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The International Football Association Board meeting  

The International Football Association Board,


Minutes of Meeting held at Paris, Hotel Palais d'Orsay,
Saturday, 13th June 1913.


Present the following Representatives : BARON DE LAVELEYE (in the Chair), and Messrs. C. A. W. HIRSCHMAN (Secretary), Fédération Internationale de Football Association ; C. CRUMP, D. B. WOOLFALL, The Football Association ; D. CAMPBELL, T. WHITE, The Scottish Football Association ; J. R. STEPHENS, T. ROBBINS, The Football Association of Wales ; J. MCBRIDE, D. FOY, The Irish Football Association.

Also present—F. J. WALL, The Football Association ; T. STEEN, J. K. MCDOWALL, The Scottish Football Association ; J. FERGUSON, The Irish Football Association.

Apologies for absence were received from Messrs. R. T. GOUGH, Football Association of Wales ; and H. HEGAN, The Irish Football Association.

The minutes of Meeting held at Portrush, on 14th June, 1913, were read and confirmed after adding the following words on page 2 :

As the controversial point of exact reading of Law 6 was not on the Agenda, no vote was taken.

The following proposals by the Football Association were passed :

Law 7.—
Substitute " 10 yards " for " 6 yards."

Law 9.—
After " kicking " insert " striking."

Law 13.—
At the end of the first sentence add the following words : " so far as the result of the game is concerned."

Law 16.—
First sentence : delete " throw the ball down " and substitute " again drop it."

Second sentence : delete " again throw it down " and substitute " again drop it."

The following proposals by the Football Association were by leave withdrawn :

Law 13.—
Delete the following words from the third sentence " and shall transmit the name or names of such player or players to his or their National Association " and substitute " and shall report the same to the Association under whose jurisdiction the game was played."

To rescind the decision of the International Board :

" Referees may in certain circumstances send their reports to the affiliated Association concerned."

Law 14.—
Second sentence :—Delete " National."

The following proposal by the Scottish Football Association was passed :

Law 13.—(d) Decision of the International Board to be inserted after the word
" cause " in third line of fourth sentence :

A player who is injured during a match shall be at once removed outside the nearest goal, or touchline, and the game resumed.

To delete the fourth paragraph of the agreement of June 18th, 1894, and substitute the following :

It was agreed between the Representatives of England and Scotland that the Home Association shall send the Visiting Association 150 tickets for covered stand, seven days before the match.

The following proposals from the same Association were not accepted :

Law 6.—
First sentence. Delete " three " and substitute " two."

Law 13.—
Third sentence, after word " cause " insert " He shall not stop the game for an accident to a player until the ball has gone out of play (d). He shall."

By permission of the Meeting Mr. Crump invited attention to the position of the Clubs of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, in respect of soldiers and sailors :—

The Football Association has found it necessary to adopt rules forbidding a soldier whilst serving with the colours, or a sailor whilst serving in the Royal Navy, being approached by any club or person without at least 14 days notice to the Commanding Officer ; and a soldier or sailor whose discharge is obtained by purchase, being registered as a professional till 12 months has expired, or being allowed to play as an amateur during that period without the permission of the Association.

The Associations of Scotland, Wales, and Ireland were earnestly asked to adopt similar legislation, and were assured that the Football Association will be pleased to give further information, or assistance, with a view to bring this about.

Mr. Crump gave notice that at the next Meeting of the Board he will direct attention to the fact that the order of the provisions of the last sentence of Law 6 is not the same in the Handbook of the Irish Association, as in the books of the other Associations ; and will propose that this anomaly be remedied.

A vote of thanks to the Chairman and Secretary was passed unanimously.

C. A. W. HIRSCHMAN, Secretary.