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Product & Book Reviews


Simon Shakeshaft, Daren Burney and Neville Evans,
Three Lions On A Shirt

(Vision Sports Publishing, November 2022)

Reviewed 7 November 2022


Clive & Ralph Nicholson and Mark Metcalfe,
Flying Over an Olive Grove

(Red Axe, October 2016)

Reviewed December 2016


Paul Brown,
The Victorian Football Miscellany

(Superelastic, 2013)

Reviewed July 2013


Graham Morse,
The Father of Modern English Football:
Walter Winterbottom
(John Blake Publishing, 2013)

Reviewed April 2013

Norman Giller,
Bobby Moore: The Master

(NMG Publishing, 2013)

Reviewed February 2013

Ian Seddon,
Ah'm Tellin' Thee: Tommy Banks

(Paragon Publishing, 2012)

Reviewed 9 February 2013

John White,
Three Lions, 11 Players, 100 Facts

(Red Devil publishing, 11 July 2012)

Reviewed 19 July 2012

Nick Hawkins,
The Amazing Life of Morris Keston: Superfan
(Vision Sports Publishing, April 2010)

Reviewed 28 April 2010

Michael Southwick,
England's First Football Captain: A Biography of Cuthbert Ottaway 1850-1878
(Tony Brown, Soccerdata, 2009)

Reviewed 10 April 2010

40 Years of Shite
The Complete and Utter Awfulness of the England Football Team since 1966.

(Atlantic Books, 2007)

Reviewed 29 January 2010

Norman Giller,
Footballing Fifties.

(JR Books, 2007)

Reviewed 29 January 2010

Book of Football Records

(Boxtree Publishing, 2009)

Reviewed 28 January 2010

Rob Burnett & Joe Mewis,
England On This Day
(Pitch Publishing, 2010)

Reviewed 28 January 2010

Glen Isherwood,
Wembley: The Complete Record 1923-2000
(Sports Books, 2006)

Reviewed 8 September 2006

John White,
The England Football Miscellany
(Carlton Books Ltd., 2006)

Reviewed 2 April 2006

Cris Freddi,
Complete Book of the World Cup 2006
(HarperSports, 2006)

Norman Giller,
Football And All That:  An Irreverent History
(Hodder & Stoughton, London, 2004)

Reviewed 22 November 2004

Norman Giller,
McFootball:  The Scottish Heroes of the English Game
(Robson Books, London, 2003)

Reviewed 11 March 2003

Stanley Lover,
Play On!

(Football Association, London, 2003)

Norman Giller,
Billy Wright:  A Hero for All Seasons
(Robson Books, London, 2002)

Reviewed 2 December 2002