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The International Football Board held its 2nd annual meeting in the Rooms of the Scottish Football Association on Wednesday, 1 June 1887.  Mr A. McKennedy , President of the Scottish Association occupied the chair and there were also present messrs. J. Devlin (Scotland), J.C. Clegg and J. Armstrong (England) and J. Sinclair and A.H. Dill (Ireland). Wales were not represented. Mr J. McDowell, secretary of SFA acted as secretary of the minutes.

After the approval of minutes, J. Sinclair proposed and J. Armstrong seconded, that in the definition of a free-kick the word "way" be deleted and "direction" insertion instead and that the following be added to rule viz. "The ball must at least be rolled over before it shall be considered played" and after some discussion the proposal was carried unanimously.

The proposal to include "attempting to throw" in definition of tripping caused some discussion. Messrs Clegg, Dill and Sinclair were in favour of it whilst messrs Kennedy, Devlin and Armstrong thought its insertion unnecessary as they considered and before had sufficient power to warrant him giving a foul for a "deliberate attempt to throw". They however asserted to the insertion of the words seeing it but clearly stated what they considered was the understood interpretation.

On the question of touch "whether a ball in the air but over the line is in play or otherwise" created a long discussion and as no agreement could be arrived at the question was postponed and a recommendation made at the next Conference to define clearly the touch and goal lines and also when a player is out of or in play in relation to touch and goal lines viz: "Can a player when in touch bend forward and head a ball which is in play"?

Seeing a goalkeeper can only use his hands in defence of his goal, the Conference decided this shall mean "within his own half of the ground".

The notices [regarding an] alternative penalty for charging behind were withdrawn.

The proposal "that touch lines should turn at right angles to goal lines" was only supported by Scottish delegates. The other representatives however, looked favourably on it but thought if each association would insert it in its own Cup Competition rules, no restrictions would be placed on clubs outside of the jurisdiction of the four national associations. In consequence of want of unanimity the motion was withdrawn.

The penalty for violating Rule 2 of the Laws of the Game is now a free-kick to the opposing team.

The English proposal "that bars only shall be allowed in the soles of the boots" was agreed to as fending to minimise danger and while it maybe a hardship to some to be debarred from playing with studs, all players will now be placed on an equality.

"That a British subject born abroad shall be eligible to play for his fathers nationality" was unanimously adopted.

The Conference decided that a line ball is playable.

A vote of thanks to the chairman terminated the proceedings which lasted 2½ hours.

The delegates afterwards were entertained to lunch at in the Royal Hotel, George Square.

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