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Gerard Dewhurst

Liverpool Ramblers FC & Corinthians FC

1 appearance, 0 goals

P 1 W 0 D 1 L 0 F 1: A 1
50% successful

captain: none
minutes played:


  Captain Gerard Powys Dewhurst BA JP

According to the 1871 census, George Bakewell and Frances Adamina Lucy (née Mann) are living at 71 Lancaster Gate, Paddington, with four children, a governess and nine servants. George is a commission agent in the cotton trade, and a J.P.

Birth Wednesday, 14 February 1872 at 71 Lancaster Gate, Paddington, Middlesex
  registered in St. George Hanover Square January-March 1872 - part of the Middlesex County Registration until 1889
"DEWHURST.—On the 14th Feb., the wife of Geo. B. Dewhurst, Esq., of a son." - The London & China Express/Morning Advertiser, Friday, 16 February 1872
Baptism 30 June 1872 at St. Peter's Church, Oughtrington, Lymm.
Education Repton School and Trinity College, Cambridge

According to the 1881 census, Gerard Powys is the second of five children to George and Frances. They live with twelve servants at Oughtrington Hall in Lymm, Altrincham, the ancestral home. His father is a merchant in the cotton trade, and still a J.P.

  According to the 1891 census, Gerard is an undergraduate at Trinity College in Cambridge.
"DEATHS ...DEWHURST.—April 18, at Oughtrington Park, Lymm, of this county, George Bakewell Dewhurst, aged 51." - The Cheshire Observer, Saturday, 25 April 1891.

Initiated into the United Grand Lodge of Freemasons on 25 April 1893.
According to Manchester Rate Books, G & R Dewhurst had a warehouse at Great Marlborough Street in Manchester from 1894 until 1897.
According to Cheshire Electoral Rolls (and the 1895 Slater's Directory), Gerard is living at Oughtrington Park in Lymm from 1894 until at least 1900.

Marriage to Mary Brougham, in Kendal Spring 1898
  registered in Kendal April-June 1898
Children Gerard and Mary Dewhurst had two sons together. John Powys (b.23 August 1901), Hugh Littleton (b.1909)

According to Lancashire Electoral Registers in 1900, Gerard and his brother were entitled to vote in Chorley as they qualified for having property at Cuerden Mill in Cuerden, near Preston.
According to the 1901 census, Gerard P. is married to Mary. He is a cotton merchant and they live at Oughtrington Hall with nine servants.
Kelly's Directory for Cheshire in 1902 & 1906 confirms Gerard's address at Outrington park, Lymm, as does the 1909 Slater's Directory of Manchester, which first confirms Gerard as a member of Chester County Magistrates for Altrincham Petty Sessional Division.
Lancashire Electoral Rolls between 1905 and 1910 also place Gerard at Oughtrington Park.

"BIRTHS ...DEWHURST.—On 23 Aug., at Oughtrington Park, Lym, Cheshire, the wife of Gerard Powys Dewhurst, of a son." - The Morning Leader, Monday, 26 August 1901
Hugh Hughes, Ceryg Calch, Llandegla, farmer, was summoned for trespassing in search of game on the 15th of December, on land over which Mr. G. P. Dewhurst held the shooting rights."
- North Wales Times, 19 January 1907
"APPOINTMENTS ...The London Assurance Company has appointed Mr. Mr Gerard Powys Dewhurst (Messrs. Geo. and R. Dewhurst, Limited) as a director of the corporation." - The Morning Post, Friday, 3 July 1908
  "Mr Gerard Powys Dewhurst, of Messrs. G. and R. Dewhurst, Limited, has been appointed to a seat at the board of Williams Deacon's Bank." - The Wigan Observer, Tuesday, 18 January 1910

According to the 1911 census, Gerard Powys and Mary have two sons, John Powys and Hugh Littleton. He is still a cotton merchant and they have ten servants at Oughtrington Hall.
(His mother died in late-1911)
According to Passenger Lists, Gerard, a merchant, left Belize, Honduras, on 15 March 1912 on board the SS Ellis, bound for London.
Slater's Directory of Altrincham in 1914 states Gerard Powys as a member of Chester County Magistrates, living at Bodian's in Llangela.

"The directors of Great Central Railway have elected Mr. Gerard Powys Dewhurst, of Manchester, to a seat on the board to fill the vacancy created by the death of their late colleague, Viscount Cross. Mr. Dewhurst, who is the deputy-chairman of Williams Deacons Bank and the managing director of George and R. Dewhurst, is also a director of the London Assurance Corporation and of the Manchester Royal Exchange. He is also a member of the council of the British Cotton Growing Association." - The London Standard, Wednesday, 11 February 1914
He had a GCR Class 11F steam locomotive LNER 2661 (GCR 507),named in his honour [left] built in February 1920, withdrawn in November 1960.
"APPOINTMENTS ...In consequence of the death of Mr. Charles Sumner Hoare, the board of directors of Messrs. Williams Deacon's Bank has elected, Captain Gerard Powys Dewhurst to be the chairman." - The Derbyshire Courier, Saturday, 8 December 1917

Cannot be found on the 1921 census, although there is a G. & Mrs Dewhurst at the Imperial Hotel in St. Giles, in London.
According to a 1921 GWR will, Gerard Powys was an executor for Alfred Crewdson who had died in October 1921. Gerard was at 7 St Peters Square in Manchester.
Kelly's Directory of 1929 for Lancashire states Gerard Powys is a merchant (Geo. & R. Dewhurst Ltd), living at Bodidris (TN Central 2.860) with his business now at Great Marlborough Street, and still a member of Chester County Magistrates.
Kelly's Directory of 1934 for Cheshire confirms Gerard's address at Bodidris.
Worcestershire Electoral Registers from 1934-45 state that Gerard Powys had land at Holt Castle in Bewdley, as welll as living at 38 Mew Broad Street in London.
Various directories throughout these decades confirm Gerard as a director at London Assurance.

"APPOINTMENTS ...Mr. Gerard Powys Dewhurst, Chairman of Williams Deacons Bank was elected a Director of the Yorkshire Penny Bank as from 1st January 1938." - The Cleveland Standard, Saturday, 16 July 1938
  According to the 1939 register, Gerard P. and Mary are still married living at Bodidris in Ruthin, with at least one of their daughters. He is a shipping merchant and a Denbighshire Special Constabulary.
"APPOINTMENTS ...It was announced by the directors of Manchester Royal Exchange, Ltd., yesterday, that Mr. Gerard Powys Dewhurst, who held the office of treasurer and deputy chairman, had been appointed new chairman in place of the late Sir Arthur A. Haworth." - Liverpool Daily Post, Wednesday, 27 September 1944
  "After being chairman of Williams Deacon's Bank for 32 years and a director for 50 years, Mr. Gerard Powys Dewhurst as decided to retire from the board as at June 30 next. He will be 77 years of age this year." - Truth, 6 May 1949
  According to passenger lists on 7 March 1951, Gerard Powys, a merchant, left for Colombo in Ceylon along with his wife Mary, on the P&O ship Himalaya. Their address is stated as Bodidris in Llandegla, Wales.
  his wife, 'Molly' Dewhurst, died on 12 March 1956 at Bodidris, seventeen days before....
Death Thursday, 29 March 1956 at Bodidris, Llandegla, Denbigshire.
aged 84 years 44 days registered in Ruthin January-March 1956


"WITHIN a few days of the death of Mrs. Dewhurst, Mr. G. P. Dewhurst, who had been chairman of Williams Deacon's Bank, Manchester, for more than 30 years until his retirement in 1949, died on Thursday, 29th March, at the age of 84.
'Mr. Gerard Powys Dewhurst (says 'The Times'.) was born in 1872, the son of George Bakewell Dewhurst, of Oughtrington Park, Cheshire. He was educated at Repton and Trinity College, Cambridge, where he was awarded a blue for Association football, and an international cap in 1884. Joining the family firm of cotton merchants, he soon acquired other directorships in Manchester, and after service in the First World War he became chairman of Williams Deacon's Bank. He then carried on a family connection with the bank which began when his grandfather, George Dewhurst, joined the board in 1855. He was also chairman and managing director of George and R. Dewhurst Ltd., and chairman of the Manchester Royal Exchange, and he was appointed an extraordinary director of the Royal Bank of Scotland. He married in 1897 Mary Brougham by whom he had two sons.'
"It was in 1908 that their close association with Denbighshire began when he rented the shooting and mountain sheep-walks of Bodidris from the late Sir William Willoughby Williams, Bart of Bodelwyddan. In 1919, after service with the Cheshire Yeomanry in the First World War, he bought the estate where, ever afterwards, he and his wife devoted themselves to their tenants and employes and to a wide circle of friends in Llandegla and far beyond. His many and important appointments in the world of business kept him from playing as full a part in local affairs as he would have wished, though he was made a County Magistrate in 1923 and sat frequently on the Ruthin bench. But, despite the claims of business, there was always time to be found for the welfare of his neighbours and the supervision of his estate and farming interests. Nothing gave him greater pleasure than to forsake the bustle of the streets for the quiet of his home farm at Pontstyllod. After fifty-nine years together [with Molly] two useful lives have ended, This account would be incomplete without one last intimate remembrance. To have stayed in the lovely 13th century fortress of Bodidris, where fun and jolly abounded, was to have shared for a while in a spirit of true happiness and rare integrity."
- Chester Chronicle/Cheshire Observer, Saturday, 7 April 1956 and excerpt from The Times
"Former chairman of the Manchester Royal Exchange, Mr. Gerard P. Dewhurst died to-day at his Llandega, Wales home, aged 84. He was responsible for much of the post-war planning of the new Royal Exchange buildings which went up on the site of the blitzed Exchange block. A director of the Royal Exchange for 45 years, he was chairman from 1944 until his retirement for health reasons a few months ago. He was also on the board of a number of insurance companies." - Manchester Evening News, Thursday, 29 March 1956

Tuesday, 3 April 1956
at Llandegla Parish Church.
Buried at St. Peter's, Oughtrington
"An old friend writes: 'Lovely and pleasant in their lives, and in their death they were not divided.' Those words from the lamentation of David must have been in the minds of many who, twice in three weeks, gathered in the little parish church of Llandegla to bid farewell to Powys and Molly Dewhurst.
"The funeral took place on Tuesday, with services at Llandegla Parish Church and St. Peter's Church, Oughtrington, Lymm, where the committal took place."
- Chester Chronicle, Saturday, 7 April 1956
Probate "DEWHURST Gerard Powys of Bodidris Llandegla near Wrexham Denbighshire died 29 March 1956 Probate London 10 September to John Powys Dewhurst Hugh Littleton Dewhurst and Edward William Hugh Arliss company directors.
Effects £143480 15s. 2d." [2023 equivalent: £2,955,285]

Douglas Lammings' An English Football Internationalist Who's Who [1990] &

Cambridge University Alumni
DEWHURST, Gerard Powys.
Adm pens. at TRINITY, June 17, 1890.
S. of George Bakewell, of Oughtrington Park, Lymm, Warrington, Lancs., B. Feb 14, 1872.
Sch: Repton. Matric.Michs.1890. B.A. 1894.
Football (assoc.) 'blue,' 1892, 1893 and 1894, 1895.
International Football Cap, 1894. Cotton merchant.
Served during the Great War, 1914-19 [Hon. Capt., Cheshire Yeo. (T.F. Res.);
.mentioned in Secretary of State's List for 'valuable services']. Brother of Cyril (1892).
(Repton Sch.. Reg.; Univ. War List)

Playing Career

Attended Repton School from April 1883 and made the XI in 1889-90. Appearing for The Casuals in late-1890 and The Old Reptonians AFC a year later. Went on to attend Trinity College at Cambridge University, earning his blue in 1892-94. Played a single game for Liverpool FC in March 1894, after signing on 24 February. Also turned out for the Liverpool Ramblers FC outfit from March 1895.
Corinthians between 1891-94. Scored eighteen times in 32 appearances.
League honours
one appearance
Liverpool FC 1894 one appearance
only (division two): 24 March 1894 Liverpool FC 2 Crewe Alexandra FC 0.
Club honours Football League Division Two winners 1893-94 (1ᵃ)
Individual honours None

Also played cricket for Repton School in 1890.
Gerard's younger brother is Cyril, who went on who became the a Major in the 15th Battalion in the West Yorkshire Regiment.
Believed to be the first of two players to have a locomotive named in their honour. The other being Sir Bobby Robson.
Height/Weight not known, but according to passenger lists, he was 6' 1" [1912]


Douglas Lammings' An English Football Internationalist Who's Who [1990].

England Career

Player number One of five who became the 222nd player (225) to appear for England.
Position(s) Inside-left
Only match No. 54, 18 March 1895, England 1 Wales 1, a British Championship match at The Recreation Ground, Queen's Club, West Kensington, London, aged 23 years 32 days.
Major tournaments British Championship 1894-95;
Team honours British Championship winners 1894-95;
Individual honours The Amateurs (one appearance March 1895)
Distinctions Died four days after James Iremonger and nineteen days after Arthur Knight

Beyond England

Awarded a Bachelor of Arts in 1894. He was a Manchester-based cotton merchant, G & R Dewhurst Co Ltd. In the 1930's, he was living at Llandegla, near Wrexham. - An English Football Internationalists' Who's Who. Douglas Lamming (1990). Hatton Press, p.87.

The Numbers
parties Appearances comp. apps minutes captain
1 1 1 90 0 none
The minutes here given can only ever be a guideline and cannot therefore be accurate, only an approximation.
1 0 1 0 1 1 =0 0 0 1 1 50 =0
his only match was in the British Championship competition and played at a home venue

Tournament Record

British Championship Competition
Type P W D L F A GD FTS CS FAv AAv Pts% W/L
BC 1894-95 1 0 1 0 1 1 =0 0 0 1.00 1.00 50.0 =0
BC All 1 0 1 0 1 1 =0 0 0 1.00 1.00 50.0 =0

All Competition
Type P W D L F A GD FTS CS FAv AAv Pts% W/L
BC 1 0 1 0 1 1 =0 0 0 1.00 1.00 50.0 =0
1 0 1 0 1 1 =0 0 0 1 1 50 =0

Match History

 Club: Liverpool Ramblers F.C. & Corinthians F.C. - one full appearance (90 min) F.A. International Select Committee - one full appearance (90 min)x

apps match match details comp res. rundown pos

Age 23
1 54 18 March 1895 - England 1 Wales 1
Recreation Ground, West Kensington (Corinthians' home ground)
BC HD   il

one of five who became the 222nd players (225) to appear for England
the only Liverpool Ramblers AFC player to represent England
one of five players to become the 52nd players from Corinthians FC to represent England

one appearance - The Professionals vs. The Amateurs, 28 March 1895;