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Most Goals Scored in a Match and Largest Margin of Victory

England twice scored 13 goals against Ireland, in the 13-0 victory on 18 February 1882 in Belfast and in the 13-2 win on 18 February 1899 in Sunderland.  The 13-0 victory also represents, of course, England's biggest ever margin of victory. 
England's biggest goal-scoring binges after the Second War were the pair of 10-0 victories against Portugal in Lisbon on 25 May 1947 and against the USA in New York City on 27 May 1964.

Most Goals Conceded in a Match and Largest Margin of Defeat

England conceded seven goals twice, against Scotland in the 7-2 defeat on 2 March 1878 in Glasgow and against Hungary in the 7-1 loss in Budapest on 23 May 1954.  The 7-1 loss to Hungary also represents England's biggest ever margin of defeat.

Most Goals Scored in a Loss

England once scored four goals and still lost the match, against Scotland at the first Hampden Park on 13 March 1880.  The year before Scotland had scored four and still lost to England, also 5-4, at The Oval, Kennington. 
England have scored three goals and lost four times, against Wales, 5-3, at the The Racecourse in Wrexham on 13 March 1882, against Spain, 4-3, in Madrid, their first loss to a foreign side, against Hungary, 6-3, at Wembley Stadium on 25 November 1953, their first loss on home soil to a Continental European team, and against Austria, 4-3, in Vienna on 13 June 1979. 

Most Goals Conceded in a Win

England have conceded four goals and still won the match on three occasions, all by 5-4, against Scotland at the The Oval, Kennington on 5 April 1879, against Scotland again at Hillsborough in Sheffield on 10 April 1920, and against Czechoslovakia at White Hart Lane on 1 December 1937.  They have won 12 matches in which they gave up three goals, the last the 4-3 victory over Denmark in Copenhagen in the European Championship qualifying match on 20 September 1978.

Most Goals Scored/Conceded in a Draw

The highest scoring England draw was 4-4, achieved twice, against the Rest of Europe at Wembley on 21 October 1953, and against Belgium in extra-time at the World Cup final tournament in Switzerland on 17 June 1954.  England have played six 3-3 draws, the last against Sweden at Elland Road in the Umbro Cup International Challenge Tournament match on 8 June 1995.

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Most Experienced England Team (Starting XI)

With a total of 574 caps between them, an average of 52.2 caps each, the England team that were playing the World Cup 1990 Finals match against Republic of Ireland in Casteddu is the most experienced team to be fielded.

The most experienced opposing side was against Egypt in a 2010 friendly. The Egyptians were winning their 804th appearances, an avarage of 73.1 caps each.  A staggering amount.

Least Experienced England Team (Starting XI)

Besides the very first England team in 1872, which obviously had no previous international experience, there were several other matches in the early years with just a handful of caps behind them: 1873 vs. Scotland had only two previous appearances amongst the appearances, and only four against Scotland in 1876 and Wales in 1892.

The least experienced England team in the Twentieth Century beat Sweden in 1923 with seven new caps and only seven previous appearances between the other four.  The least experienced post-war team was against Ireland in the first peactime international, the England team were winning 25 caps between them.  Since the arrival of the Ramsey era, numbers have gone up dramatically and only one England team has played a match with fewer than fifty caps between them, the second match against Wales in 1976. There was three new appearances, but only 47 appearances between the rest, winning their 61st caps between them all, averaging 5.5 caps between them.

There were only 57 appearances between the team that took on Australia on 31 May 1980.
And in this century, just 101 took to the field at Wembley against Germany on 10 November 2017.

The least experienced opposing side, apart from the first Scotland side in 1872, is most certainly the 10-0 defeat of USA in 1964.  They fielded ten new caps and the one experienced player was winning his seventh cap.

Oldest Starting XI

The team that lost to Hungary on 25 November 1953 was also 30 years old and 214 days (totalling 334 years, ave. 30.36). The England team in 1920 that beat Scotland 5-4 had an average age of 30 years and 153 days (also totalling 334 years). There is a possibilty that the team that played West Germany in 1954 averaged over 31 years.

The oldest opposition team was the Wales team in 1920, average age of 31 years and 258-327 days.  The Brazilian side in the 1962 World Cup Final had an average age of 30 years and 111 days.

Youngest Starting XI

The team in 1872 had an average age of 22.1, the oldest player being only 25 years old.  In modern times, the eleven that played against Wales in 1959 were all under 26 with an average age of 22 years and 254 days.  They were also all under 26 against Sweden, Northern Ireland and Scotland in the 1958-59 season. The youngest by far, was the team against Wales in 1880, averaging 21½ years old.

The youngest starting XI in the 21st century happened on 15 October 2018. The England side that met Spain had just one over-23 player, thus making the side have an average of of 23.36. It beat the previous record, made a year earlier, on 8 October 2017, when an England side met Lithuania in the final World Cup qualification campaign, with an average age of 23.7. Just slightly less than the team that met France in a friendly in November 2015.

The youngest opposing team was one of the Hungary teams from either 1908 or 1909. The average 1908 team aged under 24, maybe even under 23. But the 1909 side played with three to five teenagers. The average age was between 20 years and 215 days and 21 years and 212 days.


Most consecutive wins:

Ten matches between June 1908 and June 1909, that was part of the run of consecutive scoring.  Beating the previous record of nine matches between March 1891 and April 1893.

Recent: Eight matches between October 2005 to June 2006. Seven matches from September 2014 until March 2015.

Most consecutive losses:

England have never lost more than three games in a row, beginning with the three matches against Scotland between 1876 and 1878. Three matches were lost between May and October 1936, also between 1927-28.

Recent: The three losses in the European Championship Finals of 1988. Previous to that, three matches between May and June 1985.  They also lost three consecutive matches in the 1959 American tour.
They also lost three in the summer of 2018, beginning with their final two World Cup Final matches, against Croatia and Belgium, and then the inaugral Nations League match against Spain.

Most consecutive draws:

Four consecutive draws were played out in the run-up and including the 1958 World Cup Finals.

Recent: Four draws, three of them scoreless, between June and December 1989.  Previous to that, four matches in the summer of 1977, again, three of them scoreless.

Most consecutive matches avoiding defeat:

Twenty matches between a 3-1 win over Wales/0-1 win over Ireland in March 1890, until the 9-1 victory over Wales in March 1896, six years and a day later.

Post-war record is the nineteen matches between November 1965 and November 1966.

Most consecutive qualification matches wins:

England won 14 qualification matches from the final two matches of the 2012-13 World Cup qualification campaign, then the entirety of the 2014-15 European Championship qualification campaign, and then the first two of the following 2016-17 World Cup qualification process.

Most consecutive qualification matches drawn:

There were three draws in a row in the middle of 1985 when England where attempting to reach the 1986 World Cup Finals.

Most consecutive qualification matches losses:

England have only ever lost back to back qualification matches just the once, and both were at Wembley. They lost the play-off second leg against Scotland for a place in the Euro 2000 Finals. They then lost the first World Cup 2002 qualifiaction match, the last ever match at old Wembley Stadium, against Germany in October 2000.

Most consecutive qualification matches avoiding defeat:

England at present have gone 39 matches avoiding defeat in the qualification process. Since losing to Ukraine in October 2009, they have gone unbeaten in the final World Cup 2010 qualification campiagn, through into the Euro 2012 and World Cup 2014 qualification stages, then the Euro 2016 and World Cup 2018 qualification process.

They had previously gone 22 matches unbeaten between 2000 and 2005.

Most consecutive matches scoring:

Fifty-two matches, beginning in March 1884 and only ended in March 1902, after 194 goals. The single scoreless draw against Wales on 3 March 1902 was only a hic-cup, because England went on for another thirty-two matches, from 22 March 1902, a run that ran until March 1910, another marathon that produced another 99 goals.

Eighteen matches from October until 1950 until the April 1953, it produced 49 England goals.

Recent: Seventeen matches between June 1990 and June 1991, scoring 27 goals. There were sixteen matches between November 2010 and June 2012, culminating in 25 goals. 

There were also seventeen matches in which England scored between May 1938, the Berlin match, and May 1947.  Another seventeen matches happened between May 1935 and December 1937.

Most consecutive matches without scoring:

Four matches in the Spring of 1981, from Glenn Hoddle's 27th minute goal against Spain, until Terry McDermott's 54th minute goal against Switzerland, a run of 477 minutes. The four matches were all at Wembley Stadium.

Most consecutive matches conceding a goal:

Thirteen matches between May 1959 and October 1960, a run that saw England concede 27 goals.

Most consecutive matches without conceding a goal (clean sheets):

A run of six consecutive clean sheets occurred in the run-up and included the opening matches of the 1966 World Cup Finals, a run that took 708 minutes without conceding a goal. Eusebio's penalty for Portugal in the 1966 World Cup semi-final also ended Gordon Banks record of seven consecutive clean sheets.

Recent: The last run of matches that saw a run of clean sheets was in a spate of six games in 2006. Paul Robinson kept goal and unbeaten between 25 June 2006, against Ecuador in the World Cup Finals, and FYR Macedonia on 7 October 2006.  Robinson remained unbeaten for 631 official minutes (655 actual minutes).

Previous to this, Shilton and Clemence helped England keep six clean sheets between March and June 1983,  that is, 643 official minutes.  Also between June 1974 and May 1975, another 635 minutes.


Most wins in a season

Most draws in a season

Most losses in a season

Most goals for in a season

Most goals against in a season

Best record in a season

Best start to a season

Seven wins, then two draws, followed by another win, in 2014-15; Beating the six wins, in 1960-61 and 1979-80.

Fewest wins in a season

Fewest draws in a season

Fewest losses in a season 

No losses in 2014-15, a total of ten matches.

Fewest goals for in a season

Fewest goals against in a season

Worst record in a season


Most expulsions in a match 

Only one, on fifteen different occasions.

Most cautions in a match

Most expulsions in a season

Most cautions in a season


Most wins against an opponent

Most losses against an opponent

Most draws against an opponent

Most consecutive wins against an opponent:

Most consecutive losses against an opponent:

Most consecutive draws against an opponent:

Most goals scored against an opponent

Most goals conceded against an opponent

Fewest etc.