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England's Goalkeeper Uniforms

England's Goalkeeper Uniform

1981 Blue Uniform
1981 Yellow Uniform
1983 Blue Uniform
1984 Yellow Uniform 

Not worn in play

Red long-sleeved shirts with wing collars, with black stripe near the edge and black cuffs, with red stripe near the edge. Thick black upper-chest panel, with two single black stripes below and then a thicker black band below that. Red, white and blue Admiral logo on right breast and emblem on left breast. White number one on the reverse in the same font as the outfield shirt numbers.


This shirt came from Joe Corrigan's collection and it is believed that it was issued to him for the 1982 World Cup. The lack of an Admiral logo supports the theory that the FA were initially under the impression that England were not allowed to wear manufacturers' logos on their kit.

Strangely, this is the third such shirt to have emerged, alongside the yellow that was worn in every game by Peter Shilton and the blue that was later worn on the Australian tour in the following year. All are believed to have been issued for the tournament, as we have seen all three without an Admiral logo, but it is a little surprising that the FA saw fit to issue three alternative goalkeeping shirts for the tournament. We had not known of this red alternative until it emerged in 2014.