will go and leave Everton back in the red, because whatever his transfer fee - it'll pay Everton debts.

I don't think we will lose him anytime soon, not as long as David Moyes is in charge. 

Rooney is a great and talented player, with potential.  He is a breath of fresh air after years of disappointment at Everton, even with England.  He is the next best thing.  Like I said - if he goes - he goes - I'd be sad, probably devastated.  But I was an Everton supporter before he was born - I'll be an Everton supporter long after his retirement from whichever club.

If this Premiership wage cap comes into effect - he will be a top earner regardless, playing for the club he loves - he may not want to leave.

At the end of the day - Everton made Rooney.  If he decides to go - he won't be the same player - he's too passionate to perform for any other team other than Everton and England.   Especially after his performance against Southampton at the weekend.  He was the best - but he wouldn't have been without the other players, he's not an individual talent like Thierry Henry or Van Nistelrooy.

22 June 2004, post-Croatia

When Rooney scores .... you'd better ask the wife.  She tells me the children are pissing themselves laughing at me.  And I have woken up the baby on more than one occasion... ooops!

My elder brother lives in Scotland, but is thoroughly English.  He rings up...We both scream ROOOONEY ... then hang up!

Then at 10 o'clock at night - I reflect on the evening's goings-on...and I realise that more than likely I have made a complete and utter arse of myself.

He is such a great talent, I've known that for years watching Everton.  The front pages, the articles, the kinship to Pele, as much as it's all fascinating, I also think rather fickle.  What if he gave a penalty away on Thursday against Portugal, or does get sent off?  Will he, or will he not, receive the post-Argentina Beckham '98 treatment?

As long as he still plays for Everton next season, and keeps putting those goals in the net, in the talented and delicious way that he does, for England and Everton, I'll be happy... and if he scores again on Thursday night, I will be proud to make a complete ass of myself again.

Altho' the wife might have a different opinion.

26 July 2004, post-prostitutes & love-rat

But, we obviously can never get enough of tabloid crap - even if it all was true, which it appears to be, that's obviously why the press have a need to print it.  So f***ing what!  Leave the lad alone - he got us to Euro 2004,  he got us through Euro 2004.  He gave the nation hope, he gave the nation aspirations.  And he will continue to do so, if he wants to - he could just give it all up - he does have enough to live off for the rest of his life.

Long live Rooneymania.

Leave the lad alone - he's 17 - got a lifetime of mistakes ahead of him.  If he gets shot down with every mistake he makes - I'd hate to be around when he misses a penalty in the semi-final of the next major tournaments - he'll be having liver surgery by the time he retires.
Another George Best in more ways than one

30 August 2004, imminent United deal

As much as I hate to admit it - He's going to Manchester United - the match (FA Barclaycard Premiership: Manchester United 0 Everton 0) is due to end in seconds....   I won't be surprised by any announcements soon afterwards.

To make a point....  Everton made Rooney, and I'll always support him for that - For the very first time this season, I got a name printed onto my Everton shirt, and yes it was Rooney's....  I'll still wear it with pride, because I know what Rooney has done, not least pulling them out of debt.  At the end of the day - no matter where Rooney plays...  he's got blue blood.  And he made the ultimate sacrifice.  He has saved Everton in more ways than one.

Thank you Rooney.

28 September 2004, that debut!

Tonight, for once, I watched Manchester United on the television, their Champions League match against the Turkish Fenerbahçe side - not a bad game really.  I don't usually watch them, but tonight, I did, for one obvious reason - and he did not disappoint.  A hat-trick, two classy goals, the type he usually scores for England, and a free-kick that will have Beckham worried when it comes to taking them for England.  Of course, he gave the corner away pointlessly that led to the Fenerbahçe second goal, and he should have been booked in the first five minutes for retaliating!  But basically speaking - he had an adventurous debut!  Now...enough speaking as an England fan.

As an Everton supporter, through thick and thin, I am deeply hurt...  It was like watching your ex-girlfriend carrying on with her new fancy man, and clearly enjoying it - not caring whether you are watching her or not - in fact, she is banking on it.  Knowing fine well that it was you that gave her the ability to live, the confidence to breathe and the self-assurance to flirt.

I am gutted he did so well ... yet totally excited at the prospect of him appearing for England next month.  Even Ryan Giggs went off the pitch after an hour tonight - he must be crapping himself at that thought.

If this makes me sound like a sad git - I don't care.  It wasn't just England that got a new hope, a new ray of light, an expectation that dreams were made on....  Everton lost one too!