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England Player Honours - UK Sport Hall of Fame


UK Sport unveiled its new Hall of Fame, "designed to recognise the greats who have done so much to champion the cause of British sport," on 6 December 2001, and announced the first six "Sporting Heroes," two from each of three categories of recognition:  Sporting Achievement, Supporting Achievement and Manner of Achievement.  The initial six honourees form the panel that will determine future additions to the Hall of Fame.  

At the time of the inaugural selection, UK Sport promised that it would "introduce a new Sporting Hero each month."  Approaching two years later, it has yet to name any additional honourees, and it appears this is yet another ill-fated hall of fame, probably the victim of funding cuts.

Among the six initial honourees were two England players:

Sir Bobby Charlton (Sporting Achievement) 

Gary Lineker, OBE (Manner of Achievement)

The full list of honourees and their profiles are available on the UK Sport website.