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Edward Parry

Oxford University AFC & Swifts FC & Remnants FC

3 appearances, 1 goal

P 3 W 1 D 0 L 2 F 6: A 11
33% successful


disciplined: none
minutes played:


Full name Edward Hagarty Parry
Born 24 April 1855 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada [not registered in UK]. The Parry family moved to Warwickshire before the end of 1855.

Census Notes

According to the 1861 census, Edward is the third of seven children to West Indian-born Edward St. John and Lucy Susannah (née Tyler). They live at 1 & 2 Beauchamp Terrace in Leamington Priors, Leamington. His father is the headmaster of Leamington College.

According to the 1871 census, Edward Hagarty is a boader at the Suttons Hospital in Charterhouse, in the Holborn area of London.

According to the 1881 census, Edward H. is a classical tutor at Stoke House, living in Wexham Road in the Stoke Green area of Slough, Buckinghamshire.

According to the 1891 census, Edward H. is now married to Amelia M. and they have five children, Nevill, Henry, John, Theodora and Adela. They also have four servants. They remain at Eton, where Edward is still a tutor and his father is also a private schoolmaster, his mother and siblings also reside. They remain at Wexham Road.

According to the 1901 census, Edward, still a schoolmaster, still married, and with one more child, Pauline. They live in Stoke House on the schoolgrounds in Stoke Poges.

He, or his family, are not on the 1911 census, but he was still a headmaster at Stoke House.

Married to Amélie Martha Piquet on 1 August 1883 at St. Mary's Church in Harrow [registered in Hendon, September 1883]. Amélie died in December 1929.
Died 19 July 1931 at his home, 12 Dovedale Road in West Bridgeford, aged 76 years 86 days [registered in Basford, Nottinghamshire, September 1931]. Left £3311 12s. 5d.
Buried in St Mary's Church in Plumtree, Nottinghamshire, with Amélie.
Height/Weight not known


Douglas Lammings' An English Football Internationalist Who's Who [1990] & Ancestry.com

Club Career

Club(s) Attended Charterhouse School, playing for them from 1872, attaining captain in 1873 and 1874.  Went onto Oxford University, earning his Blue between 1875 and 1877, again, becoming Captain in 1877.  He played for Old Carthusians FC, Swifts FC, Remnants FC, Stoke Poges FC and Windsor FC; also represented Berkshire & Buckinghamshire FA.
Club honours FA Cup runners-up 1876-77, winners 1880-81;
Individual honours None
Distinctions Being Canadian-born, Edward is the first foreign-born Captain to lift the FA Cup in 1881.


Douglas Lammings' An English Football Internationalist Who's Who [1990].

England Career

Player number One of six who became the 57th player (59) to appear for England.
Position(s) Forward, inside/outside-right
First match No. 8, 18 January 1879, England 2 Wales 1, a friendly match at The Surrey Cricket Ground, The Oval, Kennington, London, aged 23 years 269 days.
Last match No. 16, 13 March 1882, Wales 5 England 3, a friendly match at The Racecourse, Mold Road, Wrexham, aged 26 years 323 days.
Major tournaments None
Team honours None
Individual honours None
Distinctions None

Beyond England

Served on the FA Committee 1881. A Schoolmaster, he taught at Falsted 1879-80 and Stoke House School, Slough 1881-92, then serving as Headmaster there until his retirement in 1918. After which he moved to West Bridgford, where he helped to run the Officers' Family Fund to aid the families of servicemen killed in the First World War. - An English Football Internationalists' Who's Who. Douglas Lamming (1990). Hatton Press, p.192./Leftlion.co.uk


Edward Parry - Career Statistics
Squads Apps Mins. Goals Goals Av.min Capt. Disc.
3 3 240 1 240 min none none
Due to the fact that many matches rarely stuck to exactly ninety minutes long, allowing time for injuries, errors and substitutions.  The minutes here given can only ever be a guideline and cannot therefore be accurate, only an approximation.


Edward Parry - Match Record - All Matches - By Type of Match
Type P W D L F A GD FTS CS FAv AAv Pts % W/L
Home 1 1 0 0 2 1 +1 0 0 2.00 1.00 100.0 +1
Away 2 0 0 2 4 10 -6 0 0 2.00 5.00 00.0 -2
All - Friendly 3 1 0 2 6 11 -5 0 0 2.00 3.667 33.3 -1


Edward Parry - Match History

Coach: F.A. Committee (Charles Alcock) - 3 full capsx

 Club: Old Carthusians F.C. Swifts F.C. & Remnants F.C. - 3 full caps  
Age 23
1 8 18 January 1879 - England 2 Wales 1, The Surrey Cricket Ground, Kennington Fr HW Start 60 f
Age 26
2 15 11 March 1882 - Scotland 5 England 1, Hampden Park, Glasgow Fr AL Start ir
3 16 13 March 1882 - Wales 5 England 3, The Racecourse, Wrexham Fr AL Start 37 or