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The International Football Association Board minute book  

The International Board met at Wrexham on Monday, 25th June 1888. Major Marindin presiding, present messrs. C. Crump (England), J. Reid (Ireland), T.G. Thomas and J. Taylor (Wales) and messrs J.A. Crerar and C. Campbell representing Scotland.

The following alterations were made to the Laws of the Game:

Law 4Addition "The ball crossing the goal or touch line either on the ground or in the air is out of play".
Law 7—First line - When the ball is "played" for "kicked".
Last line - In either case, no "opponent" for "other player".
Law 10—After "push his adversary" add "no player may charge an opponent from behind unless such opponent be facing his own goal and in the opinion of the umpires and of referees he in that position is wilfully interfering with his adversary".
Law 11—After "* on soles or heels of his boots or on his shinguards" read "if bars or studs in the soles or heels of the boots are used they shall not project more than half-inch and shall have all of their fastenings driven in flush with the leather. Bars shall be * and flat not less than one and a half inches in length and half-inch in width. Studs should be round in plan and not less than ½ inch in diameter; in no case conceal or pointed. Any player discovered infringing this rule shall be prohibited from taking further part in the match".
Law 12—To be altered to 16.
Law 14—To be altered to 12.
Law 15—To be altered to 14. After "stop the game" in second line " read at "such time or he may think fit whenever he may deem it necessary to do so".
New Law to be made 15—"In the event of any temporary suspension of play from any cause the ball not having gone into touch or behind the goal-line the game shall be restarted by the referee throwing up the ball at the spot where play was suspended and the players of either side shall not play the ball until it has touched the ground".
Law 17—New Law—"No alteration in Laws of the Game shall be made unless first passed by a majority of two thirds of those present at the Annual General Meeting or a Special Meeting of one of the National Associations and afterwards unanimously agreed to by the representatives of the four National Associations at a Conference which shall be convened by each of these Associations in turn in the month of June in each year".
The following alterations were also made in the Definition of the Game. Second paragraph - In any direction "the player" instead of "kicker". Last sentence beginning "but in no case" to read "unless they be standing on their own goal-line".
Fifth paragraph - To read "Stooping in front of or behind him".

A discussion took place as to whether or not it was originally intended that the word "it" should be inserted after the word "play" in the last line but one of Law 5. All the rules have it but the Irish. Major Marindin however undertook to see what was the original wording and if any decision of the Board has been taken formerly upon the point. Law 17 is not included in any of the rules, except those of the English Football Association and the representatives of that Association undertook to see if the * have authorised the insertion of this rule in the Laws of the Game at any former meeting, and if not, the English FA will remove it to some other position in their book so as to preserve uniformity.

The Board do not think it desirable to adopt a rule as to the weight of the ball without further information on the subject, but it was recommended that the point should be brought forward next year.
It was also considered desirable that Law 12 ([relating] to the appointment of Umpires and referees) should be entirely reconstructed so as to meet the method which is now followed in Cup Competitions. It was therefore recommended that the necessary notice be given next year so that this may be done in a regular and formal manner.

The following representatives were also present.
England... Major Marindin. C. Crump.
Wales... J. Taylor. T.G. Thomas.
Ireland... J. Williamson and J. Reid.

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