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England's Uniforms


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England's Home Uniform
March 2009 to August 2010

2007 Home Uniform
2008 Away Uniform
2010 Away Uniform
2010 Home Uniform

P 14 W 9 D 3 L 2 F 34:A 10
75% successful

White short-sleeved, collared shirt, with one white button below the neck on a white rectangular insert. Ribbed absorbent panel down each side of shirt covering underarm and inner sleeve. Three ventilation holes surrounded by white circular plastic below each absorbent panel, two adjacent to the side-seam and one alongside the top adjacent ventilation hole. Four ventilation holes surrounded by white circular plastic in the small of the back, arranged in a diamond shape with the lower ventilation hole further away from the others. Large embroidered emblem on left breast, alongside neck insert, with the lions redrawn and in a lighter shade of blue than previously. Tudor roses also re-positioned and re-drawn with yellow centres and green petals. Embroidered white star above the emblem. Lower-case 'v' in red (for home games) and blue (for games played away from home) below the emblem. A white scroll, outlined in blue, below the 'v', with the opponent's name in capitalised blue lettering within it, and the year in red (for home games and in the World Cup finals tournament) and blue (for other games played away from home) below the scroll. Two embroidered red concentric diamonds on right breast, alongside neck insert. Plain red number on reverse and in centre of chest. Surname in capitalised red lettering above number on reverse, in same font as the numbers.

White shorts, with white drawstring. Plain red number on left thigh in same font as on shirt, with two raised white concentric diamonds underneath. Raised white emblem on right thigh.

Plain white socks (the change socks with red top halves were not worn in any matches).

In all but the two games in the 2010 World Cup Finals tournament, England's captain wore a red armband with the emblem, a lower-case 'v' in white below the emblem, a white scroll, outlined in blue, below the 'v', with the opponent's name in capitalised blue lettering within it and the year in white below the scroll. The armbands worn in the World Cup by Steven Gerrard featured the FIFA MY GAME IS FAIR PLAY logo.

  • A long-sleeved version of the shirt was also worn. There were no distinguishing features on the lower sleeves.

  • The shirts worn by Ashley and Carlton Cole also included their first initial i.e. A. COLE and C. COLE.

  • For the game against Slovakia, no numbers were worn on the chest or the shorts.

  • For the six World Cup qualifying fixtures, England had the SOUTH AFRICA 2010 WORLD CUP QUALIFIERS logo embroidered onto the upper right sleeve.

  • For the games against Mexico and Hungary, the shirts worn by Adam and Glen Johnson also included their first initial i.e. A. JOHNSON and G. JOHNSON.

  • For the two World Cup Finals tournament fixtures, England had the SOUTH AFRICA 2010 WORLD CUP logo embroidered onto the upper right sleeve.

  • The names of England's opponents, as they appeared in the scrolls, were ALGERIA, ANDORRA, BELARUS, BRAZIL, CROATIA, HOLLAND, HUNGARY, KAZAKHSTAN, MEXICO, SLOVAKIA, SLOVENIA, UKRAINE and USA.

  • England wore an alternative pair of navy blue shorts against Ukraine in Dnepropetrovsk, with a navy blue drawstring, a plain white number on the left thigh in the same font as on the shirt, with two raised navy blue concentric diamonds underneath and a raised navy blue emblem on the right thigh.

Most Appearances

13 - Glen Johnson, Wayne Rooney

12 - Frank Lampard, John Terry

  • 37 players wore this shirt.

  • Johnson spent longer on the pitch than Rooney, who was substituted four times, with Johnson only being replaced once.

  • 7 players made their international debuts in the shirt, four of them in the last match, against Hungary. James Milner went on to make 61 appearances.

  • 6 players made their last international appearance in this shirt. David Beckham set a new outfield record when he won his 115th cap against Belarus. Jamie Carragher won his 38th cap in the World Cup and Wayne Bridge won his 36th against Brazil.

  • Jermaine Defoe made all of his eight appearances from the substitutes' bench.

Top Scorers

6 - Frank Lampard (3 pens.), Wayne Rooney

5 - Peter Crouch, Jermain Defoe, Steven Gerrard

  • Rooney was also top scorer in the 2007 white shirt.

  • Glen Johnson and Ledley King each scored their only international goal in this shirt.

  • 2 other players scored their last goal for England in the shirt. For Emile Heskey, it was his seventh, and for Gareth Barry, it was his second. Heskey had gone six years without an international goal, until he donned this shirt.

  • Defoe's goals were all scored in three consecutive substitute appearances in 2009.


9 - John Terry

3 - Steven Gerrard

1 - Rio Ferdinand, Wayne Rooney

  • After the first nine games in this shirt, Terry was stripped of the captaincy following allegations of his extra-marital activities causing conflict with an England team-mate (Wayne Bridge, who never played for England again).

  • Rooney captained England for the first time, against Brazil.

  • Ferdinand was chosen by Fabio Capello to captain England at the 2010 World Cup, but he was injured in the first training session in South Africa and Gerrard replaced him for the final three games in this shirt.


Nike's acquisition of Umbro in 2008 instigated the most significant change to the design of the England kit in 35 years. Fortunately, it was met with almost universal approval, for it was a wonderful homage to the kits of long ago, following years of elaborate tweaks to the cherished national uniform.

It was kept under wraps until the first game, against Slovakia, when the players emerged in tracksuit tops so that the shirts could be unveiled in front of a large crowd at Wembley, together with the watching television viewers on Setanta Sports, just before the national anthem was played.

With a complete overhaul of the kit, Umbro used lightweight cotton and Savile Row tailoring to produce a bespoke fit for each player. The following ten unique points were highlighted by Umbro to emphasise its originality:

1. It's 'Tailored by Umbro', 2. Fabio Capello was involved from the start, 3. Designed to make players feel confident, 4. It was built from the inside out, 5. It's designed to work with a base layer, 6. Bobby Moore proved an inspiration, 7. It looks and feels like cotton, 8. The 'Three Lions' badge is new, 9. It's made-to-measure for the players, and 10. Even the tiniest detail is special.

Aside from the way it was made, the design included a host of features to please the traditionalists. A number of countries were switching to kits of one colour and England were consequently wearing all-white to avoid a clash, so it made sense to make that the first-choice combination. This was also popular with those who could not understand why England had to wear blue shorts when blue was not present in the English flag. Navy shorts were retained, however, as an alternative and used on a single occasion (in Ukraine).

The gold star that had been present since 2003 was also not a popular embellishment, so to change it to white (and only visible when actually holding or wearing the shirt) was a neat compromise. So too, were the similarly white Umbro logo and 'Three Lions' emblem on the shorts. Then, to make the impact even more spectacular and minimal, numbers were not present on the chest or the shorts for the first game.

There was more to behold. The socks were completely devoid of emblems and logos, being plain white, but it was the shirt that, inevitably, drew most attention, drawing comparison with the old plain white 'dress shirts' worn by England from 1880 to 1954. Perhaps the best innovation, however, was the crest. To see the Three Lions restored to their former glory, with no Umbro or 'England' labelling, with the colours restored to the re-positioned Tudor Roses, with the lions re-drawn and rendered in a brighter blue, with the emblem itself being bigger and standing out better, and with the return to the scrolls of the 1950s displaying the opponent's name, it really was a superb effort on behalf of all concerned.

On the field, it was quite successful, too, with England qualifying for the World Cup in South Africa. Unfortunately, the opening two games of the tournament were disappointing draws and they switched to their new all-red change kit for the remaining two games.

The came the biggest surprise (as far as kits go, anyway) when, rather than letting this fabulous design run for two years, as was the Umbro norm for the past decade, a new kit was unleashed for the second game of the 2010-11 season. It was also impressive, but not quite as good as this one...

Matches in which England wore the 2009 Home White Uniform


872 28 March 2009 4-0 vs. Slovakia, The National Stadium, Wembley, London Fr HW


There were no shirt numbers on the front or numbers on the shorts.
873 1 April 2009 2-1 vs. Ukraine, The National Stadium, Wembley, London WCP HW
874 6 June 2009 4-0 vs. Kazakhstan, Ortalyk Tsentralnyi Stadium, Almaty AW
875 10 June 2009 6-0 vs. Andorra, The National Stadium, Wembley, London HW


876 12 August 2009 2-2 vs. Netherlands, Amsterdam Arena, Bijlmer-Centrum, Amsterdam Fr AD
877 5 September 2009 2-1 vs. Slovenia, The National Stadium, Wembley, London Fr HW
878 9 September 2009 5-1 vs. Croatia, The National Stadium, Wembley, London WCP HW
879 10 October 2009 0-1 vs. Ukraine, Stadion Dnepr-Arena, Kirovs'kyi, Dnepropetrovsk AL


England wore the white home shirt and socks with the navy blue home change shorts, against Ukraine.
880 14 October 2009 3-0 vs. Belarus, The National Stadium, Wembley, London WCP HW
881 14 November 2009 0-1 vs. Brazil, Khalifi International Stadium, Doha, Qatar Fr NL
883 24 May 2010 3-1 vs. Mexico, The National Stadium, Wembley, London Fr HW
World Cup Finals 2010
885 12 June 2010 1-1 vs. USA, Royal Bafokeng Stadium, Rustenburg WCF ND
886 18 June 2010 0-0 vs. Algeria, Green Point Stadium, Cape Town ND
889 11 August 2010 2-1 vs. Hungary, The National Stadium, Wembley, London Fr HW


England's Record wearing the 2009 Home Shirt
Type P W D L F A GD FTS CS FAv AAv Pts % W/L
Home 8 8 0 0 27 5 +22 0 3 3.375 0.625 100.0 +8
Away 3 1 1 1 6 3 +3 1 1 2.00 1.00 50.0 =0
Neutral 3 0 2 1 1 2 -1 2 1 0.333 0.667 33.3 -1
Total 14 9 3 2 34 10 +24 3 5 2.429 0.714 75.0 +7

A shirt issued to Matthew Upson against Brazil.

 From Richard Clarke's 'Three Lions - England Match Worn Shirts' Facebook Collection.