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Norman Giller,
Bobby Moore: The Master

(NMG Publishing, 2013)
Reviewed by Chris Goodwin 
February 2013

Released February 2013

Bobby Moore's biography on EFO

You may think that the story of Bobby Moore does not need to be sold.  There have been countless stories already told.  So what makes this different?

Its from the pen of Norman Giller, for one.  That means this book, his 94th, not only makes the Bobby Moore story more accurate than ever, but its told within the background of the golden age of Football.  Secondly, this book will add more pennies to the Bobby Moore Cancer Fund kitty.  Bobby Moore and Norman Giller are at one with each other, they are kindred spirits, the ties that bind are that dreaded disease, bowel cancer.  The legacy of the disease that Bobby left behind has raised so much awareness and funded research into this deathly plague, one that took Bobby way to early, but one that the great Uncle Norman has survived.

Norman is more qualified than most to retell Bobby's story. As a journalist, Norman was there in the England dressing room at Wembley following that magnificent World Cup victory in '66. In the ultimate of highs to the ultimate of lows, Norman was close when Bobby was arrested in 1970 in Bogota. To be fair, Norman has always been there, they were neighbours in Essex for many years. In fact, he was the first to interview Bobby when he was but a West Ham United apprentice, hence the title of the book. Bobby Moore has certainly become the Master. The two were not just journalistic experiences.... they were best of friends.

But enough about qualifications and journalistic privileges.

Eyewitnesses are called upon in this masterpiece.  But who or what is on trial?  Is it Bobby Moore? Hardly, the most perfect and immaculate of gentlemen has nothing to prove. Moore wore his heart on his sleeve. Moore was intelligent, articulate and passionate. He was a lover, and was loved immensely.  Is it the legacy of Bobby Moore? No, no, its not Bobby Moore on trial. The men, who since Bobby's death in 1991, have given him sainthood. They have given him a pedastal so high that every World Cup captain since cannot possibly reach.  They have created a shadow of Bobby so dark, that anyone stepping inside it is lost forever. 

It is society as a whole that are on trial, the Football Association are in a superior position. They had the power and the privilege to prevent the decay of Bobby's legacy, but no, the most successful England player ever had been ignored by the FA since his retirement.

This book isn't the life story of Robert Frederick Chelsea Moore. This is a book about Bobby Moore on the pitch, with his own quotes on every England match he played in, and there are plenty of those.

Bobby Moore is indeed the Master. But did Bobby Moore know that?


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