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The International Football Association Board meeting  

The International Football Association Board.

The Annual Meeting of the International Football Association Board was held at the Rock Hotel, Llandrindod Wells, on June 19th and 20th, 1908, when the representatives present were :—Messrs. J. Davies (presiding) and T. E. Thomas, Football Association of Wales ; C. Crump and R. P. Gregson, The Football Association ;  R. J. Kirkpatrick and J. Ferguson, Irish Association ; J. Liddell and Wm. Lorimer, Scottish Association.

There were also present : Messrs. J. K. McDowall, Secretary S.F.A. ; D. B. Woolfall, Hon. Treasurer F.A. ; A. E. V. Berkeley, Secretary, and W. Nunnerley, Assistant Secretary, F.A.W.

The minutes of the meeting held at Oban, on June 8th, 1907, were read and confirmed.

In accordance with the notice given, Mr. Kirkpatrick moved that the Board arrange a universal fee to be paid by the Associations to their professional players taking part in International Matches.

Mr. J. Liddell seconded.

The point as to whether the Board had power to legislate upon the matter was raised by the F.A. representatives.

Mr. Ferguson contended that the matter came within Rule 2 of the Rules of the Board, and after discussion it was agreed that this contention was correct.

There was a long discussion upon Mr. Kirkpatrick's motion, and upon it being put, there were 6 for and 2 against, the F.A. representatives voting against.

The Chairman declared the motion carried, in accordance with Rule 7 of the Rules of the Board.

Mr. Liddell then moved, and Mr. Lorimer seconded, that the fee to be so paid be £5.

Mr. Ferguson moved, and Mr. Kirkpatrick seconded, that the fee be £4.

After discussion, Mr. Liddell withdrew his motion, and, by 6 votes to 2, the fee was fixed at £4.


It was agreed that the following should be a note to the last sentence of Law 6 :—

Law 6.—(a) Decision of the International Board : A flag may be placed opposite the half-way line on each side of the field of play, but it must be at least one yard from the touch-line, and must have a staff not less than 5 feet high.

As the playing season in Scotland now ends on April 30th, as is the case in England and Wales, several of the Agreements entered into by the representatives of the respective Associations have become inoperative, and the Agreements, as revised, are now as follows :—

Memorandum of Agreements entered into by the Representatives of the respective Associations, which do not require to be incorporated in the Laws of the Game.

1888—June 25th.

No alteration in the Laws of Game shall be valid unless first passed by a majority of two-thirds of those present at the Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting of one of the National Associations, and afterwards unanimously agreed to by the Representatives of the four National Associations, at a Conference which shall be convened by each of these Associations in turn, in the month of June each year.

1894—June 18th.

Each Association will recognise suspensions of Clubs and individuals by other National Associations, and the registrations of each National Association shall be binding on each other National Association (a).

Re-instatements and transfers of Professionals can only be made by the Association with whom the player is registered.

The Football Association, the Scottish Football Association, and the Football Association of Wales will not consider it a breach of their rules for an English, Scottish, or Welsh Club to register a player registered with the Irish Football Association between the 1st and 20th of May, and the Irish Football Association will not consider it a breach of their rules for one of their players to sign a registration form for an English, Scottish, or Welsh club, between the 1st and 20th of May. A player shall be allowed to complete his engagement without incurring any penalty for playing in Ireland during the English, Scottish, and Welsh close seasons (a).

(a) See Supplementary Agreement dated June 8th, 1907.
(a) See Supplementary Agreement dated June 11th, 1904.

At International Matches space shall be reserved for the Representatives of the Visiting Association, and this space shall be used for no other purpose, and proper access shall be provided.

It was agreed between the Representatives of England and Scotland that the Home Association shall send the Visiting Association 100 Tickets for covered stand, seven days before the match.

1895—June 17th.

In order to simplify the working of Law 13, that National Associations delegate their authority to the Local Affiliated Associations in respect of offences which occur in the cup ties of the Affiliated Associations, and in other minor matches where the two clubs are under the jurisdiction of the same affiliated Association. Each National Association has liberty to issue a circular authorising Referees to report direct to the Local Affiliated Associations in such cases. Thus circular to provide that the Local Association must report the circumstances of the case, and the penalty imposed, to the parent Association without loss of time.

In International Matches the qualification of players shall be birth. In case of British subjects born abroad their nationality shall be decided by the nationality of their fathers.

Goal nets must be used in all International Matches.

1898—June 20th.

Recommended that each Association adopt a rule as follows : In cases of dispute between clubs and players, legal proceeding shall not be taken except as a last resource, and then only with the previous consent of the Association concerned.

1899—June 19th.

Recommended unanimously that the respective Associations use their influence with clubs to ensure to other National Associations the services of players in International Matches.

1901—June 17th.

No item in the Memorandum of Agreements shall be altered or rescinded without notice being given in accordance with Rule 3 of the International Board.

1904—June 11th.

The Agreement of June 18th, 1894, was supplemented as follows :—

Players of the Irish Football Association shall not be approached between the 1st and 20th of May, under the Agreement, without 48 hours notice having been given to the club with which the player is registered.

1907—June 8th.

The Agreement of the International Board entered into on the 18th June, 1894, shall not apply to the suspension of a player who at the time of investigation is playing under the jurisdiction of another Association, unless such Association considers it desirable to enforce the suspension in its area.

An International Match shall not commence later than 3-30 p.m., except by mutual consent of the Associations concerned.

1908—June 20th.

As the playing season in Scotland now ends on April 30th, as is the case in England and Wales, several of the Agreements have become inoperative, and the Agreements were revised to meet the altered conditions.

Mr. Liddell gave notice that at the next meeting of the Board the Scottish F.A. would move that the International Fixtures for 1911 be arranged.

On the motion of Mr. Crump , seconded by Mr. Kirkpatrick, the Chairman was thanked for his services in the chair.