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England Player Honours -
International Representative Teams

Great Britain 6 Rest of Europe 1 [4-1]
10 May 1947
Hampden Park, Glasgow, Scotland
Attendance:  130,000

Frank Swift, George Hardwick, captain, Stanley Matthews and Tommy Lawton played for Great Britain in the match celebrating the readmission of England, Scotland and Wales to FIFA.

Great Britain:  Swift, England; Hardwick, England, captain; Hughes, Wales; Macaulay, Scotland; Vernon, Northern Ireland; Burgess, Wales; Matthews, England; Mannion, England; Lawton, England; Steel, Scotland; Liddell, Scotland.  Selector:  Walter Winterbottom, England.

Rest of Europe:  Da Rui, France; Peterson, Denmark; Steffen, Switzerland; Carey, Eire; Parola, Italy; Ludl, Czechoslovakia; Lembrechts, Belgium; Gren, Sweden; Nordahl, Sweden; Wilkes, Netherlands; Praest, Denmark.  Selector:  Rappan, Austria.

Goals:  GB-Mannion, 22 mins.; RE-Nordahl, 24 mins.; GB-Mannion, pen., 33 mins.; GB-Steel, 35 mins.; GB-Lawton, 37 mins.; GB-Own Goal (Parola-Da Rui), 74 mins.; GB-Lawton, 82 mins.

Referee:  George Reader, England.

Wales 3 Rest of the United Kingdom 2 [2-0]
3 December 1951

Ninian Park, Sloper Road, Cardiff, Wales
Attendance 26,454

Billy Wright, Nat Lofthouse, Eddie Baily and Les Medley played for the Rest of the United Kingdom in the match observing the 75th anniversary of the Football Association of Wales.

Wales:  Short, Plymouth Argyle; Barnes, Arsenal; Sherwood, Cardiff City; Paul, Manchester City; Daniel, Arsenal; Burgess, Tottenham Hotspur; Foulkes, Newcastle United; Morris, Burnley; Ford, Sunderland; Allchurch, Swansea Town; Clarke, Manchester City.

Rest of the United Kingdom:  Cowan, Greenock Morton and Scotland; G. Young, Rangers and Scotland; McMichael, Newcastle United and Northern Ireland; Docherty, Preston North End and Scotland; Vernon, West Bromwich Albion and Northern Ireland; Wright, Wolverhampton Wanderers and England; G. Smith, Hibernian and Scotland; Fleming, East Fife and Scotland; Lofthouse, Bolton Wanderers and England; Baily, Tottenham Hotspur and England; Medley, Tottenham and England.

Goals:  W-Allchurch, 15 mins.; W-Ford, 23 mins.; W-Allchurch, 62 mins.; RUK-Fleming, 64 mins.; RUK-Medley, 83 mins.

Great Britain 1 Rest of Europe 4 [1-1]
13 August 1955
Windsor Park, Donegall Avenue, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Attendance:  35,000

Peter Sillett, Stanley Matthews, and Roy Bentley played for Great Britain in the match commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Irish Football Association.

Great Britain:  Kelsey, Wales; Sillett, England; McDonald, Scotland; Blanchflower, Northern Ireland; Charles, Wales; Peacock, Northern Ireland; Matthews, England; R. Johnstone, Scotland; Bentley, England; McIlroy, Northern Ireland; Liddell, Scotland.  Selector:  Walter Winterbottom, England.

Rest of Europe:  Buffon, Italy; Gustavsson, Sweden; van Brandt, Belgium; Ocwirk, Austria; Jonquet, France; Boskov, Yugoslavia; S�rensen, Denmark; Vukas, Yugoslavia; Kopa, France; Trava�os, Portugal; Vincent, France.  Selector:  Crahay, Belgium.

Goals:  GB-Johnstone, 25 mins.; RE-Vincent, 27 mins.; RE-Vukas, 77 mins.; RE-Vukas, 87 mins.; RE-Vukas, pen., 88 mins.

Scandinavia 2 Rest of Europe 4 [0-2]
20 May 1964
Idraetspark, K�benhavn, Denmark
Attendance:  45,000

Ray Wilson, Jimmy Greaves and Bobby Charlton played for the Rest of Europe in the match observing the 60th anniversary of the Dansk Boldspil-Union (Denmark Football Association).

Scandinavia:  S. Andersen, Norway; J. Hansen, Denmark; Rosander, Sweden; B. Hansen, Denmark; A. Joahansson, Sweden; Heinonen, Finland; R. Jensen, Norway; �berg, Sweden; Madsen, Denmark; Bild, Sweden; Peltonen, Finland.  Substitution:  J. Petersen, Denmark, for Peltonen.

Rest of Europe:  Yashin, U.S.S.R.; Bomba, Czechoslovakia; Wilson, England; Voronin, U.S.S.R.; Popluh�r, Czechoslovakia; Baxter, Scotland; José Augusto, Portugal; Jimmy Greaves, England; van Himst, Belgium; Law, Scotland; R. Charlton, England.  Substitutions:  Tilkowski, West Germany, for Yashin; Hamilton, Scotland, for Bomba; Eusebio, Portugal, for van Himst.

Goals:  RE-Greaves, 4 mins; RE-Greaves, 41 mins.; RE-Law, 49 mins.; S-Peltonen, 51 mins.; RE-Eusebio, 56 mins.; S-Bild, 75 mins.

Great Britain 4 Rest of Europe 6 [2-4]
28 April 1965
victoria Ground, Boothen, Stoke-on-Trent, England
Attendance:  20,000

Tony Waiters, George Cohen, Robert Thomson, Johnny Haynes, Ron Flowers, Stanley Matthews, Jimmy Greaves and Bryan Douglas played for Great Britain in the match honouring Sir Stanley Matthews.

Great Britain:  Waiters, England; Cohen, England; Thomson, England; Haynes, England; Flowers, England; Baxter, Scotland; Matthews, England, Greaves, England; Gilzean, Scotland. B. Douglas, England; C. Jones, Wales.  Substitution:  Ritchie, England, for Gilzean.

Rest of Europe:  Yashin, U.S.S.R.; Johannsen, Denmark; Schnellinger, West Germany; Pluskal, Czechoslovakia; Popluh�r, Czechoslovakia; Masopust, Czechoslovakia; Henderson, Scotland; Kubala, Spain; Di Stefano, Spain; Pusk�s, Spain; Vandeboer, Belgium.  Substitution:  S�rensen, Denmark, for Di Stefano.

Goals:  RE-Vandeboer, 4 mins.; RE-Pusk�s, 7 mins.; GB-Douglas, 12 mins.; RE-Pusk�s, 24 mins.; GB-Greaves, 34 mins.; RE-Masopust, 43 mins.; RE-Kubala, 66 mins.; GB-Ritchie, 75 mins.; GB-Douglas, 81 mins.; RE-Henderson, 89 mins.

Wales 0 Rest of the United Kingdom 1 [0-1]
21 July 1969
Ninian Park, Sloper Road, Cardiff, Wales
Attendance:  13,605

Terry Cooper, Jack Charlton, Alan Mullery, Francis Lee, Bobby Charlton and Keith Newton played for the Rest of the United Kingdom in the match celebrating the investiture of Prince Charles as Prince of Wales.

Wales:  Sprake, Leeds United; Rodrigues, Leicester City; R. Thomas, Swindon Town; Hennessey, Nottingham Forest; England, Tottenham Hotspur; Moore, Charlton Athletic; B. Jones, Caerdydd City; C. Jones, Fulham; Davies, Southampton; Toshack, Caerdydd City; Rees, Nottingham Forest.  Substitution:  Reece, Sheffield United, for Rees.  Selector:  Bowen.

Rest of the United Kingdom:  Jennings, Tottenham Hotspur and Northern Ireland; Gemmill, Celtic and Scotland; Cooper, Leeds United and England; Bremner, Leeds United and Scotland; J. Charlton, Leeds United and England; Mullery, Tottenham Hotspur and England; Best, Manchester United and Northern Ireland; Lee, Manchester City and England; Dougan, Wolverhampton Wanderers and Northern Ireland; R. Charlton, Manchester United and England; Hughes, Celtic and Scotland.  Substitutions:  Newton, Blackburn Rovers and England, for Cooper; Henderson, Rangers and Scotland, for Lee.  Selector:  Alf Ramsey, England.

Goals:  RUK-Lee, 34 mins.

Referee:  Mervyn Griffiths, Wales

Benfica 3 European Selection 2 [2-0]
8 December 1970
Estadio Nacional, Lisboa, Portugal
Attendance:  46,387

Bobby Moore, Geoff Hurst, Peter Osgood and Roger Hunt played for the European Selection in the match honouring Mario Colu�a.

Benfica:  Henrique; Toni, Adolfo; Vitor Martina; Humberto Coleho; Zeca; Colu�a; Jaime Gra�a; Artur Jorge; Eusebio; Simoes.  Substitutions:  Fonseca for Henrique; Nene for Vitor Martina; Matihe for Colu�a.

European Selection:  Iribar, Spain; Su�rez, Spain; Gemmell, Scotland; Pirri, Spain; Gallego, Spain; Moore, England; Cruyff, Netherlands; Seeler, West Germany; Hurst, England; Osgood, England; D�ajić, Yugoslavia.  Substitutions:  Andersson, Denmark, for Cruyff; Hunt, England, for Pirri; Bento, Portugal, for Iribar; Garate, Spain, for Hurst; Rodilla, Spain, for D�ajić.

Goals:  B-Eusebio, 32 mins.; B-Simoes, 44 mins.; ES-Seeler, 47 mins.; ES-Garate, 57 mins.; B-A. Jorge, 76 mins.

Moscow Selection 2 Rest of the World 2 [1-0]
27 May 1971
Lenin Stadium, Moskva, U.S.S.R.
Attendance:  90,000

Bobby Charlton played for the Rest of the World in the match honouring Lev Yashin.

Moscow Selection:  Yashin; Chatov; Zukov; Sabo; Zikov; Sumin; Pusac; Khmelnitzki; Malafeev; Khurts; Sakarov.  Substitutions:  Metreveli for Khmelnitzki; Koslov for Malafeev; Pilgul for Yashin.

Rest of the World:  First half - Mazurkiewicz, Uruguay; Djorkaeff, France; Fachetti, Italy; Schulz, West Germany; M�sz�ly, Hungary; Pe�a, Mexico; Dumitrache, Rumania; Bonev, Bulgaria; M�ller, West Germany; R. Charlton, England; D�ajić, Yugoslavia.  Second half - Viktor, Czechoslovakia; Kuna, Czechoslovakia; Fachetti; Schulz; M�sz�ly; Anczok, Poland; Dumitrache; Lubanski, Poland; M�ller; R. Charlton; Jekov, Bulgaria.

Goals:  MS-Khmelnitzki, 7 mins.; MS-Sabo, 52 mins.; RW-M�sz�ly, 52 mins.; RW-Jekov, 78 mins.

Hamburger SV 3 European Selection 7 [2-4]
1 May 1972
Volksparkstadion, Hamburger, West Germany
Attendance:  62,000

Gordon Banks, Bobby Moore, Bobby Charlton and Geoff Hurst played for the European Selection in the match honouring Uwe Seeler.

Hamburger SV:  �zcan; Sandmann; Ripp; Hellfritz; Schulz; Nogly; Bj�rnmose; Zaczyk; Seeler; H�nig; Volkert.  Substitutions:  Kargus for �zcan; Memering for Sandmann; Winkler for Bj�rnmose; L�beke for Winkler; Dringelstein for Zaczyk; D�rfel for Volkert.  Manager:  Ochs.

European Selection:  First half - Banks, England; Gemmell, Scotland; Schnellinger, West Germany; Beckenbauer, West Germany; Moore, England; R. Charlton, England; Bene, Hungary; Rivera, Italy; M�ller, West Germany; Hurst, England; Best, Northern Ireland.  Second half - Maier, West Germany; Gemmell; H�ttges, West Germany; M�sz�ly, Hungary; Moore; R. Charlton; Bene; Rivera; Eusebio, Portugal; Best; D�ajić, Yugoslavia.  Manager:  Rocco, Italy.

Goals:  ES-Hurst, 15 mins.; ES-Bene, 37 mins.; ES-Beckenbauer, 40 mins.; H-Seeler, pen., 41 mins.; ES-M�ller, 43 mins.; H-Zaczyk, 45 mins.; ES-M�sz�ly, 55 mins.; ES-Best, 71 mins.; ES-Eusebio, 79 mins.; H-Seeler, 84 mins.

New ECM (The Three) 2 Old ECM (The Six) 0 [0-0]
Wednesday, 3 January 1973
Empire Stadium, Wembley, England
Attendance:  36,500

Peter Storey, Emlyn Hughes, Colin Bell, Bobby Moore, Bobby Charlton and Alan Ball played for the New European Common Market in the match celebrating the admission to the European Common Market of the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland and Denmark.

New ECM:  Pat Jennings, Northern Ireland; Peter Storey, England; Emlyn Hughes, England; Colin  Bell, England (John Steen Olsen, Denmark, 74 mins.); Allan Hunter, Northern Ireland; Bobby Moore, England; Peter Lorimer, Scotland; Johnny Giles, Republic of Ireland; Colin Stein, Scotland; Bobby Charlton, England; Henning Jensen, Denmark (Alan Ball, England, 60 mins.).   Selector:  Alf Ramsey, England.

Old ECM:  Christian Piot, Belgium (Dino Zoff, Italy, H-T) - Marius Tresor, France (Wim Suurbier,  Netherlands, H-T); Franz Beckenbauer, West Germany (Ruud Krol, Netherlands, H-T); Horst Blankenburg, West Germany;  Hans-Hubert Vogts, West Germany - Wim van Hanegem, Netherlands (Herbert Wimmer, West Germany, H-T); Gunter Netzer, West Germany, capt.; Johan Neeskens, Netherlands - Jurgen Grabowski, West Germany; Gerhard  M�ller, West Germany;  Georges Bereta, France.   Selector:  Helmut Sch�n, West Germany. 

Goals:  NECM-Jensen, 47 mins.; NECM-Stein, 69 mins.

Referee:  Norman Burtenshaw, England.

[Note:  One of our  three sources for this match has Louis Pilot  of Luxembourg rather than Herbert Wimmer of West Germany substituting for van Hanegem.   We have gone with the other two sources, although  they are no more reputable, simply because they are in the majority.]

Hamburger SV 2 Rest of the World 5 [2-0]
25 April 1973
Volksparkstadion, Hamburger, West Germany
Attendance: 35,000

Bobby Moore and Bobby Charlton played for the Rest of the World in the match honouring Willi Schulz.

Hamburger SV:  �zcan; Kaltz; Hidien; Nogly; Schulz; Bj�rnmose; Heese; Memering; Zaczyk; H�nig; Volkert.  Substitutions:  Sandmann for Nogly; Winkler for Memering.

Rest of the World:  Maier, West Germany; Carlos Alberto, Brazil; McKinnon, Scotland; Beckenbauer, West Germany; Seeler, West Germany; Moore, England; Albert, Hungary; Law, Scotland; R. Charlton, England; M�ller, West Germany; Skoblar, Yugoslavia.  Substitutions:  Bernard, West Germany, for Maier; H�ttges, West Germany, for McKinnon; Grabowski, West Germany, for Albert; Macari, Scotland, for Charlton; Gordon, England, for Skoblar.

Goals:  H-Zaczyk, 33 mins.; H-Heese, 38 mins.; RW-Macari, 53 mins.; RW-Beckenbauer, 55 mins.; RW-Seeler, 56 mins.; RW-Macari, 74 mins.; RW-M�ller, 86 mins.  

Benfica 2 Rest of the World 2 [1-1]
25 September 1973
Estádio do Sport Lisboa e Benfica, Bairro Dona Leonor, Lisboa, Portugal
Attendance:  40,000

Gordon Banks, Bobby Charlton and Jack Charlton played for the Rest of the World in the match honouring Eusebio.

Benfica:  José Enrique; Artur; Barros; Rui Rodriguez; Messias; Bastos Loopes; Nene, victor Martins; Jord�o; Eusebio; Simoes.  Substitutions:  Bento for José Enrique; Humberto Coelho for Bastos Lopes; Toni for victor Martins; Artur Jorge for Jord�o; Nelinho for Eusebio.

Rest of the World:  Banks, England; Blankenburg, West Germany; Hilario, Portugal; R. Charlton, England; J. Charlton, England; Badeco, Brazil; Best, Northern Ireland; Paulo Cesar, Brazil; Keita, Mali; Netzer, West Germany; Keizer, Netherlands.  Substitutions:  Iribar, Spain, for Banks; Gento, Spain, for Hilario; Seeler, West Germany, for R. Charlton; Dirceu Lopes, Brazil, for Best; Hilario for Keizer; Garcia Ramon, Spain, for Iribar.  Selector:  Mu�oz, Spain.

Goals:  B-Nene, 3 mins.; RW-Keita, 43 mins.; B-Nene, 52 mins.; RW-Seeler, 63 mins.

[Matches missing here--to come]

Football League 3 Rest of the World 0 [1-0]
Saturday, 8 August 1987
Wembley Stadium, Wembley, England
Attendance:  61,000

Gary Lineker, FC Barcelona and England, played for the Rest of the World in the match commemorating the centenary of the Football League and billed as "the Football League Centenary Classic."

Football League:  1-Peter Shilton, Derby County FC and England; 2-Richard Gough, Tottenham Hotspur FC and Scotland; 3-Kenny Sansom, Arsenal FC and England;4-John McClelland, Watford FC and Northern Ireland; 5-Paul McGrath, Manchester United FC and Republic of Ireland; 6-Liam Brady, West Ham United FC and Republic of Ireland; 7-Bryan Robson, Manchester United FC and England; 8-Neil Webb, Nottingham Forest and England; 9-Clive Allen, Tottenham Hotspur FC and England; 10-Peter Beardsley, Liverpool FC and England; 11-Chris Waddle, Tottenham Hotspur FC and England.  Substitutions:  13-Steve Ogrizović, Coventry City, for Shilton; 12-Steve Clarke, Chelsea FC and Scotland, for Gough; 15-Pat Nevin, Everton FC and Scotland, for Brady; 14-Osvaldo Ardiles, Queen's Park Rangers FC and Argentina, for Webb; 16-Norman Whiteside, Manchester United FC and Northern Ireland, for Allen; 17-Alan Smith, Arsenal FC [yet to make his England debut], for Beardsley.  Selector:   Bobby Robson,  England.

Rest of the World:  1-Rinat Dasaev, U.S.S.R.; 2-Josimar, Brazil; 3-Celso, Portugal; 4-Julio Alberto, Spain; 5-Glenn Hysen, Sweden; 6-Salvatori Bagni, Italy; 7-Thomas Berthold, West Germany; 8-Gary Lineker, England; 9-Michel Platini, France; 10-Maradona, Argentina; 11-Paulo Futre, Portugal.  Substitutions:  18-Andoni Zubizarreta, Spain, for Dasaev; 12-Lajos Detari, Hungary, for Josimar; 17-Dragan Stojković, Yugoslavia, for Celso; 13-Igor Belanov, U.S.S.R., for Bagni; 15-Preben Elkj�r Larsen, Denmark, for Lineker; 14-Lars Larsson, Sweden, for Platini; 16-Alexandre Zavarov, U.S.S.R., for Futre.  Selector:  Terry Venables,  England.

Goals:  FL-Robson, 23 mins.; FL-Whiteside, 58 mins.; FL-Robson, 88 mins.

Referee:  Keith Hackett, England.

Ronaldinho's World XI _ Shevchenko's European XI _ [_-_]
Tuesday, 15 February 2005
Camp Nou, Barcelona, Spain

England's David Beckham, Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard played for Shevchenko's European XI.  The match was a benefit match for the vićtims of the recent tsunami tragedy in Asia.

Ronaldinho's World XI:  Dida (Bra/AC Milan), Idriss Kameni (Cam/Espanyol), Cafu (Bra/AC Milan), Ivan Cordoba (Col/Inter Milan), Gabriel Heinze (Arg/Man Utd), Radhi Jaodi (Tun/Bolton), Samuel Kuffour (Gha/FC Bayern München AG), Rafakl Marquez (Mex/Barcelona), Lucas Radebe (SA/Leeds), Javier Zanetti (Arg/Inter Milan), Paolo Montero (Uru/Juventus), Carlos Alberto Gamarra (Par/Inter Milan), Rigobert Song (Cam/Galatasaray), Raymond Kalla (Cam/Bochum), Cha Doo-Ri (Kor/Eintracht Frankfurt), Didier Drogba (IVC/Chelsea), Samuel Eto'o (Cam/Barcelona), Kaka (Bra/AC Milan), Mehdi Mahdavikia (Irn/Hamburg), Park Ji-Sung (Kor/PSV Eindhoven), Ronaldinho (Bra/Barcelona), David Suazo (Hun/Casteddu), Obafemi Martins (Nig/Inter Milan), Esteban Cambiasso (Arg/Inter Milan)   
Coaches: Carlos Alberto Parreira (Bra), Frank Rijkaard (Ned)

Shevchenko's European XI:  Iker Casillas (Spa/Real Madrid), Francesco Toldo (Ita/Inter Milan), Kakhaber Kaladze (Geo/AC Milan), Vincent Kompany (Bel/Anderlecht), Paolo Maldini (Ita/AC Milan), Carles Puyol (Spa/Barcelona), Lilian Thuram (Fra/Juventus), Christoph Metzelder (Ger/Borussia Dortmund, Nordrhein-Westfalen), Alessandro Nesta (Ita/AC Milan), Michael Ballack (Ger/FC Bayern München AG), David Beckham (Eng/Real Madrid), Deco (Por/Barcelona), Sebastian Deisler (Ger/FC Bayern München AG), Alessandro Del Piero (Ita/Juventus), Steven Gerrard (Eng/Liverpool), Ludović Giuly (Fra/Barcelona), Thierry Henry (Fra/Arsenal), Frank Lampard (Eng/Chelsea), Raul (Spa/Real Madrid), Andrei Shevchenko (Ukr/AC Milan), Johann Vogel (Swi/PSV Eindhoven), Zinidine Zidane (Fra/Real Madrid), Christian Vieri (Ita/Inter Milan), Gianfranco Zola (Ita/Casteddu), Francesco Totti (Ita/Roma), Vincenzo Montella (ITA/Roma), Jari Litmanen (FIN/Hansa Rostock).
Coaches: Marcello Lippi (ITA), Arsene Wenger (FRA)

Referee: Pierluigi Collina (ITA)



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