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England Honours -
British Broadcasting Company Sports Awards

BBC Sports Personality of the Year

The BBC Sports Personality of the Year award, established in 1954 to honour the sporting figure "capturing the imagination of the nation," is made on the basis of public vote.  Footballers have won it only four times, and the performances which won them the award came while they wore England shirts.

1966 - Bobby Moore.

1990 - Paul Gascoigne.

1998 - Michael Owen.

2001 - David Beckham; Michael Owen was 3rd.

2002 - David Beckham finished 2nd behind long-distance runner Paula Radcliffe.

BBC Newcomer of the Year

This award was first made in 1999, and the winner is chosen by a panel of BBC experts.  No England player has won it.

BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year

This award was first made in 2001 and goes to sports figures under age 17 by vote of a panel  of expert judges.  Wayne Rooney, who turned 17 on 24 October 2002, was the second winner of the award in 2002, before he made his England debut against Australia on 12 February 2003.