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England's Goalkeeper Uniforms

England's Goalkeeper Uniform

1984 Grey Uniform
1986 Grey Uniform
 1988 Green Uniform
1989 Blue Uniform

Not worn in play


Yellow shirts with diagonal yellow and gold shadow-stripes on front and navy-blue pin-stripes with navy-blue shoulder pads, forearm pads and cuffs. Navy-blue collar, edged with a thick yellow stripe and a thin navy-blue stripe within. Embroidered emblem on left breast. 'FIFA WORLD CUP MEXICO'86' was displayed in navy blue directly underneath the emblem. Two embroidered navy-blue concentric diamonds on right breast, with 'umbro' in navy-blue lower-case lettering underneath. Navy-blue number one on reverse, with a yellow border, outlined in navy blue.


This yellow (or mustard) uniform was introduced as an alternative jersey for the 1986 World Cup and confirmed that yellow was no longer the first-choice colour for England's goalkeepers. Because no other countries wore grey shirts, no change uniform was necessary and the grey uniform was worn in every game up until the second game of the 1988 European Championship, when a new green jersey appeared.

The photos above are of the shirt issued to Chris Woods for the tournament and they were kindly provided to us by Simon Shakeshaft, curator of the Neville Evans National Football Shirt Collection.