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George Toone

Notts County FC

2 appearances, 1 goal against
one clean sheet

P 2 W 2 D 0 L 0 F 6: A 1
100% successful


captain: none
minutes played:


  George Toone
Birth Wednesday, 10 June 1868 at 56 Caroline Street, St. Mary's, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire [registered in Nottingham, June 1868].

According to the 1871 census, George is the youngest of five children to Matthew and Mary A. (née Marriott). His father is a lace maker and they all live at 56 Caroline Street in the St. Mary's area of Nottingham.


According to the 1881 census, George is still the youngest of four children living with their parents at 283 Great Alfred Street in St. Mary's. His father is now a general shopkeeper.

  According to the 1891 census, George, a lace maker, is one of two children still living with their parents, now at 41 Alison Rise in St. Mary's. His father is a brass and iron roller.
Marriage to Mary Elizabeth Thompson [registered in Nottingham, January 1893].

According to the 1901 census, George is a professional footballer married to Mary Elizabeth with one son, George. They live at 26 Jasper Street in the Ashton Gate area of Bristol.


According to the 1911 census, George is a publican, still married, and they have two more children, Florence Elizabeth and Leonard. They have one servant and live at The Princess Royal, at 89 Northumberland Street in Nottingham.


According to the 1921 census, George is a licensed victualler, still married, and with their three children, the eldest being George (a professional footballer with Watford AFC) with his wife and two young daughters, They live at The Napoleon at 55 St. Ann's Well Road in Nottingham.

  According to the 1939 register, widower George is an old age pensioner living with his son, hosiery framework knitter, George, and his wife, Hilda (née Baxter), at 61 Lees Hill Street in Nottingham.
Death Tuesday, 31 August 1943 at Nottingham City Hospital, Hucknall Road, Nottingham, aged 75 years 82 days [registered in Nottingham, September 1943].
Funeral details state he died on the Tuesday, not the Wednesday, 1 September.


George Toone, who in his day was among the most famous football goalkeepers, and who was a member of Notts. County's Association Cup-winning team, died at the Nottingham City Hospital, at the age of 74. But for a leg injury he would have assisted Notts. County in the Cup final of 1891, in which his club were defeated by Blackburn Rovers. Of the old-time Notts. County F.C. players of Nottingham-bred stock, George Toone was one of the few survivors, and his death severs a link with the present day and the Cup winning team of 1894. He was, likewise, among the last remaining Nottingham representatives of the days when footballers, even those who made their mark as internationals, did not devote their whole time to the sport, but followed their chosen occupation. In the case of Toone, his calling was that of a twisthand in the then famous Nottingham lace industry. Extremely popular in all branches of the game, 'good old George' was a typical remark one heard in those days―when any discussion arose regarding the Notts. County custodian. His career seems inseparable from the history of the Notts. County club for he kept goal splendidly over a period from 1889 to 1902―his last game was against Derby County at Trent Bridge on January 4th, 1902―and in spite of his weight of 13st. (he stood 5ft. 8in), he had remarkable agility, and gave some wonderful exhibitions in the art of goalkeeping. Before joining Notts. Toone played for Notts. Rangers. He gained two international appearances, playing against Scotland and Wales in 1892, but of course his greatest triumph was when he assisted Notts. County to win the Cup. Only a season earlier he had for some weeks been in Monkwearmouth Hospital, Sunderland, as the outcome of an accident on the Roker Park ground, where in a game against Sunderland, he had broken a leg. He played for North v. South in 1891, and for Nottinghamshire v. Staffordshire in 1889, and also held medals for the Notts. Senior, Notts. Junior, Derbyshire, and Bass Charity Cups. For many years he was a member of the local licensing trade, retiring some time ago. His only son followed in his father's footsteps in playing occasionally for Notts. County."
Nottingham Evening Post, Wednesday, 1 September 1943.
Funeral "The funeral of Mr. George Toone, who died at the Nottingham City Hospital on Tuesday, will take place at the Wilford Hill Cemetery to-morrow at 10.30." - The Nottingham Journal, Friday, 3 September 1943.
Saturday morning, 4 September 1943 at Wilford Hill Cemetery.
"The funeral of Mr. George Toone, of 63, Lees Hill-street, Sneinton, who was a member of the Notts. County's Association Cup winning team, and kept goal for the club several years, took place at Wilford Hill Cemetery this morning. The service was conducted by Father J. R. Thomas, of Sneinton."
- The Nottingham Evening Post, Saturday, 4 September 1943.


Douglas Lammings' An English Football Internationalist Who's Who [1990] &

Playing Career

Club(s) Began his junior career with Forest Olympic FC and St. Saviour's FC. Had a period with Lincoln City FC in 1886 before joining Nottingham Jardine's FC in 1887 and was soon keeping goal for Notts Rangers FC a year later. Joined Notts County FC in 1889. Joined Bedminster FC in August 1899 and was retained by Bristol City FC when the two clubs merged on 10 April 1900. Returned to Notts County FC again in December 1901 and retired a year later.
League History
265 appearances
Notts County FC 1889-1902 265 appearances.
debut: 7 September 1889 Wolverhampton Wanderers FC 2 Notts County FC 0.
last: 11 January 1902 The Wednesday 4 Notts County FC 0.
Club honours FA Cup runners-up 1890-91 (injured, one app), winners 1893-94 (six);
Football League third place 1890-91 (20 apps); Division Two third place 1893-94 (27); runners-up 1894-95 (28); winners
1896-97 (30);
Individual honours Nottinghamshire FA (1889); The North (vs. South 1891).
Distinctions Father of George Toone (Notts County FC, Watford FC, Wednesday FC and Watford FC, 1913-25).
Height/Weight 5' 6", 11st. 4lbs [1891], 5' 7½", 11st. 2lbs [1890s], 5' 8", 13st. 0lbs [1900].


Douglas Lammings' An English Football Internationalist Who's Who [1990] & ENFA.

England Career

Player number One of eight who became the 190th players (190) to appear for England.
Position(s) Goalkeeper; 21st goalkeeper to appear.
First match No. 45, 5 March 1892, Wales 0 England 2, a British Championship match at The Racecourse, Mold Road, Wrexham, aged 23 years 269 days.
Last match No. 46, 2 April 1892, Scotland 1 England 4, a British Championship match at Ibrox Park, Copland Road, Glasgow, aged 23 years 297 days.
Major tournaments British Championship 1891-92;
Team honours British Championship winners 1891-92;
Distinctions Created a new record when it took 170 minutes to score past Toone, and this becoming just the third goalkeeper to keep a clean sheet on his full debut.
Died sixteen days after Hugh Harrison

Beyond England

For some years a Nottingham licensee, 'The Princess Royal' after leaving the game. - An English Football Internationalists' Who's Who. Douglas Lamming (1990). Hatton Press, p.248.

The Numbers
parties Apps Comp
minutes GA GA Av.
Comp GA Clean
Sht Av
2 2 2 180 1 180 min 1 One 50% none
minutes are an approximation, due to the fact that many matches rarely stick to exactly ninety minutes long, allowing time for injuries and errors.
2 2 0 0 6 1 +5 0 1 3.00 0.50 100.0 +2

Match Record

Venue & Competition P W D L F A GD FTS CS FAv AAv Pts % W/L
Away venue
British Championship
2 2 0 0 6 1 +5 0 1 3.00 0.50 100.0 +2

Tournament Record

British Championship Competition
Type P W D L F A GD FTS CS FAv AAv Pts% W/L
BC 1891-92 2 2 0 0 6 1 +5 0 1 3.00 0.50 100.0 +2
BC All 2 2 0 0 6 1 +5 0 1 3.00 0.50 100.0 +2

All Competition
Type P W D L F A GD FTS CS FAv AAv Pts% W/L
BC 2 2 0 0 6 1 +5 0 1 3.00 0.50 100.0 +2
2 2 0 0 6 1 +5 0 1 3.00 0.50 100.0 +2

Match History

 Club: Notts County F.C. - two full appearances (180 min)

F.A. International Select Committee - two full appearances (180 min)x

Age 23
1 45 5 March 1892 - Wales 0 England 2, The Racecourse, Wrexham BC AW Start gk
2 46 2 April 1892 - Scotland 1 England 4, Ibrox Park, Glasgow BC AW Start gk