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England's Goalkeeper Uniforms



England's Goalkeeper Uniform

2016 Black Uniform
2016 Blue Uniform
2018 Yellow Uniform
2018 Green Uniform

not worn in play



Black short-sleeved shirt with pink vertical line running down from back of collar to edge of shoulder blade. Eleven pink lines of differing lengths running down the sleeves with thicker sections in the middle, forming a diagonal row across, and with breaks in the outer lines above and within the thicker sections, Emblem on left breast, with blue border and a pink star above the emblem. Yellow Swoosh on right breast, yellow number one below it and on reverse, in same font as the outfield kits. Surname in capitalised yellow lettering above number on reverse in same font as the outfield kits. Black emblem at base of each number on reverse. Rectangular black label on left hip with AUTHENTIC in large silver capitalised letters, with two silver lines underneath, followed by a nine-character serial number in silver below, all within a silver border occupying two-thirds of the left-hand side of the label. Remaining third comprises a black Swoosh, with a black line underneath, followed by 2019 in black below, all on a silver background of interlocking diamond shapes. Black shorts. Yellow number on left thigh, in same font as on shirt, with yellow Swoosh underneath. Emblem on right thigh, with blue border. Black socks with a yellow hoop containing a black Swoosh around the front of the calf with the hoop fading towards the rear.

Fifteen months after England's two Vapor kits of yellow and green, came along this third outfit in black.

It was only worn by Dean Henderson in the UEFA Under-21 Championship against Romania at Cesena, Italy on 21 June 2019, a game which he will hope to forget, as England conceded four goals in the last nineteen minutes, including a howler whereby the ball slipped through his hands into the net.